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Metal Steel Gondola Shelving

Metal gondola shelves are one of the most popular accessories for gondola shelving units and a great way of displaying your products in a stylish, organised fashion. The shelves come in an array of styles and sizes and are easy to attach and move so that you can create on-the-spot and effective shop displays. They are compatible with a range of different shelving models and designs, at affordable prices.

What is metal steel gondola shelving?

Metal steel gondola shelving is specially designed for gondola retail units and can be used with pegboard, grid mesh and slatwall shelving. These steel shelves have built-in shelving metal strengthening bars on the underside for added strength and durability and each shelf comes with a pair of multi-angle shelf brackets so that display shelving can be arranged flat or angled at 30 degrees downwards for special displays. The brackets simply clip into the uprights (posts) located on the sides of each shelving bay, so there is no need for any drilling or screwing. Angled shelves can be fitted with front fences to keep stock in place.

What can they be used for?

This metal shelving can be used to enhance any display in a variety of retail types. Shelving can be arranged in a series of rows from the top to the bottom of a display unit, on the upper area of a unit only with an alternative type of display (e.g. hangsell) underneath it, or angled with front fences to more effectively display flatter items.

Shelves have a good load capacity so are good for displaying stacks of items such as books or supermarket foodstuffs. They can also be used in more creative displays where items are more spread out, such as in gift stores or collectors’ stores. The angled shelves are great for displaying newspapers and magazines in a browser-friendly way for customers.

Gondola shelving safety

In general, upper shelf levels can handle 60KG max of weight distributed evenly on each shelf. Heavier items such as 1.25 litre soda bottles or slabs of cans should be loaded towards the bottom of the units followed by less heavy items towards the middle height and lighter items halfway up to the top of the gondola retail units. Gondolas should NEVER be loaded top-heavy as the units may become unstable and collapse.

A maximum weight of 150KG per side including base shelf loading should not be exceeded on volcano, Slatwall retail gondola systems and a Maximum weight of 120KG for Mesh, Flat pegboard systems, as these utilizing a slightly weaker upright design with heights over 1.8 metres.

Where can they be used?

Shelving can be used in all types of retail outlet. A few stores that can benefit from these products are:

  • Supermarkets – can use gondola units to create aisles of products neatly stacked on metal shelves.
  • Chemists – can neatly arrange goods such as cold medications, dietary products and travel items.
  • Petrol station stores – another type of store that can benefit from aisles of gondola units.
  • Newsagents – angled shelves come in handy for displaying newspapers and magazines.
  • Discount stores – can use a mixture of traditional shelving and angled wire baskets for cheaper loose products.
  • Gift shops – can create attractive and well organised displays with inbuilt data strip shelves.

Types of metal steel gondola shelves

Metal flat front gondola – available in white or black. 32mm high and available in different widths and depths.

Metal corner bay gondola – specially shaped to fit corner bay units. 32mm high, 790mm wide and available in depths of between 300-450mm.

Metal gondola wire baskets – angled baskets available in black or white for displaying individual odd-shaped products that don’t sit easily on conventional shelving. Available in different sizes and with metal dividers.

Metal steel gondola shelving accessories

Front fences and dividers – for use with angled shelves to prevent stock from sliding to the floor. Fences act as a barrier while dividers separate stock. Available in different widths. 

Multi-angle brackets – each shelf comes with a pair of brackets that can be used for flat or angled displays.

Data strips – can be used with inbuilt strip shelves to display information such as product price. Available as flat, angled or hanging strips.

Hammertone gondola shelving

Hammertone shelving is a particular type of gondola shelving that has been given a hammertone finish using power-coating paint. These units have a heavy duty structure due to internal framework which consists of 3mm thick steel base foot male lug fixtures, which interlock into 1.8mm thick 70x30mm uprights.

The robust hammertone powder coating surface gives these shelving systems a neat lacquered finish that is similar to hammered metal in appearance. Perfect for stores such as garages, automotive stores and hardware stores. The hammertone paint used consists of mica particles which add durability and reflectiveness as well as being hydrophilic and insulating.

These shelving units come in single sided hammertone gondola and double sided hammertone gondola that are available in different styles and sizes as well as coming in both standard and narrow base models. They are available in slatwall, volcano metal pegboard and flat pegboard shelving design. The slatwall models have the advantage of having a heavier load-bearing capacity and being sturdier overall, but they are also slightly more expensive than the pegboard models.

Hammertone units can be used in all types of retail stores and are particularly well-suited to:

  • automotive stores
  • electronics retailers
  • computer stores
  • petrol and service stations
  • hardware stores
  • discount stores

In addition to being highly durable, hammertone units are visually appealing, practical, easy to use and highly flexible. They can be used with several contemporary shelving accessories, such as:

  • metal hooks and prongs for hangsell displays
  • metal steel shelving
  • wire baskets for loose objects
  • slanted wire shelving for newspapers, books and magazines

In addition to this, slatwall models are compatible with acrylic shelves bins and stands that can be used for a wide array of products, and clothing rails, faceouts and waterfalls to display a range of garments.

Metal steel gondola shelves vs other types of retail shelving

There are several different types of shelving, each more suited to different purposes. For gondola retail display shelving, it is often a choice between metal steel shelves, glass shelves and melamine wood shelves. Here are some comparisons between the different shelving types:

  • Steel is arguably the most commonly used material for shelving. Metal steel shelves can be used in a variety of different environments, including warehouses and stock rooms. This makes metal shelving a better option if you are looking for something more flexible and practical. Choose glass or melamine shelving if you want something different and more visually attractive.
  • Steel shelves are suitable for any environment and can withstand a lot of knocks without damaging. Steel can also withstand both high and low temperatures without any damages or changes to shape. Melamine and glass shelving, while being tough, aren’t quite as durable as metal shelving. Choose steel if this is a big concern.
  • Metal shelving is less treated, therefore it requires less labour and is more economical. This makes steel shelving more viable for your gondola shelving system if you’re on a tight budget or trying to save money. Other types of shelving might be more suitable if you’re looking to splash out.
  • Metal steel shelving is better suited to stores that want to maximise the load-bearing capacity of the shelves and stack large quantities of goods for display, such as supermarkets, chemists, discount stores and hardware stores. Glass and melamine are better for more minimalist and decorative displays in outlets such as boutiques, expensive brand stores and craft shops.

Products suited to metal steel gondola shelves

Steel gondola shelves are best suited for products that can be displayed stacked close up against each other or placed in close proximity to each other in either a front-facing or side-facing fashion. This is in contrast to shelving such as glass shelving, which is better for spreading fewer items out across its space. Metal steel gondola shelving is best used for the sale of products such as:

  • Canned or bottled food or drink products, which can be lined up several rows deep and then easily re-stocked when supplies get low.
  • Heavier products such as tins of paint or large plastic bottles of cleaning fluids which can be loaded up carefully on lower shelves.
  • Boxed children’s toys or games which can be stacked neatly, with slimmer products placed side-facing and items with eye-catching picture covers placed front-facing
  • Boxes of small individually sold stationery items, such as pens, pencils, rubbers, correction fluid, etc. can be lined up in a well-organised and varied front-facing display.
  • Cheap, loose items such as packets of napkins or small hand towels can be placed in wire baskets.
  • Gift sets such as toiletry sets, boxed chocolates or tea collections can be placed on front-facing display or even on small display stands if you want to give them some extra space and make them stand out.

Looking after metal steel gondola shelves

The popularity of gondola shelving in Australia is down in part to how long it lasts in good condition, but this depends on the shelving units and individual shelves being properly looked after. Both the white and black steel shelves create a neat industrial look that can brighten up your retail store. Steel doesn’t deteriorate with age but there are a few care tips to bear in mind if you want to keep it looking its best:

  • Avoid cleaning with abrasive cleaning products and objects to prevent damaging the surfaces. This includes products such as steel wool or scouring pads as they can scratch and damage the metal surfaces.
  • If any liquids are spilled onto the shelves, wipe them up immediately with a clean dry cloth and then wipe the area over with a wet cloth
  • Clean the shelves regularly (about once a week or so) using a soft cloth and warm water mixed with a mild detergent or glass cleaner. Finish by drying gently with a soft cloth.
  • Don’t display products with sharp edges that could damage the shelving surfaces directly onto the shelves.
  • Avoid using bleach or any cleaning agent that contains sulphuric or hydrochloric acid when cleaning the shelves.
  • To remove stubborn stains, use a reliable metal polish such as Brasso.

Following these simple guidelines will mean that your metal steel gondola products will preserve and remain in great condition for many years, saving you the hassle of having to replace them before you’ve got your money’s worth.

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