Shop Fittings to Suit Every Type of Sydney Retailer

Sydney is arguably the retail capital of Australia, a mecca for shoppers who cram its streets in districts such as CBD, Darling Harbour and Haymarket every day. In this bustling city, you can find everything from independent antiques dealers to giant sports and clothing chain stores, discount stores to high end fashion boutiques.

A diverse assortment of retailers will need a wide range of retail shop fittings and fixtures to choose from. Here are some of the fittings and accessories that can be supplied.

Gondola Shelving_7

Fixed display walls

All types of retailers can make the most of their store space by opting for sleek slat display walls mounted directly onto the shop wall. It’s a great alternative to bulky, cumbersome units pushed up against the wall. The slatwall panels are flexible, elegant and can accommodate shelving and a range of accessories (see below). They come in several colours and are easy to maintain, making them a perfect shopfitting for Sydney businesses such as sports stores and clothing retailers looking to impress.

Gondola shelving

Another option suitable for most retail types is gondola shelving. These are free standing units that can be fitted with slatwall, pegboard or grid mesh wall panels as well as a range of accessories. Gondola units enable stores to create aisles of browsable products as they are available as double-sided units. You can also get end bays and corner bays to create your own tailored shop layout.

Gondola displays are popular shopfitting supplies with Sydney stores such as chemists and supermarkets who take advantage of the heavy loading capacity to maximise product displays. 

Display tables

If you want your store to look a little bit different or more upmarket, you could kit your premises out with some tiered display tables. These elegant units come in square and circular designs and are great for showcasing lower numbers of products in the middle of the store. They don’t take up much space and are very browser-friendly – a perfect solution for retailers that don’t want their store to look as if it’s too crammed with products. Ideal for jewellers, upmarket cosmetics stores and designer fashion boutiques.

Shelving accessories

Among the shop fittings for sale are numerous accessories that can be used with slatwall, pegboard and grid mesh panels to diversify displays and create different kinds of layouts such as hangsell displays. As well as conventional shelving, you can kit your units out with hooks, prongs, faceouts and waterfalls for hangsell, or opt for acrylic display bins, wire baskets, slanted magazine and brochure holders and individual acrylic display stands. Something for all retail types and perfect for shops that find hangsell displays effective, such as newsagents and hardware stores.

Glass counters

If you have the problem of needing to display expensive or rare products in a safe and secure way, one of the best shopfitting supplies in Sydney is the glass counter. This is available in many designs, including as a point of sale shop counter. Ideal for jewellery stores stocking expensive watches and chains, souvenir stores with limited edition models and figures, and any store selling goods that can become easily shop-soiled.

Display stands and spinners

Among other retail shop fittings supplied are a range of wire display stands and dump bins that are perfect for those loose items that do not easily sit on conventional shelves or displays and are not suitable for hangsell. For smaller items, there are counter top rotating display spinners that can be fitted with hooks to create small hangsell displays.

Mannequins and clothes racks

Clothing and garment stores can also benefit from additional accessories such as display mannequins which can stand in windows or other prominent places showcasing seasonal outfits, and a variety of mobile clothing racks to hang garments such as tops, trousers and dresses.

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