Make Your Store More Flexible with Adjustable Shelving

Many retailers find that they need to rearrange their shop displays periodically. Product runs may be seasonal, or stores may sell a variety of goods that cannot be displayed in a one-size-fits-all manner. For this reason, having fixed shelving systems that cannot be adjusted might be impractical.

Fortunately there are a number of adjustable shelving systems available that make it possible for retailers to tailor their displays and layouts according to their changing needs. These units all come at an affordable price, in a variety of designs and are easy to put in place, making them suitable for all types of retail store.


Types of adjustable shelving

You can purchase adjustable shelving systems wall mounted or as free-standing gondola display units. The three most common types of metal display units on the market are:

Slatwall display units – these are units containing horizontal slat panels with numerous slots where shelves or accessories can be fixed, changed or adjusted accordingly. You can adjust the height of shelves or even add hooks, display bins, etc. to create your own unique display.

Pegboard display units – pegboard units feature panels with rows of perforated holes where you can attach brackets or a range of accessories for display or hangsell. Pegboard systems are not usually as heavy duty as slatwall but have a greater degree of flexibility.

Wire mesh display units – wire mesh display shelving has a grid mesh for attaching shelves or accessories. These units are lighter in weight than slatwall or pegboard, making them ideal for market stalls or mobile stores.

Black Metal Volcano Pegboard Gondola Shelving System

Benefits of adjustable shelving

  • Versatility – the greatest advantage to adjustable units is that you are not restricted in your retail display options. The panels provide a blank slate for you to organise your products as required. Height of shelves can be changed at any time or replaced with hooks, prongs, faceouts, etc. for hangsell.
  • Allows for more creative displays – as the panels provide a blank slate, these types of retail shelving systems are perfect for adding a touch of style or innovation to your shop display. That’s what makes these units very popular with designer stores and shops selling arts and crafts products.
  • Durability – this sort of display system will not go out of season. You can keep displays fresh by updating them periodically, so the shop layout never looks tired. All of the shelving and accessories are made of durable materials and are long-lasting. If anything does break, the parts are easily and inexpensively replaced, unlike with a fixed unit where you may have to replace the whole thing if there is damage.
  • Compatible with a range of accessories – units can be fitted with different types of shelving, including metal, melamine and glass shelving, plus many and various accessories including hooks, prongs, faceouts, waterfalls, acrylic display stands, wire baskets, acrylic display bins and slanted magazine shelving.
  • Easy to use – all parts used on these display units are easy to attach and remove, simply slotting into place. No tiresome screwing or drilling required. They are also easy to transport and assemble. Once everything is in place, the units are sturdy and can withstand heavy amounts of browsing.
  • Easy to clean – both units and all accessories can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth and will be immediately ready for use.


Types of retailers who can benefit from adjustable shelving

Here are some of the retail stores that can benefit from adjustable systems in their premises;

  • Newsagents – these shops sell a range of items from stationery and magazines to sweets and toys, and typically have to rearrange displays at seasonal times (Christmas, Easter, etc.) so having adjustable systems gives them greater flexibility.
  • Pharmacies – this is another type of retailer selling a variety of goods and will often sell seasonal products.
  • Hardware stores – these stores sell anything from small loose items displayed in containers or bins, to large tools, so a flexible layout is advantageous.
  • Clothing stores – can benefit from the creativity that adjustable display units allow, making good use of accessories such as display stands and waterfalls.
  • Electronics stores – can utilise acrylic display stands designed especially for mobile phones and tablets.
  • Sports stores – another store type that sells a range of products of all shapes and sizes.
  • Arts and crafts stores – can use picture holders to display artworks, display stands for models and hooks and prongs to create attractive hangsell displays.
  • Discount stores – have ever-changing product ranges so need versatility in their store layout.


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