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Shop shelving is crucial to any retail outlet, no matter what product you sell or service you provide. From supermarket shelving to display shelving for brochures and pamphlets, ensuring that you have the right retail shelving installed can help maximise floor space and present your stock in the best possible way.

Whether you’re looking to kit out a multi-storey premises or a small corner stall in a busy market space, whether you want to get as much stock as physically possible out on display or are going for a more spaced-out boutique design, the same rules apply and you need to plan carefully with the customer in mind. Thankfully there is a diverse range of display shelving options available, tailored towards different products and an array of retail needs.

An extensive and diverse array of retail, supermarket and convenience store shelving solutions

From corner shelves to display shelving units, we’ve got the best quality store shelving for sale across Australia. Offering up to 60kg of weight per metal shelf level and max weight capacity per side of 150kg for a universally distributed load, our systems are the strong and secure choice. Market leading design and quality manufacturing combine in our innovative adjustable shelving systems, delivering superior durability for you and enhanced safety for your customers and employees.

Our retail shelving systems are versatile and there is something for all types of retailers. We have extensive experience of supplying stores all across Australia in multiple sectors, including:

  • convenience stores
  • supermarkets
  • pharmacy stores
  • grocery stores
  • clothing retailers
  • jewellery stores
  • high end fashion boutiques
  • electronics stores
  • hardware stores
  • discount and warehouse stores
  • sports equipment outlets
  • newsagents and stationers

Slatwall gondola shelving units that combine elegance and durability

We stock a range of free-standing slatwall gondola units, including both single-sided and double-sided units, wide base and narrow base, corner units and in black and white colouring. These metal steel units are fitted with slat panels that can accommodate a wide range of metal shelving accessories including conventional shelves, hooks, prongs, baskets, acrylic fittings, clothing accessories and more. These slat systems are easy to use – all you need to do is insert the shelves or accessories into the fitted grooves between the slat panels. These stay in place and can be easily adjusted or moved.

Slat wall systems have become increasingly popular because of their versatility, their neat look and their extra load-bearing capacity. The way that slat retail steel shelving systems are designed means that they are suitable for displaying heavier items e.g. musical instruments, or loads consisting of greater quantities. Stores that look great with slat systems include sports stores and stationery stores, who can take advantage of the greater load-bearing and multiple display accessory options, while the likes of boutique clothing stores can benefit from the eye-catching design qualities and arrange more spaced-out displays.

Pegboard gondola shelving for extra flexibility and creativity

Another great gondola shop display shelving option, pegboard units are of similar design to slatwall systems and come in the same varieties (single and double-sided, wide base and narrow base, etc.). The main difference is the panel design. Rather than horizontal slat panels, pegboard units consist of a single panel perforated with multiple rows of tiny holes into which can be fitted an assortment of shelving accessories. Because of the sheer number of holes on the panels, pegboard display systems present something of a blank slate and are thus ideal for creative convenience store shelving layout designers who can use accessories such as metal hooks and acrylic stands to build displays that have a true touch of originality.

Pegboard shelving can be used anywhere but is particularly well-suited to stores that want to get creative with hangsell displays, such as independent and alternative clothing and accessory stores, hardware stores and electronics outlets. As with slatwall, the shelving accessories slip easily in and out of the holes – no attachments or extra work required – so you can rearrange the shelving store and have a great new shelving display sorted out in minutes.

Mesh back gondola shelving that offers great mobility for market and pop-up stores

Mesh back gondola shelving is a perfect option for convenience stores operating on a budget, have limited space or want extra mobility. This shelving for shops, which consists of grid wire mesh panels that accessories can clip onto, offers similar flexibility to slatwall and pegboard units and also has a good load-bearing capacity with the ability to display light and medium-weight goods. The benefit of the grid mesh system is that it is slightly smaller and leaner than other gondola systems, more lightweight and easier to set up and pack down.

This makes mesh back gondola units extremely popular with the likes of market traders and pop up stalls who occupy their retail and display space more temporarily. It’s also great for stores such as alternative jewellery outlets and mobile phone accessory retailers who can make use of the multiple display options offered by the grid wall design to display an assortment of lightweight products in a hangsell formation. Mesh back shelving can accommodate similar accessories to slatwall and pegboard systems, including hooks, prongs and acrylic stands.

Glass shelving to bring your products to life

Our toughened glass display safety shelves are a great accessory for creating showpiece retail displays. The reflective qualities of the glass means that goods such as jewellery, ceramics, cosmetics and craft products can be given an extra boost when placed on a display stand with a spotlight shining on it. Glass shelves are available in a variety of different sizes from 400mm to 1200mm in width. They have polished edges and a clear finish to give them a beautiful touch that will compliment your merchandise. Glass shelves are compatible with all types of retail display. Simply attach a couple of brackets to your display and place the glass shelving on top of the brackets.

Stores that can make great use of glass shelving products include boutique designer clothing stores, arts and crafts stores, gift stores and jewellery stores. The shelving is easy to use, simple to maintain – requiring an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth – and highly durable due to the thickness and shatterproof design.

Melamine shelving for a stylish look in any environment

Our PVC-edged melamine shelving range is compatible with all stores and layouts and comes in a variety of different colours to suit your store shelving image. Melamine is a form of man-made wood given a polished finish and treated to give the appearance of a natural wood substance. It is more durable than natural woods while losing none of the visual appeal, and can be used in stacked shelving displays or more spaced-out artistic displays that place focus on individually showcased items.

Melamine shelves are available in three different sizes – 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm – and are ideal for stores such as toy stores, stationery stores and clothing stores. As with glass shelving, products can be used with all shop fittings panels in conjunction with shelving brackets. The shelving is more affordably priced than natural wood shelving too, as it’s cheaper to make.

Acrylic display store shelves that can be used to sell a wide range of goods

Acrylic is a versatile alternative to glass, more lightweight and durable and thus popular with busy retail stores that sell a diverse array of stock. Our acrylic range includes heavy duty shelves that can be used for stacked display of anything from books to food products, angled shelves which are great for displaying magazines and newspapers in a browser-friendly way, small flat shelves that can be used to showcase smaller items such as decorative figurines or electronic gadgets, and angled shoe shelves for displaying individual footwear items.

Acrylic shelving comes in different sizes and styles and is fully compatible with slatwall, pegboard and mesh back display systems. A perfect and affordable shelving solution for stores including mobile phone stores, newsagents, shoe stores, chemists and hobby stores.

Display tables to showcase top products

If you have plenty of floor space in your store and want to add a creative dimension to the store layout, why not invest in some classy tiered display tables? These products look great spread out across the store and can be used for merchandise including designer clothing, expensive perfumes, jewellery, arts and crafts, and even artisan baked goods. The display tables come in square, circular or rectangular shape and are available in different colours. Each display unit comes with three tiered platforms that allow store designers to add their own personal creative touch with displays.

Use to create elegant showcases or pile on the stock for an innovative and eye-catching sale or special offer display.

Shopfittings Direct has retail shelving solutions to suit all stores, no matter what your size or retail sector. We supply an extensive range of retail shop shelving systems and accessories to retail outlets all over Australia. You can contact us on 02 9608 5122 or email us at Alternatively, you can visit our showroom in Sydney and speak to one of our specialist staff.

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