Reasons for Choosing Gondola Shelving for Your Store

Whether you’re opening up a new retail outlet or planning on overhauling the layout of an existing premises, you need to give thought towards choosing a shelving system that makes the most of your floor space while also looking good to customers. The gondola shelving system is perfect in this respect. Suitable for all types of stores, these shop fixtures offer maximum flexibility and can display a wide range of merchandise.

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Types of gondola shelving available

Gondola shelving is a form of free-standing shelving store unit that can be placed anywhere on the shop floor. Available as single-sided units that can be positioned up against wall spaces, double-sided units that can stand back-to-back to create shop aisles, or specialist units such as end bays or corner bays, there are various different gondola shelving dimensions and styles to choose from.

The three main types of gondola shelving types are:

  • Slatwall gondola shelving units – consisting of horizontal slat panels lined with aluminium fittings into which can slide a range of accessories. These units look attractive and have a strong load-bearing capacity.
  • Pegboard gondola units – panels consist of rows and rows of perforated holes into which you can place metal hooks, prongs and a variety of other fittings. These are great for maximum flexibility and getting out large quantities of stock in eye-catching hangsell displays.
  • Grid mesh gondola units – wire mesh panels onto which you can clip a range of accessories. These are ideal for mobile or pop-up displays as they are lightweight, extremely mobile and affordably priced.


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Flexible and easily changeable display options

One of the great things about gondola shelving solutions is how versatile they are. Whether you’re using slatwall, pegboard or grid mesh systems, they can be used with a variety of accessories that slip easily in and out of the systems, allowing you to change displays in no time at all and with minimum fuss. This is great for stores such as discount shops, pharmacies or newsagents which may have changing product lines throught the year. One minute you may be showcasing boxed products on traditional metal shelving, the next you can switch to displaying packeted goods by hangsell by exchanging the shelves for a series of metal prongs and hooks. The almost endless layout options on offer means that store owners have something of a blank canvas with which to operate, allowing them to be as creative as they wish.

Secure and sturdy units

These units are well made and are designed to withstand medium-weight loads without problems. Made from strengthened steel, this retail shop shelving is scratch and scuff resistant so it is a good long-term investment as it can last for years if well looked after. Units are fitted with heavy construction T-shaped uprights located in the middle of the bay, which keep the shelf structure standing firmly in place. Fixtures are also easily wipe-clean so they can be kept free of germs if treated with a damp cloth at the end of each trading day. Unlike with many wooden shop fittings, you won’t need to worry about weather damage such as cracks, discolouring or units becoming misshapen.

Maximise revenue by getting more merch on display

The flexibility of these units means that you can arrange displays in a way that maximises shelf space. Hangsell displays or dump bin options means that you can tidily and conveniently display large quantities of the same product, meaning that you don’t have to hold so much back in your stock room. Gondola shelving sizes vary but even the smaller units give plenty of scope to fill with a wide variety of products. Stores such a supermarkets, pharmacies or stationery stores which have big amounts of cheaper products can take advantage of hangsell display options, while still having the option of traditional shelving for boxed or packaged goods. Slatwall units, which are more suited to slightly more spaced out displays, can still utilise hooks and rails to display big quantities in a neat fashion.

Suitable for all store types

Whether you’re a small store with only a few square metres to work with or a large open plan department store, gondola units can meet your needs. The modular design means that you can easily add to or reduce the number of upper shelf levels to suit requirements. Stores such as boutiques looking to create a minimalist vibe can use single-sided slatwall models with individual items placed on single acrylic stands, while grocery stores or discount stores can use double-sided aisle units consisting of both traditional shelving and hangsell. If you are really pushed for space, grid mesh designs are great as they are smaller and take up less space while still offering the opportunity to fill the store with lighter or mid-weight products. As the gondola shelving price range is highly affordable when compared to some other shelving types, this is a great economic option for all stores.

Double Sided Narrow Black Metal Slatwall Panel Gondola Shelving Units 300mm Base

Can be fitted with a wide range of accessories

Gondola shelving accessories include:

  • Metal hooks and prongs which can be used for hangsell display for a variety of products including packeted food and clothing products, handbags, clothing accessories, jewellery and stationery goods.
  • Clothing hangrails, faceouts and waterfalls to arrange effective front-facing or side-facing garment displays.
  • Individual acrylic stands for products such as footwear, mobile phones and laptops.
  • Acrylic or wire dump bins for small, loose and awkwardly shaped items.
  • Angled shelves for the display of books, magazines, leaflets and newspapers.
  • Stub hooks that can be used for pictures, mirrors and clocks.
  • Standard brackets to accommodate traditional metal, glass or melamine shelving.

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