Gondola Steel Shop Shelving Modular Systems

With an extensive range of metal pegboard shelving, Slatwall panel & mesh back gondola units Shopfittings Direct Pty Ltd can swiftly supply best suited display shelving for retail stores. Specifically designed for pharmacy warehouses & chemist outlets, supermarkets, pet supplies, hardware stores, toys stores, pool shops, tool shops, discount $2 dollar shops variety and convenience stores.

Gondola modular shelving systems are one of the most convenient and adaptable shelving systems currently on the market. They come in a range of styles including slatwall, pegboard and mesh back units that can provide shelving solutions from pharmacy systems to pet store shelving. The units are a cost-effective and space-saving solution that requires a minimum of fuss to install and maintain. We supply a wide range of metal gondola shelving that offers adaptability, reliability and durability to shop spaces regardless of industry. So whether you’re a small independent trader in a rural location, a new start-up or part of an established chain, we will be able to meet your store shelving needs.

What are gondola modular shelving systems?

Gondola modular shelving is a popular modern design that allows stores of all types to maximise the use of their retail space. This retail shelving is mobile and free-standing so it can be positioned anywhere in the store – up against store walls, free-standing on shop floor space to create browsable aisles, or even to create a display feature in store windows – and has the advantage over other types of fixed shelving as units are designed so that they can be fitted with a range of flexible accessories. This gives stores display options including hangsell or container displays.

This modular shelving is made from durable steel which gives it the advantage of being more resistant to damage, better in terms of heavy load-bearing capacity and able to withstand temperature changes without the shape being compromised.

The shelving systems come in a wide array of styles and sizes to suit different retail environments and design preferences. Available in white and black colours, they can fit in neatly with existing store aesthetic schemes.

Features of gondola modular shelving systems

These shelving units come in various designs but common features include:

  • design with commercial grade steel materials
  • single-sided or double-sided panel displays in either slatwall, pegboard or mesh wire design
  • base shelf fittings of varying widths
  • fully compatible with a range of metal, acrylic and wire accessories

Gondola modular shelving system types

These shelving units can be broadly broken down into three design types. These are:

Slatwall gondola shelving

These units come in the slatwall panel design, which means that the display walls consist of horizontal panels separated by equally spaced grooves into which shelving brackets and a range of shelving accessories can be easily fitted. Slatwall shelving is great for neat displays and higher load-bearing capacity. The shelving comes in either black or white metal design and is available as either:

  • single-sided shelving that can be used in wall displays
  • double-sided shelving that can be used to form shop aisles
  • narrow aisle units with smaller bases, perfect for shops with minimal space
  • corner bay units to fit neatly in store corners
  • end panels that fit at 90 degrees on the end of standard units

Pegboard gondola shelving

Metal pegboard shelving is similar in broad design to slatwall but, instead of horizontal slat panels, it has a wall filled with multiple tiny holes which can hold all the standard accessories. The advantage of pegboard is its flexibility. Holes are typically spaced around 25mm apart so these units are ideal for hangsell displays that can be rearranged quickly, for example in stationery or clothing accessory stores. The shelving is available in both black and white design of varying sizes, and can be:

  • flat or volcano metal pegboard systems
  • single-sided or double-sided shelving
  • fitted with narrow aisle, standard or deep base units
  • standard, corner bay or end panel design

Mesh back gondola shelving

Mesh back gondola units are a more lightweight and cheaper shelving option than slatwall and pegboard. The display wall is designed using a wire grid onto which accessories can clip into place. Mesh wire units offer similar versatility to slatwall and pegboard but are more suitable for lighter loads and mobile use. As such, they are popular with market stalls and pop-up stands. Shelving is available in white and comes as:

  • single-sided or double-sided shelving
  • narrow aisle, standard or deep base design
  • end bay accessory panels which can attach to standard units

Accessories that can be used with gondola modular shelving systems

There is a wealth of accessories that can be used in conjunction with gondola modular systems. If you want to stick with traditional horizontal shelving, we can supply an assortment of metal, glass or melamine wood shelves that come in various sizes and are compatible with these systems.

In addition to this, you can use the following types of accessories with these systems:

  • Metal accessories – these include shelving brackets and hang display accessories such as hooks and rails that clip onto the grid mesh systems using C-shaped back plates and offer a diverse array of display options for all types of retailer.
  • Wire accessories – shelving and baskets that clip on using C-shaped back plates to display stacked, stood or loosely displayed items.
  • Acrylic accessories – including an assortment of shelving, stands, containers and holders that can be adapted and used with mesh panel displays.
  • Joining accessories – accessories such as clips and brackets that play a technical role, holding accessories in place or attaching panels to one another.

Where can gondola modular shelving systems be used?

Metal gondola systems can be used in practically any retail environment. Examples of how these units can be put to great use include:

  • Pharmacies – gondola units can be used to sell medicines or hygiene products on traditional shelves, while accessories such as plasters and bandages can be showcased on metal hooks in a hangsell display
  • Supermarkets – the double-sided units are ideal for maximising space in busy supermarkets and creating numerous aisles for browsing
  • Pet stores – pet shop shelving needs to be versatile to account for the diverse range of equipment sold. Gondola shelving can be used as perfect retail pet store fixtures, displaying goods such as dog leads by hangsell, feeding bowls on standard shelving and loose toys in dump bins
  • Hardware stores – slatwall and pegboard models can be used to display both large, heavy tools or gardening equipment, and smaller packets of screws and nails bu hangsell or in acrylic containers
  • Toy stores – looser toys can go in dump bins while more expensive or exclusive items can be showcased using small acrylic stands
  • Shoe stores – slatwall models are perfect for accommodating specially designed individual shoe stands to create an effective display wall
  • Stationery stores – can make use of pegboard or slatwall for space-saving hangsell displays of packeted or packaged goods
  • Clothing stores – can stack garments in a hangsell formation using hooks, waterfalls or faceouts, while boutiques have the option of placing individual folded items on acrylic stands or glass shelves
  • Discount stores – can utilise hangsell, plastic containers and wire baskets to get as much merchandise onto the shop floor as possible
  • Warehouses – the durability of these steel systems make them perfectly adaptable for busy warehouse environments

Benefits of gondola modular shelving systems

Gondola units offer distinct advantages to stores, including:

  • Flexibility – this shelving is adaptable to so many different layout types due to its compatibility with different accessories, giving stores options such as stacked shelving, hangsell and container displays. Accessories clip in and out easily from units, meaning that displays can be rearranged in minutes
  • Mobility – the units are free-standing and designed in such a way as to be easy to move, assemble and take apart. If you like to rearrange your store floor plan from time to time, these are the ideal units for you
  • Easy to use – modular gondola units are not only easy to move, they are also simple to maintain. Just a quick wipe clean with a warm, damp cloth once or twice a week should do the trick.
  • Durability – the steel is tough, scratch resistant and will last for many years if looked after properly. All units have a good load-bearing capacity so can easily withstand heavier or multiple items
  • Value for money – steel units are an economical model on the market as the manufacturing process and materials are lower-cost than some other products. The designs also allow retailers to display a larger quantity of products per unit than many shelving systems, so using these units will ultimately help to increase profitability levels.

If you are looking to purchase shop fitting products including gondola units or accessories, or simply have a question that you’d like answered, get in touch with Shopfittings Direct by calling 02 9608 5122 or emailing sales@shopfittingsdirect.com.au. We can help advise you on improvements that can be made to your store as well as supply you with an extensive range of contemporary shop fittings from clothing store hangrails to pet store shelving display solutions. Our customer base extends all across Australia and we are happy to advise and provide supplies no matter where you are based in the country.

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