Shop Shelving Tips for Retailers

Shelving has long been of key importance in retail displays, and most stores will have at least some of their stock displayed on shelving units of one kind or another. However, it’s not just a case of whacking up a few shelves and stacking your products on display in any old fashion. There are several different types of retail shop shelving displays that serve different purposes, so some thought needs to go into what type of display you want to opt for and how best to utilise it.

Here are a few simple tips to help you get the most out of the shelving display in your shop.

Think about where you should display items

The famous saying in the world of retail is ‘eye level is buy level’. This means that the customer is likely to see items that are stocked at eye level first. Of course, you can’t just put everything at eye level otherwise you will end up with a lot of dead space. So you need to arrange your displays so that the products that you most want to sell – premium products, special offers, limited editions, etc. – are given this prime slot. Also remember that not everyone is the same height – e.g. eye level is different for children and adults – so plan accordingly. This is where adjustable shelving units can come in handy.


Decide your needs – elegance vs practicality

You should always aim to arrange your shop shelves as attractively as possible, but give some thought to the type of store you have to determine how much attention to pay to elegance and how much to practicality. If you’re running a newsagents, discount store or hardware store, the focus will be slightly more on practically arranging items to maximise amount of goods displayed – maybe using a mix of shelves, display hooks for hangsell, display bins for loose items, etc. If you’re a designer boutique, on the other hand, you might want to space products out more, use eye-catching display cabinets, make good use of lighting on displays and utilise glass or melamine shelving.

Melamine Shelves 900mm(w) x 280mm(d)

Maximise space with free-standing units

Double-sided gondola shelving units will enable you to create aisles in your shop that will act as a pathway guiding customers around the space. Gondola units come in different designs – slatwall, pegboard and wire mesh – and with a host of accessories so that you can tailor displays and showcase a wider range of products than with traditional units.


Refresh your displays often

One of the best ways of keeping customers enthusiastic is to regenerate the store layout once in a while so that things don’t start to look tired. Adjustable shelving panels such as slat or pegboard are brilliant for this as they are compatible with different accessories and are very easy to change.


Keep things neat and organised

While you want to make sure that your retail premises is well stocked, you want to avoid looking over-stocked and cluttered. This is off-putting to customers and also makes things more difficult for shop owners and staff if they are constantly tidying up shelving in the shop. Avoid putting too many items on shelves or having things too close together.

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