Advantages of Gondola Shelving

Gondola shelving is a popular modern shop display shelving that offers retail outlets an opportunity to maximise retail space. It is a free-standing double-sided unit that doesn’t need to be fixed to walls and has been designed with customer convenience in mind.

Utilised to enhance shop display features in a range of stores from supermarkets to chemists, gondola shelving is an ideal solution for retailers with a lot of products to display who don’t want to spend out on expensive fixed retail shelving systems.

Double Sided Gondola Shelving With Feature End Bay Utilizing Display Hooks

Here are some of the benefits of gondola shelving:

It saves space

The key benefit of this type of retail shelving is that it enables stores to optimise space. The units are assembled with vertical shelving on both sides. As gondola shelving systems are free-standing units, retailers can create aisles of products throughout the premises. The vertically stacked shelves take up minimum space and offer an accessible, practical solution for retailers wanting to display a large number of items in a limited space.

It’s easy to assemble

One practical benefit of gondola shelving is that it’s quick and easy to assemble. It can be done without the need to call in professional help, which means that you can save money on shop fitters and put the display up yourself as soon as it arrives. There are no tricky wall-mounted fixings and all units are easily adjustable.

It’s a flexible type of retail display shelving

Gondola shelving offers maximum flexibility. Units can be moved around the store, shelving is easily adjusted to different heights and depths to tailor your shop display to suit the merchandise, and the shelving units come in different styles and sizes. It’s ideal for retailers such as discount stores or supermarkets that sell varying products and frequently need to rearrange their shop display shelving.

Most types of merchandise can be easily and attractively displayed, meaning that gondola shelving is well suited to stores including hardware stores, convenience stores, groceries, pet stores, chemists, hobby stores, automotive stores and petrol stations stores. Shelving is durable and can support loads of up to around 150kg.

Shelves can also be tilted to create a more attractive retail display.

It can be used with many accessories

Units come with dividing walls equipped with slatwalls or pegboards, meaning that stores can opt for displays other than standard retail store shelving. Accessories that can be used on gondola units include:

  • hooks or hanging pegs to display bags and accessories
  • wire baskets for magazine display
  • shelf dividers to split up shelf displays
  • LED lights to illuminate displays

It’s cost effective

Gondola shelving units are a lower cost retail shelving option compared to many other types of shelving. They are low maintenance and are robustly designed meaning that you will get many years of retail use out of them. As already mentioned, the easy of assembly gives you the option of sidestepping fitting costs. What’s more, you can increase the cost efficiency of the purchase by displaying more stock on the units and maximising your revenue.

gondola shelving

Types of gondola shelving

  • Slatwall shelving – the most traditional type of gondola shop display with walls consisting of horizontal slatwalls that can accommodate shelves plus accessories such as pegboard hooks or brackets & accessories. These metal gondola shelving units can be individually standing or stacked end-to-end to create shop aisles.
  • Pegboard shelving – a highly versatile model of retail shelving featuring a wall perforated with hundreds (or thousands) of small holes as well as brackets for shelves. The pegboard design makes it ideal for hang-sell display using pegs and hooks. Most of these units are designed for medium duty displays with individual shelf capacity of around 60kg. Commonly used in stores such as chemists and grocery stores.
  • Mesh shelving – this is a shop display shelving unit with a wall made up of a mesh grid panel. Mesh shelving is a lower cost option for retailers offering the same practicality and versatility of other gondola designs and is compatible with shelves and all accessories.

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