How to Choose the Right Glass Display Cabinets for Your Retail Store

With so many different shelving types on the market, it’s important to choose the right kind of display for your store – one that fits in with the overall image as well as showcasing what you have to offer. Glass cabinets are a brilliant and popular option if you want to brighten up the store and draw attention to merchandise. They are attractive, sturdy and keep products safely displayed behind the lock and key.

Glass display cabinets come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from small counter displays to large stacked glass towers. Which types you choose and how you arrange them in your retail store will depend on your own individual requirements. This guide explains some of the factors to take into consideration when buying glass units for retail purposes. 

What are glass display cabinets?

These retail display units are glass showcases that can be used to securely display a range of goods throughout the store. They are made from strengthened glass and come fitted with a lockable swing or sliding door, meaning that your retail items are protected against theft and damage. Glass retail display cases can be fitted with internal glass shelving for multi-level displays. They are also compatible with accessories such as LED lighting and mirror-back panels to illuminate and draw attention to products showcased.

You can use these cases to display valuable, fragile, rare, antique or visually stunning goods, or simply to make a feature of top-selling products. The simple, sometimes minimalistic, design of the units means that they suit a wide range of store environments, including jewellery stores, electronic goods outlets, clothing boutiques, collector stores and artisan bakeries. You can choose from a wide variety of retail display cases including:

  • Point-of-sale counter units that combine counter top space with a glass display interior, allowing retailers to wow customers with elegantly displayed stock as they queue for purchases.
  • Vertical tower cabinet units that take up minimal space on the shop floor and come in models up to four shelves high.
  • Aluminium-framed cabinets that are great for that traditional look and ideal for displaying rare antiques or exclusive valuables.
  • Frameless and semi-frameless designs for a more modern look.
  • Mirror-back units that increase lighting and also make displays appear bigger.
  • Glass cubes for an ultra-modern artsy vibe. These come in sizes ranging from single cubes to huge 12-cube stacks.
  • Acrylic cases which are a convenient alternative to glass and available as smaller counter-top units.

What to look for in a glass display case

With so many different types of display, you will need to spend some time thinking about which particular model would be best for your outlet. Here are a few of the main considerations:

Visual appeal

First and foremost, look for something that’s attractive and fits in with your store’s overall design. Glass cases should be a focal point and draw customers in but you don’t want them to be getting attention for the wrong reasons. The style of the unit should not only complement the existing décor but also be consistent with your brand image. So a quaint second-hand store in an old side street building or a brand going for a retro image might want something more traditional like a rectangular framed cabinet, while a modern fashion brand or a store selling the latest tech gadgets will need a newer design such as a frameless case or a glass cube.

Also bear in mind that the colour of the base or frame of the display unit should be consistent with the rest of the store. 


This feels like a very basic consideration but is often overlooked. You will need to make sure that the units comfortably fit into your shop space, allow for ample browsing space and don’t interfere with the flow of customers throughout the store too much. This is especially important for smaller stores. Be sure to take measurements so that you know what you can accommodate in terms of height, width and depth. Also measure up your existing display shelving to avoid ending up with something too big or small compared to what you already have. 

If you’re tight on space, don’t forget that you can make use of internal glass display shelves to make the most of the space you have. Point-of-sale counter units are another great way of maximising available space, as are tower units as they take up less floor space. 


Will you be wanting to rearrange displays on a regular basis? If this is the case, you’ll need something with sufficient flexibility. This is where designs with movable interior glass shelving can prove very useful. Shelves slide easily in and out of position, so a large cabinet with four shelves can quickly be turned into a unit with three shelves which can accommodate larger products.


You can fit many glass cases with interior lighting which is a great way of increasing visibility. LED strip lights or spot lights shining down on the shelves will bring your displays alive and increase your chances of making a sale. Internal lights for your glass case not only makes the overall display unit brighter but also reflects off any shiny objects displayed within, such as jewellery or glass ornaments, giving them an extra glimmer. This can be especially effective if you choose a unit fitted with a mirror-back panel.

You can also use the general store lighting to reflect off these cabinets and add brightness to the store, so it’s worth thinking about where best to position the shelving within the store to maximise these effects.


As you will no doubt be showcasing items of stock that are your most valuable and hard to replace, you should give thought to the security features on cabinets. Many come with secure key locks that can only be opened by key-holding staff, which gives you piece of mind when it comes to the safety of goods. This is particularly crucial if you will be placing the units away from the shop counter. Spend a few minutes checking the security features to make sure they are up to the standards you need.

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