How to Make Your Business Stand Out With Retail Displays

Anyone who knows anything about retail knows that it’s not just about what you sell but how you sell it. This means putting serious thought into how you visually display merchandise to attract customers and get that sale. Retail might be shifting online but customers still value being able to wander into a store to see and touch the physical product. If you have a shopfront, be sure to give it the same care and attention as your digital platforms. Investing in high-quality shelving and planning your retails properly can give you a crucial edge over competitors. Here are some ideas.

Keep the store layout browser-friendly

Attracting potential customers to your store is one thing, but you need to keep them in and browsing for as long as possible to get those sales. Over-crowded spaces or poorly-positioned products can have people making a u-turn for the exit soon after stepping in. The most browser-friendly stores guide people along a path with carefully positioned retail displays, so try to plot a route if possible.

You can create aisles with gondola shelving. Be mindful of important details like leaving enough customer space around any focal points so you don’t create a jam, and keeping your most interesting and top-selling goods at eye-level.

Strategically group your products  

A great way of increasing the average spend of your customers is to get them looking at products they might not have intended to buy when they entered the store. If you strategically group your items, this can encourage additional sales. The most effective method is displaying similar products next to each other, or even as part of the same display. This is called “cross-merchandising”.

For example, if you’re a department store selling multiple types of goods, you could place baby products next to goods that appeal to young mums, or sporting equipment next to books about sports. Other ideas are theming displays around events or seasons, or even colour-coordinating products. This is often effective in clothing stores.

Use signage

Shop signage is one of the most effective retail accessories and can help make for a much more pleasing retail experience if done well. Large and attention-grabbing signs can be placed in Perspex holders to help market products, direct people around the store, or give information about products or the store in general.

Signage can also include data strips that display key information about items such as price and description, placed on display units and eliminating the need for individual price tags. Having information on permanent display saves time on answering questions in-store, freeing up staff and making customers feel more comfortable, meaning you’re more likely to make a sale.

Attract passers-by with a good window display

The window area of your shopfront is your big chance to get creative and wow those passers-by, drawing attention to your shop and turning window-shoppers into product purchasers. The best window displays set a scene, or maybe even tell a story, instead of merely line a set of products next to each other. You can make use of a variety of display units here – gondola displays, tiered display tables, mannequins, glass units – as well as accessories and some good lighting. Retail stores often have a visually creative staff member who loves nothing more than spending a couple of hours on this sort of thing.

Change it up every now and then

A change is a good as a rest, as the saying goes. While it’s not a good idea to bamboozle customers by switching the location of your merchandise every week, changing your store layout occasionally is a great way of keeping it fresh. This can be the case for smaller stores in particular where it’s more noticeable if everything’s exactly the same for months on end.

There are various kinds of movable display systems that allow you to alter the design of your outlet without too much fuss. You can also switch products around to encourage browsing. If you invest in systems such as slatwall or pegboard, you can also use the multitude of accessories to regularly change individual units, switching from conventional shelving to hangsell with ease.

Create a buzz around products with glass display units

Glass units, which come in a variety of styles and sizes, are a popular focal point in stores and again offer the chance for creative and mesmerising displays. You can use them for valuable, fragile, rare or pretty products to create an instant “look but don’t touch” allure to your prime products. Cases can be fitted with spot or strip LED lighting which adds extra brightness to the overall premises as well as illuminating the merchandise. Suitable for all kinds of businesses, from small market stalls to high end boutiques.

Maximise your retail space

To really gain that crucial advantage over your competitors, you need to aim to transform as much of your store into income-generating space as possible. This is particularly relevant for smaller retail stores that don’t have much room to play around with. It comes back to thinking carefully about your store layout. Perhaps using double-sided gondola shelving and end display units, or fixed slatwall panels on wall space. Systems such as hangsell mean that you can put much more stock out on display than standard shelving, which is worth bearing in mind if you have an abundance of light or medium-weight goods. Just be careful not to confuse maximising your space with overfilling your shelves. If things become too congested, you could end up losing sales.


Another sure-fire strategy is to turn your shop counter into retail space. This could be by using small acrylic cases or stands on the counter top, or by investing in a point of sale shop counter that consists of glass-fronted display space where you can market prime merchandise to shoppers as they queue to make a purchase. A great way to enhance the shopping experience and liven up those minutes spent standing in a line.

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