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Aluminium Framed Display Case Units

Shopfittings Direct has a fantastic range of quality retail glass display cases for sale which are great for showcasing your store’s premium merchandise. Our aluminium framed glass display cabinets come in different styles and sizes and can be placed anywhere on the shop floor to dazzle customers. Goods can be displayed safely and securely, allowing customers to browse but not touch unless supervised by a member of staff. These glass display cases for retail stores are available with an assortment of shelving and lighting accessories, enabling you to tailor your display feature to fit your store requirements.

Units are easy to assemble, use and maintain and are a great way of increasing store revenue and giving your retail business the edge over competitors.

Main features of aluminium framed display case units

These glass display cases are top of the range and come with a number of exciting features, including optional add-ons. Features of units include:

  • quality anodised aluminium frame for added sturdiness and support
  • toughened 7mm thick  tempered safety glass
  • full glass view with products fully viewable from all angles
  • sliding or swing doors fitted with secure lock system
  • adjustable glass shelves also made from toughened glass
  • supplied in easy to assemble DIY kit form
  • fitted with castor wheels for ease of movement and transportation
  • inbuilt corner frame levellers to stabilize and lock into place on uneven floors

Optional features for these glass display units include:

  • LED spotlights, striplights or downlights
  • halogen lighting fittings
  • base storage cabinet with sliding melamine doors

Types of aluminium framed display case units

We stock the following aluminium framed glass display showcase units:

  • 1500mm aluminium framed glass display cabinets – this safety glass display cabinet showcase is available either as a standalone case or with a fitted 500mm high storage cabinet. Fitted with lockable sliding doors and 4 adjustable shelves, this deluxe model is suitable for products such as collectibles and expensive perfumes. Unit size is 1500mm (width) x 1980mm (height, excluding safety cabinet) x 500mm (depth).
  • 1800mm aluminium framed glass display cabinets – extra-wide cabinet perfect for larger stores or those with greater quantities of valuables to display. Also fitted with lockable sliding doors and 4 adjustable shelves each with a distributed load capacity of 20kg. Great for products such as trophies or valuable jewellery. Unit size is 1800mm (width) x 1980mm (height) x 500mm (depth).
  • aluminium framed upright glass display showcases – this model is ideal for wall display and can be used to showcase store goods or even memorabilia in schools, offices or clubhouses. Fitted with lockable hinged doors and 4 adjustable shelves, with a model including a 500mm storage cabinet also available. Units sized at 1980mm (height) x 500mm (depth). Available in two different widths of 900mm and 1200mm.
  • aluminium framed upright glass display towers – these narrow tower units a great space-saving option and is suitable for positioning anywhere in the store. Comes with 3 adjustable glass shelves and lockable hinged doors. Model with 500mm storage cabinet also available. Great for environments such as model stores, gift stores and boutiques. Unit size is 1980mm (height) x 500mm (width) x 500mm (depth).

Advantages of aluminium framed display case units

Displaying merchandise in an aluminium framed unit will bring many advantages to your store. These include:

Security – if you are worried about products getting stolen or shop-soiled, these glass cases are the perfect solution. Because goods are kept behind a locked screen, customers can look but not touch. If somebody is interested in investigating a particular item, it can be done under the supervision of a  key-holding staff member. This facility can help save stores a lot of money on security systems such as alarms and guards.

Attractive displays – the elegant aluminium framed designs of these units can brighten up any retail store. You can arrange products such as jewellery, craftware, rarities or designer trinkets in an eye-catching fashion, making use of the striplight and spotlight options to draw attention towards displays. Because goods are kept under lock and key, you won’t have to worry about displays getting disturbed throughout the trading day.

Durable design – these units are made from top grade materials including toughened thick safety glass and anodized aluminium which is made to withstand general knocks and impacts. The weight distribution is heavier towards the bottom (especially with the storage cabinet models) and the cabinets are fitted with wheels, so they are resistant to being disturbed or toppled.

Ease of use – cabinets are easy to maintain, requiring just a simple wipe down with a warm damp cloth every week or so. The internal shelving area won’t gather anywhere near as much dust as regular exposed shelving, which will save a lot of time when it comes to cleaning the store.

Aluminium-framed cases for doll displays

Our aluminium-framed display units are perfect for a wide range of collectible displays, either for retail, exhibition or home use purposes. This includes doll displays, which are popular across the world. You can find doll displays not just in shops but also in museums of childhood, collector fares and on display in people’s homes.

An aluminium-framed unit makes an ideal doll display case. These types of displays often set the tone for an entire room, therefore maximum visibility is important as is considering space requirements – which can be tight, especially in people’s homes. An aluminium-frame doll cabinet display case can offer you the guarantee that everything positioned in the cabinet is fully visible and the multiple lighting options mean that your display will be the focal point in any environment.

If you’re looking for a doll display case in Australia, we can offer various different doll display cases for sale ranging from our 1800mm large sized glass display cabinets for extensive displays, to tall doll display cases such as the upright display tower units which can fit nicely into tight spaces, through to small doll display cases that sit on top of tables or cabinet units and showcase just a handful of dolls.

Another great feature of these units is that the adjustable shelving means that you can arrange your doll collections according to different sizes or styles, for example by having smaller figurines on tightly organised higher shelves and larger full-size dolls arranged on the lower shelves. The toughened glass fittings and secure locking facilities mean that, whether you’re a busy retailer, collector of antique valuables or just a hobbyist who wants to show off their personal collection to friends and family, you can rest assured that your display is well protected at all times.

Aluminium units for museum displays

With a wide assortment of priceless and fragile artefacts, museums are in constant need of safe, secure display systems that offer attractiveness and enhanced visibility. We can provide aluminium-framed museum display cases Australia-wide. Our glass museum display cases are suitable for large national museums, smaller local museums and specialist museums such as war museums, maritime museums or childhood museums.

Whether you need to showcase trophies, medals, cultural artefacts, ancient manuscripts or anything else, our museum display cases for sale offer all the features to provide perfect museum display cases including lockable doors, adjustable shelves, sturdy frames and toughened exteriors, a range of lighting options and 360-degree glass design so that items showcased can be seen from all angles.

For example, our larger 1800mm or 1500mm museum quality display cases can capture the imagination of visitors by housing entire themed displays that tell a full story. Smaller units such as the narrow upright towers, on the other hand, might be perfect for the lobby in a town hall or prep school to draw attention to historically important documents or artefacts, or perhaps trophies, medals or certificates that have been awarded for some significant achievement.

Although highly secure, our museum exhibit display cases are easy to use and operate so that any staff member with a key can access the inside contents in order to rearrange displays or clean the units. The cleaning process itself is very straightforward as the units can be well maintained with nothing more than a wipe down with a warm, damp cloth every few days.

The sturdiness of these glass units means that they can be positioned anywhere from against the wall to in the centre of the room where visitors can walk all the way around them. Their minimalist design makes them suitable for any museum environment, and you can easily have multiple different display unit types in one room without causing a clash of styles.

Where aluminium framed display case units can be used

These units are well-suited to stores of all types and size. Shops can purchase multiple units or showcase goods in a single display case. Examples of places that can benefit from a good glass display feature include:

  • Stores selling antiques and rarities – can safely display valuables including old toys, books, jewellery and ceramics without the fear of items getting damaged or stolen.
  • Electronics stores – can arrange the latest gadgets, laptops and mobile phones in a display using LED lighting options to bring the goods to life.
  • Jewellery stores – jewellers always need to think carefully about secure display options. Aluminium cases positioned throughout the store can complement glass counter displays nicely, showing off anything from designer watches to gold earrings.
  • Boutique clothing stores – exclusive accessories such as bags, gloves and scarves can be creatively displayed behind a secure locked glass display.
  • Gift stores – more expensive gifts such as tea sets and ornamental vases can be arranged in a nice tower display model which will look great in any store window.
  • Cake shops – show off your very best birthday cakes, wedding cakes and any fancy pastry range to whet appetites and entice hungry customers into the store.

Mirror-backed aluminium framed showcases – great for displaying a wide range of merchandise  

Our aluminium-framed showcases for sale are ideal for making a feature of your most prestigious merchandise. These upright mirror-backed showcases are one of the best wall display showcase models on the market and come with the following features:

  • full-length mirror back panel
  • clear glass hinged doors with secure locking system
  • 7mm thick tempered safety glass
  • sturdy coated aluminium frame
  • adjustable glass shelves
  • optional extras including LED lighting or spotlighting and wheels for ease of movement

Our aluminium display cabinets and showcases can be used to brighten up and diversity pretty much any retail environment and give stores the peace of mind that goods are displayed in a secure fashion. Products that look great in a wall showcase display cabinet include:

  • ornamental goods such as ceramic or glass figurines or display plates
  • trophies and medals, whether for sale or displaying a private collection
  • valuable dolls or collectible figures
  • antiques and rare goods
  • expensive jewellery
  • electronic goods that need to be displayed in a secure way

The advantages of mirror-backed wall glass display case showcases over other glass models are that they add an extra layer of visibility. The mirror back panels not only reflect the merchandise to give the effect that more items are on display that there actually are, they also reflect the light. This means that you can use the LED lights or spotlight accessories to great effect and really draw attention towards displays.

We sell aluminium framed showcases to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide-based retailers as well as many other towns and cities across Australia, so if you’re interested in finding out more then get in touch.


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