7 Ways to Display Jewelry to Maximize Sales for Your Store

Jewelry is among the most visually appealing of all retail products, designed to shine, beautifully decorate and generally attract attention. But it’s important to display it in the right way. If you run a jewelry store or sell jewelry items, you can make use of a wide range of shop fittings to create unique and pretty jewelry displays for trinkets including watches, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more.

Here are a few ideas to turn the heads of potential customers, maximize store sales and stay ahead of the retail pack.

Bring items to life in glass display cabinets

Glass display cases tailor-made for jewelry displays. If you have high-priced jewelry, you won’t want to run your business without them. They allow you to showcase attractive merchandise in creative ways while also keeping everything safe behind a locked glass screen. Cabinets come in an array of styles and sizes, including framed cabinets that can be fixed to shop walls, free-standing glass towers for the shop floor, trendy frameless cubes and glass counter-cabinet hybrids that allow you to turn your point of sale area into prime retail space.

Whether you’re a jewelry specialist or just have a selection of items among wider goods, you can draw attention to valuables such as rings, necklaces and watches by using these glass units with accessories such as LED lights and mirrors. Most units come fitted with interior glass shelves so you can maximize the space, and the locks protect goods from damage and theft. 

Use metal hooks and prongs to create fancy wall displays

Hangsell displays can be particularly effective as they offer good organisation, visual appeal and allow you to put large quantities of items out on display which means that you can increase sales. You can do this if you have fixed wall panels or free-standing gondola display units in either slatwall, pegboard or grid mesh styles. Simply use metal accessories such as hooks and prongs, which easily slide in and out of the panels. You can then create displays for goods such as necklaces and bracelets, placing several on each hook or prong. Perhaps you might want to color-code displays, or even utilize additional accessories such as shelves or stands to mix the displays up.

Place spinning display tree stands on the counter for extra retail space

If you have smaller necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hair accessories and the like, you can hang them on small multi-arm tree stands on the counter. This is a great way to generate extra sales on some of your more inexpensive items. These compact display accessories are cheap and, because they rotate, you get that little bit of extra display space as it doesn’t matter if some stock is temporarily out of view. People often love to browse this type of jewelry display while queueing up as it’s a good way to pass the time. 

Dress up mannequins for in-store and window displays

Mannequins are brilliant for giving customers a proper idea of what garments might look like on an actual human being. They also give you the opportunity to show off how good a piece of jewelry might look when paired with other jewelry or clothing items. If you have a member of staff with window-dressing skills, they can take items that might look a bit flat when displayed alone and bring them to life on a mannequin display. You can get full-body mannequins that can show off a wide range of jewelry products, as well as display heads that are ideal for necklaces and earrings.

Add a touch of class with tiered display tables

Tiered tables and stands are an excellent addition to any retail store display if you are looking for a classy in-store design. You can buy free-standing table units for your shop floor in various shapes and designs, usually with three tiers. This allows you to effectively create three displays in one. For example, you could arrange a display of necklaces around the outer, lower tier, followed by bracelets on the middle layer and earrings at the top. Or perhaps watches at the bottom, followed by brooches and then rings. You can rearrange displays easily as often as you like and even incorporate individual plastic stands or fancy product signs into the mix if you want to go that extra mile.

Line up items individually on small glass shelves

Traditional shelving isn’t the first thing you think of when weighing up the different options for jewelry displays. However, if you choose the right type of shelving and think carefully about how you are going to arrange your products, you can make inventive and eye-catching displays that benefit your store. Small glass shelves are tailor-made for artful shop displays where the emphasis is on drawing attention to individual showpiece items rather than packing as much as you can onto the shelf space. The best way of doing this is if you have slatwall panels fitted to your walls, when you can slide shelving brackets easily into place and line up 2-3 showcase items, for example, necklaces or gold watches, in a fancy display.

Keep less expensive stock organized with acrylic bins

Many stores struggle with how to effectively display those smaller, cheaper goods that might not be suitable for stacked shelving or hangsell displays. Cufflinks or tie clips, for example. You might have limited display space in the store, or perhaps large quantities of goods and are looking for options to get as much of it out of the stock room and onto the shop floor. Acrylic containers are perfect in this instance. You can buy them individually or at a multiple set (e.g. a 2-piece, 3-piece or 8-piece) and either fix them into place or buy specially designed units that slide into slatwall systems for hassle-free displays. Then simply fill each container with a product line or type and see your sales increase.


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