Bring Your Retail Products Alive With a Pegboard Display

Among the countless shop fitting products out there on the market, pegboard shelving is perhaps the one that most perfectly blends practicality with aesthetic visual appeal. It meets the needs of retailers to display countless products of all shapes and sizes in a way that makes shopping easier for the customer. At the same time, it enables stores to get creative with displays and give them a touch of elegance.


What is a pegboard display?

Pegboard is a type of retail display consisting of a metal unit with rows of tiny holes (usually around 6mm each) punched into it. It is an alternative to other shelving systems such as slatwall panels or mesh wire shelving. The holes can be used to attach shelving or a range of accessories including prongs, hooks, wire baskets, acrylic bins, etc. The vast number of holes on a pegboard shelving system makes it the most flexible shelving unit on the market and also means that more items can be displayed.

Pegboard units can be used to sell anything from jewellery to sportswear to electric tools to children’s toys. They are particularly well-suited to stores such as hardware shops, stationery shops and stores selling clothing accessories but are flexible enough to fit into most store types. Units are usually free-standing mobile gondola displays although fixed wall-mounted units are also available.


Why choose pegboard?

It’s practical – pegboard displays are easy to assemble, take apart and move around the store so are ideal if you need to constantly change your store displays or layouts or simply enjoy refreshing the shop look every once in a while.

It’s versatile – you can add shelves or accessories such as pegboard hooks with ease, and the sheer variety of accessories on offer means that you pretty much have a blank canvas on which to create your own personal display.

It’s attractive – because of pegboard’s versatility, you can create unique displays with a personalised touch that will stand apart from the crowd. The units themselves are sleek, neat metal designs that come in metallic black or white, so even if they are sparsely decorated, they are still eye-catching.

It’s cost-effective – metal gondola shelving units are not expensive, especially compared to some other shelving systems, and they are long-lasting so are a good investment for any retailer.


Popular pegboard products

  • Gondola shelving – free-standing gondola units available in black metal volcano, flat metal and volcano punch panel and as single-sided, double-sided, corner bay and end bay models.
  • Pegboard display hooks – pegboard hooks in Australia are a popular accessory and can be found as standard hooks, loop hooks and flipper scan hooks that can be used to hang a range of display items.
  • Other pegboard accessories – in addition to hooks, pegboard displays can accommodate prongs, waterfalls, stands, acrylic bins and more.

If you are interested in discussing fitting your store out with pegboard fittings, contact Shopfittings Direct. We are a Sydney-based business but provide all pegboard solutions including gondola units, accessories and pegboard hooks to Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and other major Australian towns. Call us on (02) 9608 5122 or email for more information.