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Retail displays for all needs

Our wide assortment of retail displays are suitable for all kinds of products and all types of retail outlets. Whether you’re a high street megastore or a small backstreet independent trader, we can cater to your needs and help you make your stock more visible thus maximising your sales potential. Our cost-effective store fixtures range from acrylic retail display stands to sign holder systems. We can also provide you with expert advice on which kinds of shop fittings will best meet your needs. This will depend on shop space, product type and aesthetic design of the store display unit.

The importance of getting your store display right should not be underestimated. One of the key factors in bringing customers back to a retail store is satisfaction with the retail environment. This means having merchandise that is sensibly, conveniently, and attractively displayed and that your store layout is constructed in a way that encourages browsing. Products come in all shapes and sizes. Some may benefit from a decorative well-lit display on a tiered stand or in a display case while others may be better off loosely placed in a basket in the busiest part of the store. All of our product types have distinct advantages that provide very specific shelving solutions.

Types of retail display units on offer

We provide retail display stands to Australia stores as well as a host of shelving accessories and products that include but are not limited to the following.

Data pricing labels strips

These convenient strip accessories are one of the most widely used modern retail display products. They are thin plastic strips that attach to the front of conventional shelving either vertically flat on the shelving lip, at an angle for easier viewing, or in a hanging style that is useful for wire shelving. The strips display important information about the products displayed on the shelves, such as bar codes, product price or key product information such as size specifications or a short description. Data label strips are also available in a range of sizes to suit different shop shelving requirements.

Sign holder systems

Sign holders are accessory retail fixtures that allow retailers to display more in-depth or general information. This can be related to specific products, for example, a large “special offer” sign, or more general store information such as “no eating” signs, store returns policy details, or promotional posters advertising specific events. These holders come in several styles and sizes, including acrylic counter sign holders, adhesive holders placed on top of shelving units, and metal sign holders that can be either free-standing or positioned on gondola display racks. The great thing about sign holder systems is that they can display key store information in a clear and well organised fashion, meaning that you don’t have to sellotape or tack signs to windows or walls.

Acrylic plastic display stands

These highly versatile and durable shop fittings can be used for an extensive array or shop merchandise. Acrylic is a shatter-proof transparent alternative to glass and is very suitable for retail purposes. Our acrylic display units include counter stands, stepped displays, tiered stands, lockable display cases of all sizes and angled individual stands that can be inserted into slat display units for products such as mobile phones, iPads and footwear. Acrylic is great for stores because it looks neat and, as it is transparent, it fits in with all shop décor.

Cable displays

Cable display systems are a minimalist and highly affordable way of displaying products or posters in store windows or against walls, taking up a minimum of space and easily assembled or taken down. The parallel stainless steel cables attached to both floor and ceiling and clips are then screwed into place to hold either glass shelves or acrylic poster sleeves. Perfect for outlets such as estate agents who can advertise properties using A4 perspex holders in their windows to be seen by browsers day and night, or arts and crafts boutiques who can erect a minimalist glass shelving display against store walls to showcase elite craft products.

Perspex brochure holders

These plastic stands are for the purpose of displaying leaflets, brochures, flyers or magazines anywhere in the store. Holders come as free-standing units that can be positioned on shop counters, wall-mounted units and even as modular spinning stands that can be a feature on the shop floor. You can place free promotional or informational literature in these holders or you can use them to display magazines and other publications for sale. Brochure holders come in all sizes to suit different product requirements.

Wire display baskets

If you sell smaller, awkwardly shaped, or loose products in your store, these wire units provide a fantastic solution. You can display products of all types from sports balls to packets of DIY accessories to small fluffy toys. Baskets are collapsible so easy to assemble, pack down and store. They are lightweight so easily transportable around the store and they can be placed in busy spots such as next to shop counters without taking up too much space. Available in various styles and sizes. Vertical wire stands and free-standing magazine display stands also available.

Using retail displays to maximise your store’s potential

Our extensive range of display equipment enables you to enhance your visual merchandising by making great use of all parts of your retail space. You can transform every square inch of your shop to give customers a complete retail experience. This can include:

  • turning your store counter into a thriving sales point – the counter space provides a great opportunity to advertise to shoppers while they wait in line to make a purchase. Make use of the space with acrylic display cases, perspex stands, brochure holder displays, or even discreet sign holder systems to encourage or inform customers as they queue.
  • creating effective window displays – cable displays or adhesive perspex sign holders can be used to display products or provide information to passers-by both during trading hours or at night after the store has closed.
  • grabbing attention at the store entry – you can use wire display baskets at the front of the store to draw attention towards smaller discounted or sales stock, or perhaps have a wire or perspex display stand filled with free catalogue brochures that customers can take as they enter or exit the store.
  • sprucing up your in-store shelving – don’t just expect the merchandise to sell itself. Use data strips and attached sign holders to make everything as visually appealing as possible.

Store types that can take advantage of our range of retail displays

These extensive display solutions can enhance product placement in all types of retail environment. Advantages that they offer include:

  • ease of use – none of our display fixtures are intrusive and they fit easily in with existing shelving systems and are easy to put into place, use and clean
  • affordability – we offer great prices on all display products including discounts on bulk purchases
  • durability – most of these products are made from either steel or acrylic, both of which are designed to withstand busy retail environments and last the distance

Stores that can have their shop supply requirements met by our comprehensive range of retail displays include:

  • pharmacies – brochure holders can come in very handy for displaying public health leaflets on the counter or elsewhere in the store, while the wire dump bins can be used for some of the smaller accessory items often found in pharmacy stores, such as hairbands or travel bags.
  • clothing stores – can use acrylic tiered or stepped display stands for designer accessories such as small bags and purses, while sign holders can come in very useful for store signs outside changing rooms displaying information such as “3 items or less”.
  • supermarkets – can make good use of data strips for product information and pricing as well as wire baskets for discounted items that can be placed close to the entrance or by the tills.
  • petrol stations – can display accessory items such as CDs in small acrylic counter displays and wire baskets throughout the store for sale or discounted stock.
  • electronics stores – acrylic accessories such as individual stands for mobile phones and laptops offer great display options, while lockable cases can be used for more exclusive or valuable goods.
  • newsagents – with such a vast array of products to display, the data strips and signage options give these stores the chance to arrange their displays in a way that makes sense to shoppers and helps to direct them around the store.
  • high end designer stores – can place exclusive products on glass shelving held securely in place by a wall cable display, or make a table feature using acrylic steps or risers.
  • real estate agents – the cable displays and perspex holders enable these traders to create window and wall displays advertising the best property available in the area.

Retail Display Stands: Ideal For Highlighting & Promoting Your Products

By displaying, promoting, elevating and adding signage to your products, your customers will become more aware of your product range and increase your impulse sales. Shopfittings Direct offers you the best in everyday shop supply requirements.

Shopfittings Direct offers its valued customers quality and value for money, with a great range of products to suit all retails needs.We want to make it easy to show off what your business has to offer, so we keep the price of our systems competitive so more business-owners can work with the very best. Sourcing your shopfittings direct from the importer and product developer ensures that you’re getting the best possible display and shelving solutions at the most affordable prices. Take a look at our range and discover how some carefully designed shop shelving and display units could transform your retail space, delivering a superior experience to your customers.

A solution for every store

In the Shopfittings Direct retail displays range, you’ll find high-quality pieces helping you make your store easier to navigate and more attractive to customers. From display spinners perfect for fliers to data pricing label helping you organise your space, we’ve got it all. With fast, low-cost Australia-wide delivery on all products, small business-owners everywhere can benefit from our cheaper prices and superior service.  You benefit from our wholesale and discounted rates on our entire range.

High quality – For your peace of mind, we’ll offer a manufacturer’s warranty for your order

Best price guarantee – We’ll offer you a discount if you find a better price elsewhere!

Browse through our huge online range or visit our showroom to view the best and latest shopfittings and shelving systems, or call (02) 9608 5122 today with any questions and our staff will be happy to help!

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