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Slatwall Prongs

Slat wall prongs are one of the most essential accessories for these shelving systems, allowing store owners to display just about any product, from clothing to musical instruments, in a hangsell formation that’s easy to set up and ideal for shoppers to use and understand. Display hooks come in different shapes and sizes and can hold multiple units at once, which means that stalls both large and small can get more stock out from the back rooms and into spaces where it can sell.

What are slatwall prongs?

Slat wall prongs, also known as slat wall hooks, are small and lightweight display accessories that are used on slat wall shelving systems to enable stores to display a wide variety of their products using the hangsell method. This is an alternative display method to traditional shelving, where multiple goods are hung in rows in order to maximise display space. Slat wall is one of the best shelving systems for hangsell capability due to its strong load-bearing capacity, and the hangsell hooks which can be used with slat wall systems come in an assortment of different styles and sizes.

The hooks and prongs are finely crafted using chrome-plated wire of different thicknesses to suit load-bearing requirements. Each prong is fitted with a sturdy metal back plate that curls around in a Z or S shape so that it can slide easily in and out of the metal grooves designed in slat panels. The hooks then hold in place without the need for any screws, nuts or bolts. They can be moved about with ease by simply sliding them along the grooves in the slat panels, or slipping them out and re-inserting them into another groove insert. Products are displayed using the metal hooks by simply hanging them over the hook (e.g. bags), placing the hook through the purpose-designed hole (e.g. packaged products) or using the hanger attached to the product (e.g. packaged clothing such as t-shirts or underwear).

Types of slatwall prongs

There are various different kinds of slat wall hooks and prongs that can be used for an assortment of retail purposes. These include:

  • Standard slat wall display prongs – regular display hooks that are made from 6mm wire and are available in a variety of lengths ranging from 50mm to 300mm. These can be used for standard light and medium-weight products, for example packeted confectionery products or clothing accessories.
  • Heavy duty slat wall prongs – these extra-strength hooks have a heavy duty wide back plate to enable greater weight distribution. Available in lengths of between 75mm and 300mm. Heavy duty prongs can be used for larger quantities of stock or heavier hangsell products such as DIY or gardening equipment.
  • Flip scan slat wall hooks – these special slat wall hooks are designed with an extra feature of a clear plastic flipper that can be used to display product price, short description or bar code. Flipper scan hooks are available in lengths of between 150mm and 300mm, and are also available in different styles and in a heavy duty model.
  • Picture hooks – picture hooks are special short-stub hooks that consist of a metal back plate with a hook protruding at a 4mm gap. They can hold individual items such as pictures, frames, clocks or mirrors.

Products that can be used with slat wall prongs and slat wall hooks

Hooks and prongs are great for displaying all kinds of merchandise in a way that will get it noticed and increase sales. Here is a small selection of goods that look great when arranged on slat wall prongs and hooks.

Small and medium-sized goods

  • items of jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets and bangles
  • ladies’ handbags
  • packeted confectionery and snacks
  • hardware or stationery accessories such as screws or elastic bands
  • clothing accessories such as scarves or gloves
  • electronics and mobile phone accessories
  • packaged clothing garments such as t-shirts, vests or underwear
  • small boxed or packaged children’s toys

Larger and heavier goods

  • larger bags and rucksacks
  • DIY equipment such as saws or electrical extension leads
  • packeted mats and rugs e.g. car mats, door bats and bathroom mats
  • sports equipment such as tennis or squash rackets
  • larger children’s toys and games
  • gardening equipment such as spades, forks or rakes

Other goods that can be sold (either on special hooks or by creating a stand using two parallel hooks)

  • picture frames
  • clocks
  • mirrors
  • hardback books
  • vinyl LPs

How stores can use slatwall prongs and slat wall hooks

Slat wall hooks and prongs can be used in creative ways by store staff to drive more traffic into the store and generate more sales. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Sports stores – can arrange neat formations of sporting equipment next to sports clothing displays, consisting of lighter hooks displaying small accessories (e.g. wristbands) and heavy duty hooks displaying rackets or hockey sticks.
  • Toy stores – products need to be kept fairly low down in toy stores so that children can see them at eye-level. Slat wall hook displays can be great for arranging a run of various hangsell items from colouring pens to fun pre-packaged games.
  • Stationery stores – can organise creative displays that include larger boxed items displayed on higher level standard shelving and smaller products such as printer cartridges and pen sets on a well-organised hangsell display underneath.
  • Electronics stores – can alternate wall displays between more expensive goods showcased individually on acrylic stands and smaller, cheaper goods (e.g. mobile phone accessories, earphones, USB sticks) arranged in a slat wall hangsell display.
  • Market traders – need to maximise small areas of space, so multiple slat wall hooks and prongs are ideal for small traders such as mobile phone accessory stores or trinket jewellery stores to lay out a range of products on a single wall close to the counter.
  • Discount stores – these stores are known for selling vast amounts of pre-packaged goods of all shapes and sizes that can’t always be easily displayed on conventional shelving. Longer slat wall hooks and prongs put to use can mean more stock on the shop floor and less in the stock room.
  • Clothing stores – clothing stores are often centred around racks and rails dotted around the shop floor while wall and aisle space gets overlooked. A slat wall hook display can make a great feature for handbags, scarves, hats, designer sunglasses or even pre-packaged clothes.
  • Homeware stores – these stores sell everything from sink plugs to hallway mirrors and everything in between. Much of the produce is suitable for hangsell, so stores can greatly increase the amount of merchandise on display by investing in slat wall systems and display hooks.

Benefits of slat wall prongs

Slat wall prongs and hooks are great shelving solutions that give numerous benefits to retailers. Here are a few reasons why it’s worth investing in them:

  • They make the store look neat – hangsell formations using hooks and prongs are better organised and easier to keep need and tidy that standard shelving systems, where items are constantly dislodged by browsers. You can arrange all manner of products into symettrical rows while also having the option to get more creative.
  • They are easy to use – hooks slide in and out of slat wall panels with ease, so rearranging displays is a doddle. No messing around with drills or screwing.
  • They make great use of space – you will be able to display more merchandise through hangsell that by using standard shelving. Slat wall panels are the best for bearing heavy loads, so each unit can be packed with saleable goods, making slat systems and prongs a great investment.
  • They are flexible – if your store sells varied products of all shapes and sizes, or if your stock is constantly changing according to seasons or fashions, then the versatility of hooks can help you adapt your store to suit your needs.
  • They are durable – slat wall hooks and systems are designed to last. The chrome-plated finish on the display hooks make them resistant to scuffs and scratches.
  • They don’t cost much – all display hooks work out at under $2 per item so are a worthwhile investment when you consider how much they can make you in extra sales.

Other display hooks available

Pegboard metal hooks – a range of standard, heavy duty, loop and flipper scan hooks with metal-pronged back plates that make them compatible with pegboard retail systems.

Wire mesh display hooks – straight hooks and flipper scan hooks with a C-shaped back plate to enable them to fit conventional slat mesh wire shelving systems.

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