Display Stands for Market Stalls

Market stalls have always played a key part of retail in Australia, with all the major cities and towns having a thriving scene of market traders. With the shift towards online retailing, markets could well play a bigger part in the retail mix in the coming years as web-based traders who operate remotely look for opportunities for occasional temporary set-ups to give themselves a physical presence. If you’re looking to trade in any kind of market environment, it’s worth investing in some good display stands for market stalls. The good news is there are products available that are affordable, easy to use and do a great job of making stock look great to customers, no matter what you are selling.



How market stall displays differ from shop displays

Market stall traders are under the same pressure to stand out from competitors as retailers in fixed store premises. Market premises are often packed full of many traders in quite a small space and there are often multiple traders selling the same or similar products. This means the same preparation needs to go into attracting customers with winning displays to gain an advantage.

But market traders face very specific concerns when it comes to creating a good market stall display. Key differences for market traders include:

  • Typically having a much smaller area to display merchandise. Stall sizes vary from individual pitches only a few metres squared to slightly bigger units that customers can enter and browse, but traders don’t have the same space so need to think carefully about maximising retail space and having shelving that can display as much as possible.
  • Traders usually need to set up and pack down their displays every day, especially those with outside stalls. This means that market stall display shelving needs to be lightweight, easy to transport and easy to assemble while also being strong and durable.
  • Stalls can get very busy and there can be periods where a lot of people are browsing in a very small space, so units need to be highly functional and thought needs to be put into arranging products so that they can be easily retrieved/replaced without people getting in each other’s way.
  • Displays usually have to be more flexible and adaptable than in fixed premises. If you’re a market trader, you may not always be guaranteed the same pitch or spot, or you may trade at multiple different locations. This means that you will need to be able to adapt to different environments and space limitations.
  • Outdoor traders should take into account wear and tear caused by the weather. Australia is a warmer and drier country than most others but there are still wet and stormy periods. Whatever display system you have must be able to endure the effects of wind and rain.

Tips for a good market stall display

A well thought out market stall display will lead to increased sales so it’s important to get it right. Here are some of the basics which should be covered.

Get as much on display as you can but keep it well organised – as has already been mentioned above, it’s important not to waste even an inch of retail space when you’re operating in a small area. Plus you won’t have the luxury of ample storage space for spare stock so getting as much of what you have on view is important. But at the same time, you don’t want stock strewn everywhere in a chaotic mess or products stuffed onto shelves willy nilly. Think about what should go where as well as how best to display your stock, making use of shelving, hangsell, baskets, racks, etc.

Keep it customer-friendly – the same rules apply as to standard retail premises. Eye level is buy level. Don’t put too much on the floor where people need to squat down or bend over, taking up more space than need be. Give customers space to move around and try to leave gangway space. People won’t stick around to browse if they are too cramped or feel that they are in the way of others.

Make use of height – market traders often lose out on space by placing everything lower down on tables. If you have the space to utilise them, vertical display stands can be a great idea as they are extremely browser-friendly and allow people to remain upright while looking and shopping. This will give you a lot of extra display space and make your store look full and interesting, thus attracting more shoppers.

Give yourself ample space – finally, don’t forget to account for the space you or employees will need. Think about where you will be placing the till and where customers will queue. You’ll also need to be well placed to access items, replace sold productss, deal with queries and keep an eye on goods so that they don’t get stolen. Having the right display units in place will make this a lot easier.

Benefits of using gondola stands for market stall displays

One of the most suitable solutions for market displays are gondola stands. These are free-standing mobile vertical units that can be used to showcase a wide variety of goods, from clothing to food products. Benefits include:

  • Ease of use – these lightweight units are easy to carry and transport, making them ideal for mobile traders. They are easy and quick to assemble, with panels sliding into a base and then shelving or various accessories (hooks, stands, racks, baskets) attaching to panels in seconds. Traders can have displays set up or packed away in a matter of minutes.
  • Durability – units are made of chrome-plated metal and will last for many years if looked after properly. They are suitable for outdoor use and are a better option than wooden or plastic units if you’re looking for something that will last.
  • Versatility – stands come equipped with a variety of display accessories so that they are multi-purpose. Products can be stacked on traditional shelves, placed on individual stands, draped on a hangsell display or placed loose in bins or baskets, making them suitable for all types of trader.
  • Attractiveness – these stands look good and allow traders plenty of scope to arrange eye-catching displays that will stand out in any market environment.
  • Affordability – gondola units aren’t too expensive and start at around $40 so it won’t break the bank to make a few purchases.

Types of stands available for market displays

Grid mesh stands

The grid mesh stand is probably the most suitable gondola model to use in a market environment. This lightweight model consists of a modular grid mesh panel onto which an array of accessories can be fitted, including hooks, pegs, shelving, waterfalls, faceouts, plastic stands and wire baskets. The advantage of the grid mesh units over other gondola displays is that they are smaller, slimmer and lighter than others while remaining sturdy and durable enough to pack with products and use in both indoor and outdoor environments. They are popular with all kinds of traders from clothing stalls to jewellers to food stalls.

Pegboard stands

Another option is the pegboard gondola unit. The operates in the same way as the grid mesh display system but you have a pegboard instead of a grid panel. This is a metal board consisting of multiple evenly-spaced perforations. These can be fitted with the same shelving and accessories as grid mesh. Pegboard is slightly heavier than mesh wire so is not quite as easy to use for mobile purposes, but it has the advantage of being able to withstand slightly heavier loads. The number of holes in the panel also make it slightly more flexible and ideal for hangsell.

Slatwall stands

A very popular solution for fixed retail stores, slatwall gondola stands can also be used for market stall purposes. These consist of horizontal slat panels which are separated by grooves into which shelving and accessories can be fitted. The advantage of slatwall is that it looks very professional, upmarket and attractive although it isn’t quite as versatile as pegboard or grid mesh and it is also heavier and larger than the other two types of display. Its superior weight and strength means that it has a heavier load-bearing capacity, so could be the best option for market stalls selling heavier or larger products. For smaller stalls, though, slatwall stands may be a bit too imposing.

Gondola stand accessories

Gondola stands can be fitted with numerous accessories that can be used to display an assortment of products, including:

  • Traditional shelving, available in metal, melamine or glass
  • Angled shelving for displaying products such as books and magazines
  • Hooks and pegs for hangsell of products such as handbags or packaged goods
  • Faceouts and waterfalls for the hanging of clothing garments
  • Acrylic stands for individual display of shoes, ceramic models, electronic goods, etc.
  • Acrylic bins or wire baskets for small, loose or awkwardly shaped items
  • Brochure holders for flyers or posters

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