Make The Most of Your Shop Space with Gondola Display Stands

It’s a common problem with retailers – how to maximise the space you have in your shop without making things look cluttered or overcrowded. Many stores struggle to fill the space on the floor effectively and end up opting for cumbersome shelving that is awkward for customers and not easy on the eye.

Gondola retail shelving is a great way around this problem. These sleek free-standing units are versatile, easy to manage, allow you to display plenty of stock in a variety of ways and come in nice designs to boot.

Available in slatwall, pegboard and wire mesh units, gondola store shelving gives you the freedom to create aisles in your store that don’t take up too much space. You can also purchase units that fit nicely into shop corners or at the end of a retail display.

Here are some top gondola products that you can use to improve your store layout.

H-Shape Modular Gridmesh Gondola Stands – 1200mm(L)

Single-sided free-standing units for wall displays

If you’re looking for versatility in a wall display unit, gondola shelving is the perfect solution. The slat, pegboard and mesh models come with a variety of accessories and fittings, meaning that you can organise shelving displays, hangsell displays, clothing displays and more. The huge advantage of these units is that you can easily change the display type at any time. Ideal for stores with diverse and changing lines of stock, such as department stores or discount stores.


Double-sided units to create aisles for browsing

Gondola display systems are available at double-sided units which can maximise browsing space and help you to create aisles full of attractively displayed stock, be that designer clothing, arts and crafts merchandise or pharmacy goods. This metal shelving is also available narrow aisle option to free up even more browsing space.


End-bay units for special offer products

Want to showcase a special or seasonal run of products? End bay gondola units are ideal shelving for shops looking to make a feature or arrange a sale display. They sit at 90 degree angles from other units to ‘bookend’ a display. They can be used as a continuation of a display or to highlight a range of items. The advantage of these units are that they can be placed front on facing the shop entrance or window to grab the attention of shoppers.


Utilise extra space with a corner bay unit

Corner bays help you use up every nook and cranny of your store for retail purposes. They give you an extra shelving unit linking two adjacent units at a 45 degree angle. This is a great solution for shop corners and is a way around ending up with that dead space in the corners of your shop.


Get creative with a 4-way stand

If you really want to turn the heads of customers, you could try the 4-way gondola unit – four adjoining display walls on a single free-standing base. This is great if you want to arrange many different smaller product displays, or if you simply fancy adding a touch of innovation to your commercial shelving display.

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