Boost Sales in Your Sydney Store With a Makeover

Sydney is considered by many as the retail capital of Australia, boasting many shopping districts, malls and high streets crammed with retailers of all descriptions, from trendy boutiques to dusty second-hand stores. Whatever your store may be specialising in, you need to give careful consideration to how you display your merchandise. To stand out from your competitors, maybe you might want to think about a store makeover? We can provide a substantial quantity and variety of shop fittings in Sydney stores, enabling retailers of all kinds to tailor their layout with shop display units that suit their own particular needs.

Sydney – profile of a shopping city

The capital of New South Wales, Sydney is a big draw for the millions of tourists heading to Australia each year. One reason for this is the shopping opportunities the city offers, with many shopping centres, precincts, high streets and market zones offering exclusive products and mouthwatering bargains. It was ranked 9th best city to live in by Global Finance in 2019 and is also one of the most economically prosperous global cities, with over 450,000 businesses generating an annual GDP of around $400 billion. The retail sector plays a huge part in this, the third-largest industry in the city with a share of nearly 10% of the economy.

Popular places to shop in Sydney include:

The Rocks – located close to Sydney Harbour Bridge, this district is a mix of historic laneways selling boutique goods and trinkets alongside artesan pubs, cafes and restaurants.

Westfield Sydney – standing at four stories tall, this is the largest shopping mall in Sydney. Next to the Sydney Tower in the city’s bustling centre, this shopping centre is home to numerous big name fashion, sports, jewellery and lifestyle brand names.

The Galleries – this busy central shopping centre packs shoppers in all year round, offering great deals from big name stores from the world of fashion, electronics, cosmetics, sport and more. There is also a big food court, making this perfect for a shopper’s day out.

Queen Victoria Building – this beautiful centre is set in a 19th century building on George Stree and includes more that 180 stores including fashion boutiques, homeware stores and sports retailers.

Paddington – a trendy eastern district where many creative and innovative local designers have set up shop. 

Benefit from the flexibility of gondola units

Gondola units are one of the most popular modern shop fittings in Australia due largely to their versatility and practicality. They enable retailers to showcase goods in a browser-friendly way that maximises revenue. These retail shop fittings for Sydney stores are free-standing units that are suitable for all store types, from supermarkets to chemists. They come in a number of different types including single-sided units that can be placed against walls, double-sided units which can be used to create browsable aisles in stores, and specialist models such as end bays and corner bays.

Metal Slatwall Gondola Display End1

This shop shelving is easy to maintain, can be moved around the store without difficulty and is compatible with a range of accessories. These retail display stands come in three different styles:

  • Slatwall – consisting of horizontal slat panels fitted with aluminium-lined grooves into which you can slide traditional shelving brackets, hooks, prongs, clothing arms and a wide array of accessories. This eye-catching design has a strong load-bearing capacity so it is suitable for most goods.
  • Pegboard – this offers maximum flexibility as units consist of multiple tiny holes that can be fitted with shelving brackets and all modern accessories to create a tailored and varied display.
  • Grid mesh – a good option for gondola shelving for Sydney stores looking for a cheaper or more mobile and lightweight option, such as market traders or pop-up stores. Units are fitted with a wire mesh panel onto which accessories easily clip.

Use attractive glass displays to lure in the customers

If you have valuable or rare products to sell or simply want to opt for an upmarket look, then one of the best shelving systems in Sydney is the glass display. These units can be standalone out on the shop floor or even form part of a counter display giving shoppers the change to peruse goods while they wait in the queue. One of the big advantages of glass displays is that they are fitted with a lock and key, protecting products from damage or theft. These shop fixtures come in a variety of styles, from vertical cube towers to mirror-backed counter displays.

1500mm Aluminium Framed Glass Display Cabinets With Storage

In addition to looking fantastic, glass units come with optional extras such as spot or strip lighting to draw extra attention to stock and brighten up stores. These are particularly popular in stores such as jewellers, antique stores, electronics stores and gift shops but can be used in pretty much any retail environment.

Make use of the wide range of retail shop shelving accessories

From metal display hooks that clip into display units to free-standing wire baskets selling loose discounted goods, there is an extensive assortment of accessories that you can make use of in your store. These retail shop shelving accessories are cheap, convenient and easy to use and can help you showcase anything from bicycles to small stationery items.

Accessory shop supplies include:

  • Metal hooks and prongs – these clip into slatwall, pegboard and grid mesh displays to enable stores to create hangsell displays for goods including bags, jewellery and packaged items
  • Other metal accessories – these include faceouts and waterfalls for front-facing clothing hangsell displays, clothing hangrails and picture hooks for frames, mirrors and clocks
  • Acrylic stands – individual stands that are shaped and sized to display goods such as footwear or electronic products such as laptops or mobile phones
  • Acrylic display bins – these can be used to display loose or awkwardkly-shaped products that you may find in stationery shops or hardware stores
  • Angled display shelves – tilted acrylic or wire display shelves that clip into display units and effectively display books, magazines and newpapers
  • Wire baskets – can be used for cheaper, smaller goods such as children’s toys or household convenience products

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