How to Use Glass Display Cubes to Enhance Your Store

Glass display cubes are one of the most popular modern shop display fittings, utilised in a range of retail store types including jewellers, electronics outlets, collectible stores, bakeries and even boutique clothing outlets. They enable retailers to diversify their store set up and display exclusive or valuable goods in an eye-catching way. However, with many display cubes on the market, it’s vital to spend a bit of time thinking about which product is best for your store and how you can use glass cube displays to fully benefit your business.


The cubes are designed from toughened safety glass and come in a range of sizes, from single cube counter displays to multi-cube stacks. They have hinged swing doors that can be fitted with safety locks for added security. Attractive, practical, versatile and durable, these retail display units also take up minimum space due to their efficient design. If you are a store interested in benefiting from these stylish products, here are a few things to consider before making your purchase.

Product selection – choose the right display cube model to suit your store

The first thing to decide upon is which model or models you want to go for. With a number of display cubes for retail to choose from, you don’t want to make the mistake of just diving in and purchasing the first or cheapest product you see.

You can choose between:

  • counter displays
  • floor displays

You also have the option of:

  • single stack glass display towers
  • wider units such as twin or box units
  • more innovative designs such as stepped displays

On top of this, you can choose to mount your displays on plinth bases or even storage cabinets. Your decisions will be based on various different considerations. For example, if you want something more versatile that can be moved easily around the store – advertising latest designs in the window one minute and more evergreen exclusive goods in-store the next – then a leaner, more lightweight tower model might be best. If you want a more fixed fitting permanently drawing the attention of browsers, it might be worth investing in a larger model.

Product positioning – optimising the placement of the display

Once you’ve decided on your purchase, you’ll need to consider where best to place it in order to maximise interest and thus sales. Whether you’re a large department store or a small independent retailer with limited space, it’s still worth weighing up the options.

Depending on the store display model you’ve bought and the products you want to showcase in the display, there are a number of different options. If you’ve purchased a smaller display, you could place it on the store counter if there is room. This is a great way of enticing additional sales to customers as they wait in the queue to be served. You can also arrange units as standalone displays against the wall or on the shop floor as a focal piece within the wider store layout. If you’ve purchased multiple display cubes, think about whether they would look more effective lined up against a store wall or arranged as part of a grid display or diagonal display. Alternatively, you might want something in the window or close to the entrance to act as a “hook” leading more customers into the store.

Decisions will depend to an extent on what merchandise you are placing in the cubes. New edition, sale or in-season goods may be better in the window or store entrance, eye-catching items better as part of a shop floor showpiece, while valuables and rarities may need to be placed close to the counter. Busy stores may also need to account how displays will affect customer flows. Although cube displays are visually appealing, people may spend less time browsing them as they cannot handle the goods.

Don’t overload displays with too many products

Retail showcase display cubes are great highlighters for a wide array of products and can be used to increase store sales but, unlike with stack shelving and dump bins, it’s not just a case of loading as much as you can feasibly push into these units. Because the glass cubes are designed for visual browsing behind a screen rather than something that you can rummage through, each item displayed needs to be clearly visible inside the glass unit.

This means spacing out products, which is why glass units are better for more exclusive and expensive items rather than cheaper mass-produced goods. Ideally, there should be a good 5-10cm at least between displayed goods. You should approach the laying out of merchandise in these displays with an artistic eye. When you’ve finished arranging displays, take a step back and assess the visual merits of the arrangement. With cube displays, it’s better to have just one or two items placed nicely on show than a dozen things bunched up and getting in the way of each other.

Use accessories to decorate the displays 

You can spruce up your displays and add an extra layer of visual appeal by making use of various accessories available. No matter what type of display model you’ve opted for, where you’ve decided to place it or what products you are selling in it, the range of accessories to choose from can come in handy. They include:

  • internal lighting – LED strip lighting and timber light pelmets are available to illuminate individual products and give make the display units extra visible from far off.
  • mirror panels – the reflection from these panels can enhance light from internal spot/strip lights as well as natural store lighting. Internal mirrors can also give the impression that display units are bigger or more filled with products than they actually are.
  • display stands – rather than placing goods horizontally in the displays, small wooden or plastic stands allow certain goods to be displayed vertically while giving them additional height.
  • external decoration – this could include some attractive external signage or simply colourful arts and crafts garnishing to the outer glass to give the display a satisfying finishing touch. 

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