5 Tips for Using a Glass Display Cabinet in Your Home

Glass display cabinets offer a fantastic way of making your home look interesting and adding a personal touch to any room. They come in an array of different styles and sizes and they blend in with almost any environment. From wall-mounted display cabinets to frameless modern cube designs, these items of furniture allow you to get creative throughout your living space, whether that be the lounge, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or hallway.

Glass units combine both practicality and beauty. They keep ornamental or showpiece household displays secure and they are great as storage space for attractive utensils or appliances that would otherwise be kept out of view in cupboards. They are also very easy to clean and maintain. But you need to think about how best to use them and what to put in them. Here are a few suggestions.


Showcase a special collection

Perhaps you collect a certain type of thing for a hobby? Or you’ve been heavily decorated because of your achievements? Or maybe you’ve just inherited some interesting antique items or found them at a bargain price in a charity shop? Whatever it might be, glass cabinets are a great way of displaying these things and making them into a talking point when guests visit. You might even have a few trinkets gathering dust in the attic which would be far better off inside a cabinet with glass.

These units are perfect for:

  • Rarities and collectibles, e.g. limited movie memorabilia
  • Valuable items, e.g. expensive ornaments
  • Fragile antique items, e.g. 19th century clockwork toys
  • Awards, medals or certificates

You could have a one-off display in your living room or, if you’re an avid collector with lots to show off, perhaps you could dedicate a special room to your passion if you have the space and fill it with a mixture of wall-mounted, free-standing and table-top cabinets. Everything is secured behind locked glass, which gives you that extra piece of mind that things won’t get damaged or moved about. Perfect if young children visit or if you decide to throw a party.


Brighten up a room with ornamental goods

Glass cabinets can be a wonderful tool for adding light and colors to any room. The most effective way of doing this is to line them with decorative ornamental items. For example, fancy glassware, ceramic figurines or polished and varnished wooden ornaments. The benefit of these cabinets is that you can fit them with accessories such as spot lighting, strip lighting and mirror back panels. This can have the effect of not only adding light and color to a room but of also making it look more spacious. The light will reflect off of any glass or ceramic surfaces to help illuminate the whole space.

Just think of how a neat display of china dolls or figurines behind a glass unit could bring a whole new atmosphere to your bedroom, or even a fetching little ornamental arrangement in the bathroom as you soak in a bubble bath. You could even put cabinets to more practical everyday use by filling them with your best wine or champagne glasses in the lounge or dining room. An added benefit is whatever you choose to kit the units out with will stay free of the dust they would gather if you had them on standard shelving, which makes the cleaning much less of a chore.


Keep a nice book collection well organised

A great functional use of glass cabinets is to house a collection of books, pamphlets or documents in a neat and dust-free way. Many households have a lot of books and glass units are an ideal alternative to standard bookshelves as they both keep items more protected and add a level of intrigue to your collection. Visitors are often drawn towards browsing private literature collections as they offer an insight into the owner, but what types of important or valuable tomes might need to be locked away in such a cabinet?

Avid bookworms can pile large collections into grand cabinets with multiple shelves, while those who want something a bit more discreet and minimalist might prefer a smaller wall-mounted display. Equally great for novels, academic works or antique collections in a living room or study room. You can arrange books alphabetically or, if you want something with more visual appeal, according to size or color. Whatever you choose, this secure method of display will prevent anyone rearranging them.


Install a relaxing horticultural space

An innovative way of using glass units is to fill them with small potted plants to create a mini indoor garden space. This would look great in a bathroom, conservatory or hallway. You could turn spaces in your home into modern, tranquil environments by dotting rooms out with free-standing frameless cube towers adorned with greenery. Just be sure to give them enough space and to place the cabinets in areas where they get plenty of sunlight. If you are unable to do this, use plants that need shade instead.

If you have a lot of plants and purchase larger units, you could use acrylic stands to create a tiered raised level to add visibility to a back row of plants. This would make sure that everything gets the attention it deserves.


Use for a kitchen collection

Kitchen designs have changed a lot over the years. Whereas once upon a time everything was kept behind wooden cupboard doors, nowadays many modern designs incorporate wooden framed glass-fronted units that mean that what’s inside can also be part of the décor. This could be, for example, an expensive hanging brand name saucepan set, your best china tea set, some fancy silverware brightening up the room or even just a nice collection of cook books. It all amounts to the same thing – transforming storage space into something that is also a display space, making for a more visually pleasing environment.


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