First-time Fitouts – 4 Important Considerations for Your New Retail Store

Whether you’re a newbie to small business ownership or a seasoned veteran who’s owned a dozen, you’ve probably realised by now just how expensive a store fitout can be.

One of the biggest worries for a first-timer is the uncertainty and likelihood that their investment will be worth the time, money and effort, as a failed setup could see your business suffer detrimentally.

But don’t reach for the tissues just yet!

Before we take a look at the four musts to consider when fitting out your retail store, why not consider browsing our range of shop counters for sale, and counters for retail stores.

  1. Start at the finish line.

Now this may sound a little silly, however studying your end game meticulously and in a vivid mind-frame while working your way backwards offers design-related benefits that went previously unnoticed.

Not only will you have a complete perspective on the physical layout and how to integrate it with a sales plan, but it’s also a cost-effective way to avoid hiccups and paying for unnecessary amends in the future.


  1. What’s your ideal design?

Your next phase should be drawing up a design – literally! Grab your old-fashioned notepad and visualise exactly the fittings you’ll require. Whether you’re looking for a shop counter for sale or a retail counter, Shop Fittings Direct will have what you need!

Make sure you’re considering your budget, style and market – better yet, put yourself in your customer’s shoes and picture how you’d like to see the store.

Will you need a retail store counter? A retail display counter? Where will the display counter go? How can I manage my customer foot traffic?

You’ll also likely require professional assistance from our expert team at Shop Fittings Direct! We have an array of display counters for sale, shelving options and retail counters for sale to suit just about any shopfront fitout.

There are so many options and angels to work when it comes to manipulating a fitout from thought, to design, and then finally creation, so a detailed plan will ensure you’re maximising on the investment.


  1. Underestimating lead times.

In today’s business environment, delays with contractors and other mishaps regarding lead times are, (or should be) an expectation.

Imagine yourself excited for your grand opening on Monday morning, however there’s been no sign of the guys who were supposed to setup your POS counter and its components last week! – That’s potential sales down the drain.

On the contrary, be sure to consider what a ‘half-job-Harry’ fitout could cost you. If you’re opening an outlet that’ll be serving food (and depending on your market), it might be wise to wait an extra week for that luxurious-looking display counter, retail counter or POS counter.

Just like with most things you’ll learn that patience pays off, and retail store fitouts are no different!


  1. What do you expect to happen, and when?

Sometimes business owners have monumental dreams and expect their store to reach impossible levels of achievement way too early into their prospects.

Our advice? Keep your expectations reasonable before you even begin, not just throughout the entire fitout process.

Understand that a decent fitout will take time, probably many disagreements, and patience before you begin to see what a professional installation can truly do for a retail store.

And besides, it can generally be better to set a slightly lower standard for your aspirations as you ideally want to be satisfied with first accomplishments, not disappointed.

To leave you with a final thought, it’s not all doom and gloom when considering retail store fitouts. However, be wary that counters, displays and shelving are just the beginning, and a well-designed shop is a fundamental to customer retention and ultimately, conquering those dreams!

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