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Pegboard Hooks

Pegboard systems are a great way of displaying large quantities of goods in an attractive and sensible way, and pegboard hooks are one of the most essential accessories to make the best use of pegboard displays. They are easy to use and can accommodate anything from clothing accessories to hardware tools. The display hooks are primarily used for hangsell displays which are great for stores that want to load up products in a browser-friendly fashion. Hooks slide tidily and securely into the pegboard holes and can be used again and again to suit retail requirements. They are available in various different shapes and sizes, making them ideal for stores of all kind.

What are pegboard hooks?

Pegboard hooks are small metal pronged hooks that are designed to fit into pegboard shelving systems to provide a convenient mechanism for hanging products for retail display. Hooks and prongs are among the most popular and versatile pegboard accessories that enable retailers to maximise their pegboard display space. Display hooks for pegboard are available in different sizes and styles and are constructed from chrome-plated wire. The wire is available in different thicknesses to suit load-bearing requirements. Each hook has a raised front end to prevent product slippage and features a back attachment with two prongs 25.4mm apart. Extra strength loop hooks are also available for more secure display.

You can attach the hooks to the pegboard display units by simply inserting the two back attachment prongs into the perforations in the pegboard panel. These prongs are shaped so that they stay securely in place and won’t slip about. If you want to remove or move the hooks, you just slide them out of the pegboard holes. No need for any tools or complicated procedures. Goods can be displayed by hanging them over the hooks, and you can hang multiple quantities of the same item from the same hook without any problems. They make ideal hangsell accessories for products including handbags, packeted food products or packaged goods.

Types of pegboard hooks

There are different types of pegboard hooks for sale to suit different retail purposes. Retail hooks include:

  • Standard metal pegboard hooks – regular size short hooks that are 3.6mm in width and come in a variety of lengths from 50mm to 230mm. These hooks can be used for a range of light to medium weight products such as packeted sweets and small packaged stationery products.
  • Heavy duty pegboard hooks – hooks available in thicknesses of 6mm and 7mm and lengths of between 100m and 300mm. Similar in design to standard models but more suitable for heavier products, such as tools or larger packaged clothing goods, and larger quantities of items.
  • Pegboard loop hooks – loop hooks, or double hooks, are popular because they are more sturdy and can be used for adding price tags to. They are available in 4mm and 5.5mm thickness and in lengths of between 100mm and 300mm.
  • Flat metal steel pegboard hooks – these hooks have a curved rather than raised end and are suitable for flat metal pegboard panels and dual flat pegboard gondolas. They come in 4mm to 5.5mm thickness and in lengths of between 50mm and 300mm.

Products that can be used with pegboard hooks

One of the great advantages of pegboard hooks and accessories is that they can be used to sell a wide assortment of products for retail. Here is a short list of some of the things that can be effectively displayed using these retail hooks:

Products for hangsell displays

  • jewellery products such as chains, necklaces and bracelets
  • handbags and satchels
  • packeted foodstuffs such as confectionery or snacks
  • small packets of nuts, bolts, screws and other accessories
  • packeted clothes such as shirts, t-shirts and vests
  • underwear
  • clothing accessories such as gloves and scarves
  • packeted mats and rugs, e.g. car mats, door mats or bathroom mats
  • pre-packed children’s toys and games
  • electronics and mobile phone accessories
  • stationery products such as calculators, staplers and hole punches
  • hardware tools such as saws
  • gardening equipment such as spades or rakes

Other products that can be displayed

Hooks can also be used next to each other to to create a stand for flatter products to give them added visibility, including:

  • picture frames or works or art
  • mirrors or clocks
  • large hard-back books
  • vinyl LPs

How stores can use pegboard hooks

The versatility of pegboard hooks gives retail stores the chance to get creative with their displays. Here are some of the ways in which stores can effectively utilise pegs for pegboard displays:

  • Clothing stores – can arrange organised product displays such as a pegboard wall featuring a hangsell display of different styles of ladies’ bags, or accessories such as gloves and scarves, or different lines of mens’ pre-packed shirts.
  • Newsagents – can get creative with a mixed display that features higher level conventional shelving displaying larger boxed products, with a hangsell display beneath that could include stationery or confectionery products.
  • Chemists – can also benefit from a well-organised mixed display, such as boxed and bottled medication stacked on low-level shelving with packeted or packaged products (e.g. bandages) hung on hooks at eye level above this.
  • Hardware stores – can use a mixture of smaller hooks and heavy duty or loop hooks to create multiple hangsell displays for everything from packets of nails to larger and heavier pre-packed DIY equipment.
  • Discount stores – these stores often sell large quantities of pre-packaged goods of all shapes and sizes, so can benefit from aisles of pegboard gondola units filled with hangsell displays.
  • Electronics stores – stock various smaller products sold in packets designed for loop hook display (e.g. mobile phone accessories, earphones, computing equipment) so can arrange pegboard hangsell displays tailored for accessories close to the counter.
  • Supermarkets – can use pegboard displays and hooks to more effectively display packeted food products such as snacks and sweets.
  • Jewellery stores – pegboard displays are perfect for stores selling cheaper jewellery products such as bangles, beads and trinket necklaces.

Why use pegboard hooks?

Pegboard hooks offer many advantages to retailers, which is one of the reasons that pegboard units are so popular. Good reasons to use pegboard shelving and hooks include:

  • They enable you to sell more stock – one of the biggest benefits is that pegboard hangsell systems can accommodate more merchandise than conventional shelving. With rows of items lined up on single hooks, it’s a great use of space which is particularly important in stores where shortage of space is an issue.
  • They are flexible – as has been demonstrated, hooks can be used for a varied assortment of products from small packets of elastic bands to gardening spades. If your store has a fast turnover of varied stock and you find yourself often needing to change displays around, pegboard hooks are perfect.
  • They keep stock well organised – it’s easier to keep products neat and tidy when it’s all hung on hooks. No faffing around rearranging products on shelves. You can line hooks up symmetrically in an orderly fashion, which makes it much easier for customers to find things.
  • They are easy to use – hooks slide in and out of the pegboard units, no need for any drilling, screwing or complicated attachment procedures. If you want to move something or rearrange a display area, you can have it all done in minutes without breaking into a sweat.
  • They last a long time – pegboard hooks are well designed and will last many years. Even the lightweight hooks are durable and can take reasonable loads without damaging. The protective chrome-plated finish means that hooks are resistant to scuffs and scratches, making them a good value-for-money purchase.
  • They are affordable – hooks and prongs are among the cheapest accessories on the market, meaning that everyone can afford to invest in them, no matter what their budget is. Most products are available at a discount price if bought in packs or in bulk so, even if you are a large department store wanting to buy large quantities, it won’t break the bank.

Pegboard hook prices

Our prices are very competitive, including economical shipping costs. Current costs of these accessories are:

  • Standard metal pegboard hooks – from $0.40 to $0.50 per hook
  • Heavy duty pegboard hooks – from $0.60 to $1.05 per hook
  • Pegboard loop hooks – from $0.99 to $1.50 per hook
  • Flat metal steel pegboard hooks – from $0.40 to $0.75 per hook

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