Showcase Top Quality Merchandise an a Glass Display Cabinet

The glass cabinet solves the problem for retail stores of how to display valuable, rare or fragile merchandise anywhere in the store. These units keep products safely displayed under lock and key to protect them from theft or damage. They also enable goods to be showcased in an attractive and organised way. Glass display cabinets are popular with high street retailers of all descriptions and can be seen in a variety of shops from jewellery stores to bakers. Whether you want a display feature at the service counter or units placed strategically throughout your premises, glass fittings provide a great solution that will be a focal point for shoppers.

Aluminium Framed Upright Glass Display Tower With Cabinet (VTS550)

Types of store that can use a glass display cabinet

Cabinets can be a welcome addition to pretty much all store types, as most outlets will sell some products that can either benefit from a secure display or look good when showcased in this way.

You can see the benefits of the glass display cabinet in Australia stores such as:

  • Electronics stores
  • Gift stores
  • Jewellery stores
  • Collectors stores
  • Hobby stores
  • Cake stores
  • Model shops
  • Fashion boutiques

Advantages of glass display units

Glass units offer many benefits to retailers, both in terms of functionality and aesthetic quality. Here are some of the main advantages.

They are visually attractive

Glass displays help to light up a retail store. Whether you opt for a singular cabinet or multiple units spread out across your store, these features have the effect of drawing shoppers into the store. The layered shelves inside the units offer the potential for creative presentation, from ornamental goods and plates displayed on individual stands to expensive jewellery arranged loose on the glass shelves. To really bring products to life, you can use lighting accessories such as LED bulbs to make the units more visually prominent and catch the eye of customers at a distance.

They allow products to be showcased securely

One of the perennial problems for retailers is how to effectively showcase expensive, rare or delicate goods without risking them being damaged or stolen. These cabinets come with a lock and key, meaning that shoppers can look but not touch. No more having to deploy staff or security to keep a watchful eye over your most valuable stock. You can simply leave it in the unit. If someone wants to take a closer look, they have to ask a member of staff to unlock the case. The staff member can then supervise until the item is either purchased or placed back in the case.

They are practical

Glass units offer practical benefits to retailers. They save a lot of time in terms of arranging store displays. As shoppers are prevented from touching products displayed in the cases, you don’t have the problem of arrangements being constantly being disturbed and needing to be tidied up. The only time you will need to attend to things is when sold items need replacing. Cabinets are also very easy to assemble and move, can be cleaned easily with a quick wipe down with a cloth, and they can be placed anywhere in the store – near the counter, against or mounted on a wall, or out on the shop floor.

They are timeless

Glass units have been around for a long time and they won’t go out of fashion. You don’t need to worry about investing in these cabinets only to see them become yesterday’s thing. They are a popular addition to stores in all areas and you can see retailers with display cabinets from Sydney to Adelaide. It leaves you free to focus on what merchandise looks best inside the cases.

They are durable

Cabinets are made from toughened glass so they won’t break easily and can last for years if they are properly looked after. Although glass shop fittings are sturdy and quite resistant to damage, many people perceive them to be more fragile than they actually look and so will be extra careful when browsing. This is beneficial to stores as it minimises accidents and damage.

Types of glass cabinet available

There are an assortment of display cabinets for sale here in different styles, shapes and sizes to suit all retail types. Products include:

  • Counter units for retailers who want to create a visually appealing showcase at point of sale. These include full view, combination and corner counter models.
  • Frameless and semi frameless display cabinets that come in a variety of styles and sizes.
  • Tower units that can be three or four levels high. Great for maximising the use of retail space and giving you the option to showcase products at eye level.
  • Mirror-back units that add another layer of lighting to products.
  • Glass cubes available in different dimensions ranging from single cube to towers six levels high or 12-cube mega units.
  • Acrylic cases for those that prefer not to use glass cabinets in their store.

You can see all types of display cabinets in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide retailers both large and small.

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