Improve Your Business With A Slatwall Display

Slatwall units offer a great opportunity to create an attractive and effective retail merchandising environment. They can be used in a variety of retail settings and can help shops increase sales by giving them a cool contemporary look.

What is Slatwall?

Slat wall displays are made out of high quality MDF (medium density fibre board) and contain rows of horizontal grooves fitted with strong aluminium inserts used for display purposes. The grooves are used as anchors for shelves with brackets or other accessories such as hooks, prongs, acrylic magazine racks. The Slat wall system is an eye-catching alternative to pegboard or mesh displays and can usually bear heavier weights when installed by a qualified and experienced shopfitter.

Because of the versatility of slatwall units, they can be used to sell a wide variety of items including clothing, shoes, electronics, computer, hardware and toys. They are popular with retailers ranging from tool shops to bike shops. Panels can be fixed to walls or be free standing as part of a gondola display, and they come in a range of sizes, colours also woodgrain finish effects to suit all retail requirements.

Benefits of slatwall

In addition to being highly versatile, Slatwall panels has a number of other advantages:

Durability – slat walls can hold heavy items and withstand repeated loading and unloading of stock without breaking down. Wall-mounted panels can display large bulky products such as bikes and the display gondolas have a greater load capacity than other types of display.

Attractive design – fitting your retail unit out in slatwall will give it a clean, rugged, contemporary feel. Slat panels come in a variety of colours and styles so you can choose a design that suits the atmosphere of your store and customise it so that it feels right. The horizontal slat grooves mean that it’s easy to create neat and even displays that aren’t too crowded, so you can get creative and organise a winning shop design to attract customers.

Practical – Totally compatible with a wide range of accessories that are easy to attach, so changing the store layout regularly is not a problem. Free-standing gondola units are easy to move around, slatwall shelves are easy to wipe clean, so no fuss involved.

Good use of space – because slat wall panels are designed for use on wall space, slat panel displays are great for maximising every inch of shop space without it looking so crowded that it’s off-putting for customers. You can fit out a whole shop with a mix of wall-mounted panels and gondola stands and still have plenty of browsing space. It’s a great option for retailers operating out of small business premises as it enables them to optimise space and display more stock.

Slatwall products for your shop

  • Slat panels – MDF panel boards that can be fixed to walls. Available in different styles, sizes and colours. You could try black slatwall panels for a chic vibe, maple for a rustic look. or white for a touch of elegance.
  • Slatwall accessories – displays can accommodate hooks, prongs, display boxes, stands, wire basket holders, acrylic bins, faceouts and more.
  • Gondola stands – a variety of stands available including single-sided, double-sided, H-stands and 4-way stands
  • Slatwall shelving – displays can be fitted with metal, glass or melamine shelves.

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