7 Characteristics of High-quality Gondola Shelving

Free-standing gondola shelving is one of the most popular shelving products on the market right now, used everywhere from petrol stores to clothing boutiques. There are a great many different types of gondola units to choose from so it’s worth spending a bit of time checking what’s out there and finding the right product for you. Here are some of the key characteristics to help you identify high-quality gondola shelving systems.

Double Sided Narrow Black Metal Slatwall Panel Gondola Shelving Units 300mm Base


All gondola shelving is a typically highly durable form of retail shelving as well as being sturdy and stable, built to display products with a medium to heavy weight capacity. To get the most out of your gondola purchase, you should look at some of the most durable products on the market. For example, hammertone steel units are well-known for their long-lasting qualities. Metal and steel units are a great investment in general as they tend to be scratch and scuff-resistant and, unlike materials such as wood, aren’t affected by changes to the climate. They can last many years if properly looked after.


Products such as slatwall, pegboard or grid mesh units offer a great deal of flexibility for stores as they present a ‘blank canvas’ onto which you can arrange merchandise in a way of your choosing. These units are compatible with traditional horizontal shelf fittings as well as accessory fixtures such as metal hooks, prongs, clothing rails and acrylic bins. This means that you can get creative with displays. 

It’s also great for stores with fast-moving or fast-changing product lines, for example discount stores or clothing stores, as you can change displays in minutes. The wide range of display options makes gondola units an evergreen shelving system that won’t go out of fashion.

Ease of use

One of the biggest bonuses of gondola shelving is its simplicity. The best gondola products are easy to assemble, use and adjust. You can put them together yourself and have them out on the shop floor in no time at all, no need to hire shopfitters and you won’t need to spend hours drilling things into place. With slatwall, pegboard and grid mesh units, shelving and accessories slide and clip in and out of place with ease. The metal units are also easy to maintain, needing only a regular wipe with a damp, warm cloth.


High quality gondola shelving can be expanded throughout the store without any need for making big adjustments or spending a lot of time planning things. For example, you can buy a double-sided starter unit and then build onto it with add-on units to create aisles through your store. Alternatively, you can make use of complementary products such as end bays or corner bays to make a feature display. All units are identical so you can create uniformity throughout the store and maximise the space you have. 


Premium gondola units are good value for money in several ways. Firstly, the units themselves are very affordable. If you shop around, you can find good deals and purchase multiple units without breaking the bank. Some suppliers will be willing to offer discounts for bulk purchases as well as providing generous shipping options. Furthermore, because of the low maintenance of the units, you can save money on shopfitting costs and won’t need to worry about repairs if you buy sturdy, secure products.

Because good quality units are highly durable, they can last for years so you won’t need to worry about going through another expensive refit a few years down the line. Finally, the practicality of the units means that you can ultimately get more goods out onto the shop floor and maximise profits. Gondola shelving is lean and takes up less space in the store than many other shelving types.

At the same time, the flexibility means that you can fill up each unit with more stock, making use of the likes of hangsell displays to neatly line up multiples of products. This makes it perfect for stores such as supermarkets and hardware outlets.


Another important characteristic of top-quality gondola shelving is that it looks great and can be used as a way of driving more customer traffic into your retail premises. Units are available in a variety of different styles and colours, such as black, silver or white, meaning that you can choose something that fits in with the décor of your store or that creates a certain distinct atmosphere. The neatness of designs such as slatwall and pegboard adds a touch of elegance to any store. 

When it comes to what catches the eye of customers in shop premises, good organisation and symmetry are two key factors. Great gondola units present you with the opportunity to be both visually appealing and functional at the same time, combining uniform rows of shelving units that can display merchandise either stacked neatly on evenly-spaced shelves, arranged in hangsell rows on hooks and prongs, or attractively showcased on individual display stands.

Suitability for all retail environments

It doesn’t matter whether you are a small family-run outlet with a premises the size of a garden shed or a vast open plan multi-level department store; a discount or charity store packed out to the rafters with merch or a minimalist arts and crafts business wanting to give each item its own space to shine. 

Gondola shelving units are suitable for pretty much all retail environments. If you don’t have much space or don’t want to pack the central floor area with items, you can opt for tidy single-sided display units placed up against the walls of the store. If you have space to use or want to maximise what you’ve got, you can create double-sided aisle units, corner displays or 4-way display features. 

The different designs offer something for everyone, from metal slat displays which are ideal for pharmacies or electronics stores to lighter mesh wire units perfect for alternative clothing and accessory stores.

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