Shop Fittings for Sydney Retailers

No matter where you are based in Australia, the importance of giving your store the right feel and choosing the right appearance cannot be underestimated. In Sydney, often referred to as the retail capital of Australia, businesses know that they need to do all they can to stand out from the crowd. The good news is that, whether you’re a budget store or a high end boutique, there are shop fitting supplies to suit your requirements. With plenty of shop display shelving and accessories to choose from, you can tailor your layout to give it a unique feel that will make you stand out to customers.

Sydney – an economic and retail profile

The most popular (in terms of tourism) and populous city in Australia, Sydney has a strong retail sector with many shopping centres, precincts, high streets and market areas filled with multinational chain stores, small independent sole traders and everything in between. The city is a world leader economically, currently ranked 10th in the world in terms of quality of living and 11th in the world for economic opportunity. There are over 450,000 businesses situated in Sydney, including many big multinational corporations and a number of new start ups. The city has an annual GDP of around $400 billion, with retail the 3rd largest industry accounting for around 9.3% of business. The best performing retail businesses in Sydney, according to current statistics, are clothing stores, footwear stores, homeware stores and cafes/restaurants.

Popular shopping areas in Sydney

Sydney is something of a sprawling shopping metropolis with something for everyone’s tastes, where trendy boutiques do battle with earthy market traders for the attention of local shoppers and tourists alike. Popular places to shop include:

The Rocks – a network of historic laneways close to Sydney Harbour Bridge, where among the quaint pubs and cafes you’ll find open-air market stalls selling fashion, art, souvenirs and gifts.

Westfield Sydney – Located beneath Sydney Tower in the city centre, this four storey shopping precinct is the largest shopping centre in Sydney. You’ll find a wide range of stores selling top brand name goods in fashion, jewellery, sportswear, luxury lifestyle goods, beauty and wellness.

The Galeries – Another shopping centre right in the heart of Sydney’s central district. You can find a food court as well as a range of shops including footwear stores, fashion stores, electronics stores, cosmetics stores and newsagents.

Paddington – a stylish area in the east of the city where many innovative and upcoming designers have local boutiques.

Oxford Street – another great area to explore fashion brands in funky boutiques and market stalls.

Strand Arcade – Another cool central shopping centre where you’ll find a mix of food boutiques, clothing stores, jewellery stores, homeware stores and more.

Queen Victoria Building – one of the most architecturally stunning shopping centres, this 19th century building on George Street has over 180 outlets including fashion boutiques, jewellery stores and homeware stores.

Market Centres – Sydney is rich in market chic, with neighbourhoods such as Glebe, Eveleigh and Balmain hosting weekly markets where you can buy street food, fashion, souvenirs and more.

Darling Harbour – A precinct next to the harbour adjacent to the city centre where you can browse and buy products such as fashion, footwear, gifts, craft foods and confectionery.

Gondola units to make the most of your Sydney retail space

If you are a retail trader in Sydney, it’s essential that you kit your store out in a way that will maximise your customer base so that you can thrive. Gondola shelving units are one of the most popular modern shop fittings in Sydney. They are free-standing units that can be used in any type of store, from pharmacies to music stores. There are a number of benefits to gondola shelving. It allows you to create aisles of merchandise display in your store so is great for utilising space if you have a lot to shift. It’s also easy to use and maintain, highly flexible as it can be used with multiple accessories, and most importantly it looks good so can attract customers.

Gondola shelving is available as both single and double-sided units, so you can place them up against the wall or anywhere in the store. There are also additional options including end bays and corner bays.

The units come in three different styles:

  • Slatwall – with horizontal slat panels that can be fitted with traditional shelving panels or an array of accessories. Slatwall shelving looks great and has a heavy load-bearing capacity so is suitable for most goods.
  • Pegboard – the most versatile type of unit, with panels consisting of tiny holes that can be fitted with shelving brackets or accessories to create a tailored and varied display.
  • Grid mesh – a low-cost option with a mesh panel. Mesh units are lightweight and flexible, making them great for market traders or pop-up stalls.

Glass counters and tiered units to add a touch of class

There are also other types of retail shop fittings that Sydney businesses can consider. If you sell products that are valuable, rare or simply deserve to be given a special showcase, glass display units or tiered display counters can give your shop a real upmarket feel.

Glass showcase counters come in many different shapes and sizes and can be used to display goods in a safe and secure manner either as part of a counter-unit or a stand-alone display elsewhere in the store. Cabinets are kept locked so that customers and visitors cannot handle goods unless supervised. For this reason, they are popular in jewellery stores but can be used anywhere that sells expensive or attractive products.

As well as keeping stock safe, these counters look fantastic and can be fitted with different lighting to really show off products. They are available in multiple styles including point-of-sale combination counters, tower cabinets and small acrylic counter displays.

Equally elegant are tiered display units. They don’t offer the level of security as glass cabinets as items are openly displayed, but are another great option for showcasing the cream of your crop. The tables come with three tiers and are perfect for showcasing products such as folded designer clothing, fancy cosmetics, souvenirs or artisan food products. Like glass counters, they can be used practically anywhere in the store and are easy to maintain.

Shop Glass Display Counter

Diversify with a range of shelving accessories

If you choose to fit your shop with slatwall, pegboard or grid mesh shelving, be that in gondola or fixed-wall form, you will be able to utilise a wide range of shelving accessories to create a variety of types of display. This will allow you to showcase anything from large musical instruments to small items of stationery.

These display units are compatible with traditional shelves for shops, which come in different sizes and are available in metal, glass and melamine wood. They can also be used with the following accessories:

  • Metal hooks and prongs – used for creating hangsell displays for products such as bags, accessories, jewellery or packaged items.
  • Other metal accessories – these include picture hooks for frames, mirrors and clocks; faceouts and waterfalls for front-facing clothing; and hangrails for clothing.
  • Acrylic stands – small individual shelves that can be used for footwear or electronic goods such as iPads and mobile phones.
  • Acrylic bins – great for loose or awkwardly-shaped individual items that you might get in stationers or gift stores.
  • Angled shelves – tilted shelves that can be used to better display books, magazines and newpapers.
  • Wire baskets – can be used for small, inexpensive items such as toys or household products.

Grid Mesh Wire Baskets

Other shop fitting accessories you can utilise

Beyond display units and shelving accessories, there are also several other products that might be ideal for your store. If you sell clothing of any kind, there are a number of clothing display products that you can use to make things easier for both staff and customers. One is retail clothing racks which can be used to hang multiple items of clothing such as tops, dresses, trousers and coats in a browser-friendly way.

Clothing racks are great for keeping stock organised and are also practical as they’re easy to use and help you make the most of your retail space. They come in different styles and sizes, such as straight racks, multi-arm racks and speciality racks for items such as hats.

Another option for clothing shops is display mannequins, which can be placed in shop windows or prominent places throughout the store to showcase fashionable or seasonal outfits.

Finally, if your store displays informational or promotional literature of any kind for your own business or third parties – e.g. flyers, brochures, leaflets, etc. – it’s worth thinking about investing in perspex brochure holders. These can sit on the counter, fix to walls or even be displayed as a free-standing rotating stand to place everything in one neat display. You won’t need to worry about tidying up messed up piles of leaflets on your shop counter ever again.

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