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Flat Metal Pegboard Gondola Shelving System

Pegboard with shelves displays is one of the most popular current shelving systems for retail stores, suitable for medium weight loads and with an array of accessories that can be used to create different shop displays.

Flat metal pegboard gondola units are great for aisle or window displays, enabling retailers of various types to kit their stores out in a way that is both practical and visually appealing.

What is flat metal pegboard gondola shelving?

A gondola pegboard display unit is a free-standing shelving unit with a pegboard wall. This steel wall consists of multiple rows of tiny holes (around 6mm each) punched into it, through which shelving brackets or display accessories can be inserted. The pegboard material is an alternative to slat wall or mesh shelving and is popular due to its flexibility. The large number of holes on the pegboard wall gives retailers more scope to create innovative displays, showcase more stock and arrange products in a variety of different ways. It is ideal for stores that want to display goods by hangsell.

Where can pegboard shelving be used?

Due to its flexibility, pegboard is the chosen material for a range of store types that sell diverse products that can’t all necessarily be displayed the same way. Accessories that can be used on the gondola units include prongs, hooks, display bins and wire baskets. The flat steel gondola systems are particularly well suited to stores where the ratio of upper shelves is greater than the hangsell display hook merchandising.

Examples of stores that can make use of flat pegboard gondola systems include those that have a mixture of items that are best stacked on traditional metal display shelves and packaged goods that can be displayed in hangsell. These include:

  • Chemists – these stores stock items such as cosmetics and toiletries that can be displayed in a variety of ways.
  • Grocery stores – can make use of steel shelving to sell many food items as well as hangsell displays for products such as packaged confectionery.
  • Electrical wholesalers & IT computers stores – heavier goods can be arranged on conventional shelves with packaged goods displayed by hangsell and smaller individual items placed in accessories such as wire baskets.

What are the benefits of the flat metal pegboard shelving system?

Practicality – units are easy to assemble utilizing an interlocking system, take apart and move around the store so are great if you are constantly updating your display.

Durability – the flat metal units are sturdy, can handle fairly heavy load capacities and will last for many years if properly maintained.

Flexibility – with so many display options, pegboard units are perfect for shops that sell goods that come in a range of sizes and styles and can’t be displayed in a one-size-fits-all way.

Types of flat metal pegboard gondola units

Single-sided units – available as 450mm deep base, 550mm deep base, 300mm narrow aisle or low base narrow aisle in a range of different heights and colours.

Double-sided gondola units – suitable for aisle displays in the middle of the shop. Available in the same models as single-sided units.

End bay feature units – units that fit on the end of an aisle that are great for special offer or sale stock displays.

Corner bay units – shelving that bends round into a 90-degree angle for display in the corner of a store, allowing retailers to make use of dead space.

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