7 Shelving Ideas For Your Retail Premises

Shelving is one of the most effective methods of displaying your retail goods and there are many different ways that you can utilise shelf units to create a good retail display. Whether you’re selling pet supplies, pool & spa accessories or grocery goods, utilizing the right type of retail shelving systems can enhance your store. Here are seven shop shelving ideas to boost business.

1. Use wall shelving to maximise your shop space

Wall shelving is a great way of ensuring that you make maximum use of your retail space. With this type of shop shelving, you can use multiple shelves to display a range of products from books to clothes to grocery goods. If you have a small retail space, walls can provide useful additional display space. For larger stores, shelves can help decorate that vast wall space. Shelves can be fixed to walls with direct wall mount brackets or made adjustable through bracket strips or elegant glass shelving on a modern woodgrain finish Slatwall background.

2. Run a seasonal or promotional display using end bay shelving

End bays – units that sit at 90 degree angles at the end of a shelving run – are great for advertising that eye-catching promo offer. You can have them at one end or both ends of shelving positioned in open shop space. They are versatile in their uses but are commonly employed for sale or special offer displays because it is easy to arrange them facing outwards towards the shop-front without them taking up too much space. If you have products you want to promote especially, having them attractively displayed on end bay shelves near the shop entrance will help draw customers in.

3. Change the layout of your store regularly with free-standing gondola shelving

They say a change is as good as a rest. In the world of retail, it can be good to refresh your product displays every now and then to stop the shop from looking tired and encourage customers to browse more. Gondola shelving units are easy to assemble and move around the store, making them ideal for design flexibility. Shelves are moveable, so you can run displays with several shelves or just a couple, and they are also interchangeable with accessories such as hooks and wire baskets with dividers. So whether you’re a small newsagent or a giant hardware store, gondola displays can keep your retail space looking fresh.

4. Create an attractive centrepiece with display tables

If you want to really showcase some of your best or top-selling items as a core shop presentation, how about a tiered display table? These can be used to show off pretty much anything if the right amount of care goes into organising the display, but they are particularly well-suited to displaying footwear, folded clothing, sports goods or bulky product display. Display tables come in different designs so you can choose one that best fits the products and the overall store design.

5. Boost the visibility of your products with angled shelf arrangement

If you’re selling items such as books or magazines, flat shelving can be a bit limiting in terms of how these products are merchandised. Laying them down flat on their backs or stacking them up so only their spines are visible is perfectly OK but it’s not particularly browser-friendly. Angled shelves enable you to display these products in a way that makes it easier for shoppers to look at the variety available. Acrylic shelves can be angled at 30 or 60 degrees and they come with front lips so they can be used for any slim products that might not be clearly visible on a flat surface, such as mobile phones and iPads.

6. Use acrylic shelving for tailored displays

Acrylics are available in all different shapes and sizes and for a variety of purposes. You can use short flat shelves to display smaller individual items such as toys, picture frames or decorative pottery as part of a creative slatwall display. The short acrylic stands are also very good for shoe displays and come in handy shoe-sized units. These can be utilised if you want to make the shop displays stand out and look more original – a good way of generating customer interest.

7. Broaden your stock displays with baskets, bins and containers

You can use accessories such as wire baskets or acrylic bins to widen the scope of what you put on shop display shelving. Having these as an option on, for example, slatwall or pegboard display shelving means that you can place loose items at adjustable heights. Small packaged merchandise can be placed in containers at eye level where it is more likely to be seen by the customer and harder for shoplifters to target.

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