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If you own a retail store, you will no doubt understand the importance of maximising the use of your space with effective shop display systems. Finding the right shelving display solutions can be a tricky business, depending on factors such as available space and what sort of goods you are selling. Our extensive selection of shop fitting systems cater for all needs, whether you’re looking to maximise the quantity of stock on display or are going for something a bit more spaced out and creative.

You can choose from a range of shop wall display systems and free-standing gondola units which can be placed anywhere on the shop floor. Our models include slat panel units, slatmesh stands and an assortment of versatile accessories that are suitable from anything to high-end fashion boutiques to bargain discount stores.

Choose from a high quality selection of slat panel displays

Durable, elegant, modern and highly flexible, slat panel displays are among the most popular shelving systems on the market. Our slat panel units include fixed wall display panels and mobile slat wall gondolas. One of the great benefits of slat wall displays is that they can be used with w wide variety of display accessories including glass, melamine and metal shelves, display hooks and prongs, clothing display arms and rails, and acrylic display accessories. All you need to do is slide your accessories into the aluminium-lined grooves between the individual panels, making slat panel display wall systems ultra easy to use.

These retail shop fittings come in different sizes, styles and colours to fit individual store requirements. Products include:

  • Fixed MDF slat panel display walls that attach securely to your store walls and can be used to display anything from clothing to ceramic gifts to books and magazines.
  • MDF gondola display stands suitable for positioning anywhere on the shop floor and available in different shapes. These units look great in clothing or sports stores.
  • Metal back slat panel gondola units available in both black and white. Perfect for pharmacy stores, newsagents or hardware stores.

Slat panel accessories

The versatile accessories available for slat wall is what makes it one of the most effective retail wall display systems on the market. Accessories are cheap, easy to use and can be used to great effect arranging products in hangsell, box container or traditional shelving fashion. All accessories slide in and out of the slat panel grooves, meaning that you can create and change displays in a matter of minutes. This is great for stores looking for flexible shopfitting systems that can accommodate rapidly changing lines of stock.

Shop fixtures and fittings compatible with slat display systems include:

  • Metal accessories such as display hooks and prongs, shelving brackets, ring brackets, picture hooks, hat brackets, ball brackets, faceouts, waterfalls and hangrails.
  • Acrylic accessories such as stands, angled shelving for books, magazines and newspapers, shoe stands, iPad and mobile phone stands, dump bin containers and greeting card holders. There are also acrylic sign holders and brochure holders to display information and marketing materials.
  • Wire accessories such as baskets and angled shelving.

Slatmesh display systems

Our slatmesh shelving systems are lightweight metal shopfitting systems that offer the same versatility as slat panel units but at a cheaper price. As they are lightweight and mobile, slatmesh store fixtures and displays are perfect for mobile pop-up stores, market stalls and exhibition stands. Similar to slat panel displays, they are available as wall-mounted grid displays or as free-standing gondola stands. Panels can also be joined together with clips to create larger display units or shaped display units such as T-displays, H-displays or triangular displays. For added mobility, slatmesh displays can also be fitted with wheels.

Slatmesh units are compatible with a similar range of accessories to those available for slat panel, including metal hooks, prongs and rails, acrylic stands and bins, and wire baskets. The versatility and ease of use are also similar to slat panel displays, the main difference being that the load-bearing capacity for slatmesh shelving is less. Units can withstand most light and medium-weight products including clothing, jewellery, electronic goods and kitchenware.

Wall stripping

Wall stripping is one of the shop fittings shelving systems that are ideal if you are looking for something that is cost-effective, takes up minimal space and will stay in place over a long period of time. These metal strips are fixed vertically onto wall surfaces directly and contain slots into which shelving and accessories can clip into place. Strips can be a single slot or double slot, meaning that many of them can evenly be spaced along a single wall to create a space for rows of shelving or metal rails.

Metal wall strips are compatible with accessories including shelving brackets for standard shelving, hangrails and faceouts. They are equally suitable for shops operating on a budget and stores looking for a straightforward, neat and permanent display solution. As well as looking great in stores such as clothing stores and hardware stores, wall stripping is also great for stock rooms and even home storage units.

Direct wall-mounted fixtures

We also supply a range of metal accessories that attach directly to the wall without the need for any additional retail shopfitting systems. Direct wall-mounted fixtures can be used on any wall surface that can take screws. They are the most affordable way to kit out your retail premises but you will need to be looking for something that will remain in place, as the only way to change these displays is to unscrew them and replace them with something else. This could be suitable for stores that have a continuous, unchanging supply of products such as book stores or grocery stores.

Direct wall-mounted accessories include:

  • Wall mounted shelf brackets that can be fitted with standard glass or melamine shelves.
  • Hangrails that are suitable for clothing and garment displays.
  • Faceout and waterfall brackets that can be used for front-facing clothing displays.

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