Different Types of Gondola Shelving and Application

Gondola shelving is one of the most flexible and durable types of shelving in the retail industry. It comes in various styles, can be assembled in numerous configurations and lasts for years. What’s more, it is easy enough to assemble and take apart that you can rearrange your store without too much trouble.

This blog will look at some of the different types of gondola units on the market and detail what type of stores commonly use them.

Flat Metal Pegboard Shelving

Designed in an eye-catching white powder coat finish, this type of shelf units are one of the most popular pegboard systems. With a 0.8mm thick metal pegboard paneling, it is a standard duty system that is ideal for lighter hang-sell merchandising. Flat metal pegboard units are well suited to chemist stores and pharmacy warehouses as well as grocery stores, convenience stores and any retail outlet using units where the ratio of shelf levels is greater than hang-sell


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This shelving system comes in a range of designs, including narrow aisle and deep bays, low base, corner and end feature bays with both single and double-sided options for wall-mounted or island display. Average shelf loads should not exceed 40kg with heavier loads stored at the base shelf level.

Single Sided Flat Pegboard

Volcano Metal Pegboard Shelving System

A slightly sturdier model than the flat metal pegboard shelving, the volcano pegboard shelving comes with a 1mm back panels and features unique volcano shape indented pegboard holes, which make all hooks adaptable with slatwall systems.

This is ideal for stores requiring more heavy duty shelving and strong hang-sell capability with multiple display hooks. Units are up to 2.4m high, can accept heavier gauge hooks up to 6mm thick and average shelf load capacity is around 50kg.
Larger convenience stores, hardware stores, garden stores and supermarkets are just some of the retail outlets that volcano gondola shelving systems are well suited for.

Volcano pegboard shelving is available in a range of designs and comes in either black metal or white metal punch panel. Shelving can also be fitted with metal gondola wire baskets or front fences for bulkier merchandising requirements.

Metal Slatwall Gondola Shelving System

This metal shelving system is one of the most versatile and durable gondola models suitable for most retail applications, from supermarkets to sports and clothing retailers. The unit is fitted with 100mm grooved horizontal slots designed to fit a range of display hooks, brackets, waterfall arms, specialized acrylics, baskets and more. Upper shelf levels are available in a comprehensive range of depths from 250mm to 450mm.

Steel Slatwalls are typically heavier and thicker than other gondola shelving units and so have a greater load capacity. They can also be used to create an attractive hang-sell display. Units come in black or white metal and are available in configurations including single-sided, double-sided, narrow aisle and deep bay.

Mesh Back Gondola Shelving System

Mesh back shelving units are lighter duty than pegboard and slatwall models, making them an ideal gondola shelving option for smaller stores and discount stores as well as retailers who are searching for a less costly purchase.

Although mesh systems are cheaper than other gondola metal shelving, they are no less versatile. They are available in a variety of designs and are compatible with all shelving accessories including wire baskets, hang-sell hooks, shelf dividers and front fences. The lightness of the mesh frame makes this model particularly easy to move around the store, so is extra convenient for retailers who like to alter the shop layout on a frequent basis.

Mesh Back Gondola

Gondola End Bays

End bays are separate units that are used as end caps of double-sided rows of shelving, facing outwards at ninety degrees. They can be used to promote special offers, seasonal or temporary stock, sale items, displays promoting particular themes, etc. They can also be used to extend a display while taking up minimal space.

End bays are available for all types of shelving systems and are designed to blend in with the standard shelving units so as not to upset the layout and tone of the store.

Gondola Corner Bays

Corner bays are also available for most types of gondola units. These can be used to link up two adjacent single-sided units to maximise retail space. Corner bay units are useful for filling in unused wall space and enable stores to seamlessly extend a display so that it occupies a whole shop corner.

Black Volcano Pegboard

Gondola Shelving Accessories

  • Wire baskets – can be used to PVC hose fittings, bulky products, items of clothing such as socks, etc.
  • Front fences – similar to baskets but not as deep, fences provide useful barriers for downward sloped shelving
  • Kick plates – detachable front plates at the foot of the unit that clip on and off, giving retailers the option of additional storage space
  • Data strips – placed along the rim of the unit and individual shelves to detail pricing and product description
  • Display hooks – used for hang-sell display and available as pegboard hooks, pegboard flipper scan hooks, slatwall prongs and wire mesh display hooks

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