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Shopfittings Direct is proud to be one of Adelaide’s leading online providers of shopfitting supplies. If you’re looking to increase space, functionality, and style at your SA retail space, the gondola and retail shelving, glass showcases, slatwall panels, shop display cabinets, pharmacy and hardware shelving, display hooks, and more available from Shopfittings Direct is your solution!

We want to make it easy for every Adelaide business owner to give their space the best, so we are proud to offer our range at some of the most affordable prices in the country. Make the right choice for the success of your store and browse the range of shelving systems for sale at Shopfittings Direct today.


Adelaide – South Australia’s economic and cultural hub

The fifth most popular city in Australia, Adelaide is the country’s southern capital and its beating heart. It has gained a reputation over the years for its good quality of life, vibrant culture and many festivals that take place throughout the year. It has consistently been ranked in the world’s top 10 most liveable cities in recent years and has a big influx of tourists – around 300,000 people visit the city from outside daily. Attractions include the North Terrace, which is the city’s cultural, social and artistic hub, and the Riverbank which includes the Festival Centre and the Festival Plaza.

Retail continues to play an important part in Adelaide’s steady growth. The sector is the second largest employer in the city, with more than 90,000 jobs accounting for around 12% of the overall workforce. Tourists and local residents flock to stores both big and small every day, spending more than $22.5 billion with retailers in 2017. This included over $10 billion with food retailers, $1.5 billion on clothing, footwear and accessories, and $1.5 billion in cafes, restaurants and bars. With current and planned infrastructure developments totaling around $3.6 billion, the city is expected to continue to enhance its global reputation as a great place to do business and it’s likely that many more new retail businesses will establish themselves in the city in the coming years.

Best shopping destinations in Adelaide

Adelaide is something of a retail paradise, with no shortage of shopping malls, arcades, large department stores and independent boutiques. Some of the best places to shop include:

  • Rundle Mall – Adelaide’s retail mecca, one of the largest and busiest pedestrian shopping centres in Australia with around 400,000 visitors a week. There are over 700 flagship brands to browse through here, spread across 15 arcades. Top names include Apple, H&M, Ted Baker and David Jones.
  • Rundle Street – Just off of Rundle Mall is the bustling Rundle Street, which features a range of stores from designer boutiques and high end clothing stores to cafes, restaurants and pubs. Don’t miss the many laneways running off of the high street, such as Vardon Avenue and Ebenezer Place, where you’ll find great vintage stores and artisan cafes.
  • King William Road – this is an exclusive shopping district in the south of the city where you’ll find independent traders such as designer clothing boutiques, jewellers, craft stores and food stores. There are also several spas and salons if you want to make a day of it.
  • Norwood Parade and Magill Road – located about a 10 minute drive from the city centre, Norwood Parade is another great retail haven, with around 250 stores including many big brand names. Just around the corner is Magill Road which is packed with independent stores selling clothing, antiques, arts and crafts and more.

Burnside Village Shopping Centre – considered Adelaide’s most luxurious shopping mall, Burnside Village offers shoppers some of the most exclusive fashion brands from both inside and outside Australia. The centre itself is a visual feast, consisting of full glass

The best shelving, showcases, slatwall panels, shop display cabinets and retail display solutions for sale online

Our wide array of shop fittings for Adelaide retailers includes:

Metal steel gondola shelving – these are shelves that can be used with free-standing gondola shelving systems, ideal for creating aisles of browsable products throughout the store. The metal shelving is highly durable and slips easily into the units using shelving brackets. Great for displaying a range of products including canned foods, children’s boxed toys and games, gift sets and even folded clothing.

Slat panel display walls – the benefits of slatwall for Adelaide businesses are that it is highly versatile, decorative and immensely practical. Our slat display walls can line the perimeter of your store to maximise display space. The slat panels can be used with conventional shelving, metal display hooks, clothing rail accessories, acrylic containers and more to display anything from designer clothing to stationery. Available in many colours including white, black and golden beech.

Glass showcases counters – we offer an assortment of display cabinets for Adelaide retailers which are perfect for securely displaying valuable or fragile merchandise. These include glass display cabinets for Adelaide stores, aluminium framed cabinets, point of sale shop counters and acrylic display cases of various sizes. Our shop display cabinets can be used for products such as antiques, valuable figurines, trophies and even top range designer clothing.

Display hooks – display hooks are the perfect accessory for creative shop displays for Adelaide retailers. They can be used to arrange goods in innovative and practical hangsell arrangements and are compatible with slatwall, pegboard and grid mesh systems. Metal hooks and prongs come in a variety of different styles and sizes which can be used for products including packeted food and clothing accessories.

Slat display grid mesh – grid mesh offers a solution for shelving to Adelaide businesses that is affordable, flexible and highly mobile. More lightweight than slat panel and pegboard systems, grid mesh units are ideal for mobile traders such as market stalls and pop-up stalls. The grid mesh systems are highly functional and can be used with accessories including shelving, display hooks, acrylic stands and wire baskets.

Plastic brochure perspex holders – whether you have leaflets or marketing materials that you want distributed, magazines or cards to sell, or simply store signs to put up in prominent places, brochure holders can meet your needs. These acrylic accessories can be free-standing or fixed to walls and are available in a number of different sizes.

Retail displays – retail display stands include acrylic stair stands, wire display baskets and display spinner trees which are great for smaller, looser products that don’t fit neatly on conventional shelving. The stair stands can be used to elegantly showcase designer perfumes and cosmetics in boutiques and department stores.

Mannequins & clothes racks – for clothing and accessory stores, we can supply a range of different clothing rack products including straight racks, circular racks and multi-arm racks, as well as mannequins that can be used in effective store window displays.

Delivering quality anywhere in the country

Browse the range of exceptional display systems online at Shopfittings Direct and refurbish or fit out your Adelaide store in style! All freight comes with full insurance and all purchases include a 12 month warranty for your security and peace of mind.

Shop online at Shopfittings Direct today! Order for fast delivery anywhere in the state, or contact our customer service department and get the support you need to make your business a success. Call us on (02) 9608-5122 or send us a message via email at sales@shopfittingsdirect.com.au and one of our staff will be in touch as soon as possible.

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Shopfittings Direct is proud to be one of Adelaide’s leading online providers of shopfitting supplies. If you’re looking to increase space, functionality, and style at your SA retail space, the gondola and retail shelving, glass showcases, cabinets, pharmacy and hardware shelving, display hooks, and more available from Shopfittings Direct is your solution!