How Glass Shelving Can Benefit Your Retail Display

If you’re looking to boost sales by creating an attractive and effective retail display, glass shelving is one of the best shelving solutions on the market and well worth considering. Glass is becoming an increasingly popular option for shelving in Australia and is an effective alternative to traditional wooden and metal shelving. Although glass displays may be more traditionally associated with more upmarket stores, they can form part of a shop display in all kinds of stores from chemists to sports stores.

6mm Toughened Glass Shelving x 1200mm Wide

Types of glass shelving

Glass display shelving is available in different sizes. You can get 5mm or 6mm thick toughened glass shelves. Both widths are durable and come with polished edges so there is no danger of injuring yourself on sharp corners. The shelving is available in 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm lengths, with the 5mm thick model also coming in a 400mm length. All glass products can be used with slat wall, pegboard or grid mesh display units and are suitable for both fixed wall and free-standing gondola display systems.

Benefits of glass shelves

Reflective qualities of the material

One reason why glass can really enhance a shop display is that it can reflect the light and enhance the appearance of the products on display. This enables retailers to get creative with store displays and make use of store lighting and spotlights to make goods look really eye-catching. As glass is a transparent material, lights be positioned below the shelves and shine through to create an innovative showcasing effect.


Glass displays look elegant, which is why they are popular with stores such as boutique clothing stores or designer jewellery stores, something that we written about here. All shelves come with polished edges and a beautiful clear finish. They add a touch of sophistication no matter what is on display, from second-hand books to artisan bakery. The material is particularly well suited to slat wall displays, giving stores a touch of modern chic, but is versatile enough for use in all types of shelving systems.


A misconception of glass is that it is too fragile to use in most displays and will break far more easily than wood or metal products. But the glass used for shop shelving is toughened safety glass that is durable, lasting for several years if looked after properly. The shelving is up to 5 times stronger than standard clear float glass and can withstand reasonably heavy loads that will suit most retail purposes. Surfaces do not scratch or stain easily and are easy to maintain.

Blends with the environment

One advantage that glass has over other materials such as wood and metal is that, as it is transparent, it naturally fits in with the décor. So you won’t need to worry about the shelving clashing with walls, flooring or other fixtures and fittings. This makes it a perfect shop fitting solution for retailers who like to change and rearrange layouts on a frequent basis.

Makes products more visible

The transparency of glass means that products displayed on it are fully visible from all angles. There is no issue of the shelving itself getting in the way of what the customer is trying to look at. This can have important implications for what is displayed on higher shelves as no part of the product will be obscured from view, meaning that there is less need for customers to remove goods from the shelf and disturb the display.

Encourages gentle handling

A lesser known benefit and quite a psychological one. Although as stated above, glass is durable, many people view it to be more delicate than other shelving materials. Because of this, customers will have a tendency to be more cautious around glass displays and will be extra careful with handling goods on display for fear of causing a breakage. This is good news for retailers as it essentially means customers taking more care around your stock!

Easier to manage

Finally, a simple practical benefit is that glass shelves are incredibly easy to look after. They can be cleaned with a simple wipe down with a warm, damp cloth; they are resistant to stains; and they are waterproof. So should the worst happen and your store suffers from leakage or flooding, the shelves won’t get damaged.

Retail stores where glass shelving is suitable

Glass shelves can be used in a wide variety of retail outlets, including:

  • Jewellery stores – perfect for bringing out the beauty in items such as necklaces, brooches or watches.
  • Arts and crafts stores – pottery, ceramics and ornamental goods look great positioned on glass displays.
  • Clothing stores – designer stores and brand names can fold individual items for display or showcase goods using small mannequin models.
  • Toy stores or hobby stores – great for putting rarities or limited editions on higher shelves where they are still visible through the clear glass.
  • Gift stores – make those special gift items look even more exquisite.
  • Chemists – can be used to create nice displays for items such as health and hygiene products or women’s cosmetics.

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