Make a Feature of Your Products Using a Display Cabinet    

There are a variety of products on the market allowing stores to fit their premises out in a way they see fit. If you don’t want to rely purely on traditional shelving designs, you can opt for an array of display stands and cabinets that can give your shop a distinctive feel. Display cabinets are a great addition to all types of retail unit. There are many different shop display cabinets to choose from and they vary in style, design and purpose to suit retailers from clothing stores to jewellers. So whether it’s a large glass unit out in the middle of the store or a small acrylic display case on your shop counter, check out what retail shop display cabinets can do for you.

1500mm Aluminium Framed Glass Display Cabinets With Storage

Benefits of cabinet displays

Using a display cabinet to showcase your merchandise has a number of different benefits. These include:

They are great for showcasing products

Cabinets are fantastic for drawing attention towards displays, which is what any retailer wants to do. Whereas row upon row of shelving can sometimes bamboozle browsers, cabinets are sleek and encourage more creative arrangement of products. They can be utilised anywhere in the store – at the counter, out on the shop floor or even in the shop window to lure in passers-by. Many of the designs have great illumination features, with LED lights bringing products to life.

They add a touch of sophistication to the store

If you walk into any type of store, be it a sports store, toy store or arts and crafts retailer, you are likely to be more impressed if that store has gone to the effort of presenting merchandise in a cabinet behind lock and key. These display features give that added feel of preciousness and value to stock. Even fairly ordinary products take on a slightly more sophisticated character when they can’t be loosely handled by any passing customers.

They keep stock nicely secure

You won’t need to worry about products going missing or getting damaged. Everything is kept under lock and key so shoppers can look but not touch. Any handling of the product is done under staff supervision. This takes the pressure of stores needing to employ staff with eyes in the back of their head or use expensive security systems. The cabinets are made out of strong materials such as toughened glass and durable acrylic and they can even be fitted with alarms for extra security.

They are easy to maintain

Because products are kept locked away, you won’t have to spend so much time rearranging messed up displays or putting items back after customers have moved them from one place to another. Tidying up the store layout at the end of the day can be quite a time consuming task, especially for busy shops, so cabinet features can greatly reduce the amount of time and effort spent on this. The units are also very easy to clean and won’t damage easily.

Examples of how display cabinets can be used

Multiple cabinet displays in a jewellery store

Jewellers are one type of retailer ideally suitable for glass showcase cabinets | Shopfittings Direct which enable valuable merchandise to be displayed safely and securely throughout the premises. Jewellery stores can use a range of different options such as elegant glass cabinet window displays, point of sale counter displays and tower displays on the shop floor to present goods including watches, bracelets, earrings and engagement rings. You can see a variety of glass jewellery display cabinets in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide jewellery stores.

Acrylic cases in a bakery store

Cabinets don’t just come in glass. You can also choose acrylic designs which are great in stores such as toy shops and bakery stores. Artisan bakers and cafes can display a range of cakes, tarts and doughnuts in a 4-shelf stacked display on the shop counter to tempt customers as they browse the menu or queue up to pay for goods.

Exclusive stock highlighted in a point of sale counter unit

Glass point of sale counter displays are great because they allow you to make a feature of the area where customers stand to queue or interact with shop staff. You can turn this zone into an effective promotional hot-spot, arranging valuables, rarities or simply items that look good under LED lighting. So whether you’re a book store, newsagents or shoe shop, advertise the cream of your crop in a neat counter display.

Stand out from the crowd with a glass display cube

Go for a real modernist feel with a frameless cube available with two, three or four shelves which can be used to showcase anything from games and fluffy toys to state of the art electronic equipment. Not only are these designs elegant but they take up little room, meaning additional space in the store for shoppers.

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