Slatwall Accessories and Fittings

Slatwall Accessories – Metal and acrylic slatwall display fittings. Metal range includes shelf brackets, hooks, garment hangrails, waterfalls, faceouts, hat and ball holders just to name a few. Acrylic range has shelves, display bins, acrylic trays and signs.

Maximise Your Shelving’s Utility With Our Slatwall Accessories and Fittings

The strength of slatwall storage and shelving systems is their versatility, but to get the most from your units, you need the right accessories. At Shopfittings Direct, we offer a broad collection of accessories designed to meet the needs of businesses across a range of industries selling every kind of good and service. Designed to be fully compatible with our slatwall shelving units, our accessories help you display everything from brochures and promotional materials to hats, glasses, hardware, electronics and more.

Delivered at the same affordable price and with the same fast, fully-insured low cost shipping as the rest of our range, our accessories help shop-owners selling every kind of product make their store more functional and attractive. Shopfittings Direct makes high-quality shelving systems accessible for every business on every budget, so take a look at our collection today and discover why so many stores rely on our systems.

A diverse range of products suiting every need

Our slatwall accessories range has something to meet every requirement. Put your promotional material including flyers, brochures and even business and greeting cards within easy reach with our range of document holders, or make storing loose items such as nuts, dried fruits, lollies and more simple and hygienic with our acrylic bins.

Whether you sell mobile phones, running shoes or cars, you’ll find something in our range to support you. Made from durable, easy to clean chrome plated and transparent acrylic, our collection of slatwall accessories is the easy choice for businesses across the country in any industry.

Types of slatwall accessories

Our fine range of slatwall accessories include both metal and acrylic slatwall accessories that suit multi purposes and enable retail stores to display a wide assortment of products and merchandise in a way of their choosing. All retail slatwall accessories slide easily in and out of the aluminium slat grooves with a minimum of fuss. Products include:

Metal slatwall accessories

Metal brackets – these steel brackets can be used to support conventional shelving such as melamine and glass shelving. The slatwall fittings can be placed anywhere on the display units, meaning that they are suitable for shelving of all sizes and don’t require any screw or nail fixings. Brackets come in sizes ranging from 150mm to 450mm length and there is also a hooked bracket available.

Mesh wire shelves – shelves are available in flat design or angled at a 30 degree slope with a lip at the bottom, fitted with heavy duty brackets. Great for the displaying of magazines, books, newspapers or pamphlets, with the angled models allowing for extra visibility of merchandise.

Mesh wire baskets – these slatwall display accessories come in two different sizes and area available in either a polished chrome or powdered black coat finish. Ideal for the loose display of smaller, packeted or awkwardly-shaped goods that might not sit well on conventional shelving.

Hooks and prongs – lightweight and easy to use accessories, slatwall hooks and prongs clip into slatwall units and can be used to showcase a large range of hangsell products from clothing accessories to packeted foodstuffs. Available in lengths ranging from 50mm to 300mm.

Picture hooks – specialised short hooks that can be used for products such as pictures, clocks, mirrors and frames. Hooks are 25mm x 80mm so take up minimal space on the display units.

Faceouts – these accessories operate as larger, stronger prongs and allow for the front-facing hangsell of clothing and accessories. Like hooks and prongs, they sit at straight 90 degree angles and come in varying sizes with either a pointed or a balled end to prevent item slippage.

Waterfalls – also for front-facing clothing displays but angled rather than straight, with separating pins for neat, evenly spaced displays. Available in 4, 6 and 9 pin models.

Ring hat brackets – extended prongs with a vertical ringed stem which can be used for a variety of rimmed hats such as fedoras or baseball caps.

Hangrails – for side-on displaying of clothing garments such as jackets, tops or trousers. Hangrails come in either one-piece models or in a combination pack consisting of tubes and brackets. Various sizes available.

Acrylic accessories

Acrylic shelves – for displaying smaller or lighter items such as ornamental goods, folded clothing or artwork. Available in various sizes and styles including angled and lipped shelves.

Acrylic stands – tailored, angled stands that come in different styles to showcase goods such as mobile phones, iPads and footwear.

Acrylic bins – versatile acrylic slatwall solutions for the loose display of anything from confectionery to fluffy toys to hardware products. Available in 2-bin, 3-bin and 8-bin models.

Greeting card racks – perfect for newsagents, these stepped displays come in 3-tier and 4-tier models and can be used for goods such as cards, CDs and DVDs.

Sign holders – flat Perspex holders for A4 information signs, promotional material or pricing lists.

Where slatwall accessories can be used

Slatwall display fixtures can be used in almost any retail environment. Many modern retailers have been won over by the benefits of slatwall fixed wall displays and free-standing gondola units. Here are some examples of where they can be put to use:

  • Clothing stores – general clothing stores can take advantage of the multiple different accessories and fittings such as prongs, faceouts, waterfalls, hangrails and hat brackets. Boutiques that want to go for a more minimalist look, meanwhile, can use glass or acrylic shelving for neat folded clothing displays.
  • Newsagents – these stores display a wide array of merchandise of all shapes and sizes, so slatwall displays give them the chance to showcase diverse goods from newspapers placed on angled acrylic or wire mesh shelves to hooks and prongs which can display all sorts of smaller goods by hangsell.
  • Electronic stores – acrylic shelves and stands are tailor made for this environment, with iPad and mobile phone stands giving the potential for smart and well-organised wall displays, plus metal hooks can be used to organise accessories.
  • Arts and crafts stores – can use smaller glass or acrylic shelving to display glassware, ceramics or ornamental giftware, while framed artwork can be showcased with the aid of metal picture hooks.
  • Hardware stores – the versatility offered by slatwall units and accessories is ideal for hardware stores who can use brackets for steel shelving to display heavier goods such as tins of paint, while placing smaller or awkwardly-shaped products on either hangsell hooks or in wire or acrylic bins and baskets.
  • Chemists – can vary things up using a mixture of conventional shelving and hangsell hooks, while also displaying important health and wellbeing information using acrylic sign holders.
  • Confectionery stores – the various-sized dump bins are great for loose sweets while hooks and prongs can be put to good use to arrange packeted sweets.
  • Discount stores – one of the big advantages of slatwall and accompanying accessories is that you can use everything to maximise the amount of stock displayed. This is hugely beneficial to discount stores who have a mix of merchandise that can be placed on a variety of accessories on fixed and gondola slatwall units throughout the store.

Benefits of slatwall accessories

Advantages of slatwall accessories in Australia stores include:

  • Maximised sales potential – the combination of ability to place more stock on display using hangsell techniques with the likes of hooks and prongs, together with the affordability of accessories which are cheap to buy and easy to use, means that stores can display and sell more merchandise for little outlay.
  • Versatility – the multiple display options incorporate traditional stacked shelving, angled individual display stands, a variety of hangsell options and containers that can house loose stock. The flexibility and changeability of these displays are what makes them so suitable for all kinds of stores.
  • Great organisation – accessories enable you to group and organise stock easily, which is beneficial for both staff and customers. Products arranged using the likes of hangsell hooks and acrylic dump bins are also easier to keep tidy than traditional shelving.

The right choice for every shop owner

Give your customers the best and boost your sales with the help of the quality retail displays and shelving from Shopfittings Direct. Order online today, or get in touch with our staff on (02) 9608-5122 or via email at and get the answers to your questions.

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