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Retail Point Of Sale Shop Counters

They look great, are easy to assemble and use, and are a fantastic way of boosting sales. Models range from glass counter showcases to small corner units, all coming in an array of styles. Whether you’re a small family grocer or a multinational brand name mega store, the point of sale counter is a worthwhile investment. Take a look at our affordably priced range today and find the model that best suits your space.

What are point of sale shop counters?

Point of sale counters are retail shop counters that can be used as extra sales space as well as serving the functional purpose of being the point where customers pay for goods. The idea of the point of sales counter is to draw customer attention towards products, e.g. new products, special offer merchandise or rare/valuable goods, while they wait to make their purchase. This is an optimal time to grab the attention of customers as they are stood in line and are often looking for a distraction.

Such counters have proved very successful in all kinds of retail environment and are a good way of increasing sales. Counters can be wooden units with space to accommodate small counter displays such as acrylic case displays, glass units with space to display valuable products behind a toughened glass case, or even a combination display. They can be placed anywhere in the store, whether that be right next to the entrance (the first thing customers see as they enter the store) or at the rear of the store (drawing customers deep into the store and exposing them to more products). Goods that can be displayed on point of sale counters range from expensive items such as jewellery, electronic goods and rare books to everyday items such as soft drinks, baked goods and hardware accessories.

Features of point of retail shop counters

We supply a wide range of counter models that are fitted with various different features including:

  • solid melamine wood construction made from 18mm thick panels
  • 30mm thick brushed silver bench tops
  • glass models fitted with toughened safety glass counter tops and fronts with adjustable glass interior shelves
  • ample behind- the-counter storage space
  • sliding doors fitted along an aluminium track and fitted with an easy push lock system
  • glass counter cabinet models fitted with clear anodized aluminium extrusion to join top and front glass
  • optional LED bar lighting for glass displays
  • optional fitting of steel legs
  • available in white and black design

Types of retail shop counters

We supply point of sale counters to suit all retail needs. Types of counter include:

  • Wooden point of sale counters – these models come with a lengthened brushed silver counter top that can accommodate counter displays such as acrylic display cases, perspex holders and display spinners. Suitable for stores with small and inexpensive merchandise that can be openly displayed on counter tops, such as pharmacies and newsagents. Counters are available in different sizes, all with plenty of behind counter storage, and there is a specialized model with a cut out to accommodate a cash register.
  • Glass display showcases – offering extra display space protected by a toughened glass window and counter top, these point of sale glass counters can be used to showcase valuable or attractive stock which will draw attention of customers. Counters are fitted with a wooden frame and lockable cabinet doors. Available in different sizes and styles, including a glass top convenience store model for the display of chocolates and confectionery.
  • Combination displays – these models are split wood and glass design, with one half used as glass-protected display space with adjustable glass shelves and the other wooden half housing the cash register and with behind counter storage space. Available in four different sizes.
  • Corner units – smaller units that are shaped to neatly and discretely fit into the corner of the store without taking up too much space. Great for smaller and tightly packed stores, and can also be used in larger stores to fit onto the end of larger POS counter displays. These units are available in three designs – a wooden point of sale unit with a brushed silver top, an open-ended model with glass top and shelves, and an open-ended unit with wooden top and shelves.
  • Compact counters – compact 600mm x 900mm rectangular units with a small wooden counter top, lockable drawer and behind-the-counter storage.

Where point of sale shop counters can be used

The range of shop counters for sale mean that there is something for every kind of retail space. Here is a selection of store types that can make good use of point of sale retail shop counters:

  • Chemists – the large solid wood POS models are well suited to chemists, who can make use of the behind counter storage space for prescriptions and use counter display space for accessories and brochure holders to display health information.
  • Confectionery stores and newsagents – the convenience store shop display counter has display sections that are tailored for chocolates, sweets and other confectionery goods.
  • Gift stores – can showcase attractive small gifts such as stationery sets or porcelain statues in a combination display cabinet to whet the appetite of shoppers as they queue for purchases.
  • Jewellery stores – the lockable glass display counters are ideally suited for jewellers who can display earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other valuable goods in a prime browsing spot.
  • Bakery stores and cafes – the glass shelves on the glass display counters are great for artisan cakes, muffins, pastries, salads and baguettes.
  • Clothing boutiques – busier stores can have multiple large wooden counters with till cut-outs next to each other. Smaller, more high end designer boutiques could utilize corner units with shelving for folded garments or accessories.
  • Electronics stores – the  most valuable or exclusive merchandise can be strategically placed in glass counter display units fitted with LED lighting to add extra focus.
  • Hardware stores – the solid wooden counter top units are well suited to hardware stores that can bring into play a variety of counter-top displays to sell accessories such as plugs, batteries and packets of screws.

Benefits of point of sale shop counters

They look good in the store – whether you opt for a fetching LED-lit glass counter, a brushed melamine cabinet or a corner unit, point of sale counters are a great focal point in the store and give you an attractive as well as functional way of displaying prime merchandise.

They are practical – not only do these counter units serve a dual purpose by performing as a display area as well as a place to carry out retail transactions, they also provide extra convenient storage space. The drawers, cabinets and shelves behind the counter can be used for storage of extra stock, accessories, materials such as pricing guns, and even valuables if the drawers and cabinets come with a locking function.

They are easy to assemble – all cabinets are supplied in flat pack and kit form with easy to follow step by step instructions. You can have units up and in place within minutes of receiving the delivery.

They are safe and durable – all materials used for all counter designs are highly durable, including MDF panels, toughened safety glass and anodized aluminium. If looked after properly, these counter showcases can last for many years. Glass displays, cabinets and drawers are fitted with easy to operate locks to allow for safe storage and display of products and equipment.

They are a great use of space – these multi-purpose display and storage units are designed with space optimization in mind and models are available in L and U shaped designs to cater for individual shop layouts.

Point of sale shop counter prices

Our shop counter sale prices are among the best in the industry. All products for delivery come with very reasonable shipping costs so even businesses on a limited budget can benefit. Pricing scales for products are:

Full size wooden POS counters – ranging from $358.00 to $583.50

Glass display showcases – ranging from $310.00 to $759.00

Combination displays – ranging from $399.95 to $559.00

Corner units – ranging from $169.50 to $249.50

Compact counters – $213.50

For full details of prices, or any questions you may have about these counter displays or any other shop fitting products, contact Shopfittings Direct on 02 9608 5122 or email our team at We supply retail and wholesale businesses nationwide with all modern shop fittings, shelving and accessories. Our economical shipping options mean that we can send anything from metal clothing racks to glass shop counters to Australia-wide retailers. You can visit our showroom in Sydney or browse all products and place orders on our website.

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