Showcase Your Products With Quality Retail Display Stands and Boost Sales

Ask any customer and they will tell you that the best way to catch their attention when passing by a shop is to ensure the products are showcased amazingly. Even if you offer the best products, if your customers can’t see them well, they will likely turn around and leave. If you want to boost your sales, you need to take your retail display techniques to the next level.

How can I use retail display stands for my business?

Your display system is crucial to the success of your business. The better you are at showcasing your products, the higher the chances of your customer(s) purchasing from you. This is important, especially when joining trade shows, where you are constantly competing against other shops for the attention of potential clients.

To make effective use of retail display stands Australia, firstly identify which option would best serve your needs. Here are some examples of product display uses, as well as ideas on how they can be optimized for your business:

  1. Showcase high-end products and baked goods with Acrylic Displays Plastic Stands

Acrylic stands have a clean and elegant look, which is great for showcasing jewellery, watches, cosmetics, mobile phones or die-cast models. Opt for a transparent display case that can be locked for safety purposes, or choose layered risers to showcase your products at different levels and angles.

A display stand shop can provide acrylic stands that make cupcake and other baked goodies look delectable. Many high-end caterers use such stands for elegant food presentations during weddings, parties and other events. Think about how many customers you’ll attract when they notice your baked goods, looking like exquisite artwork because of the way they are exhibited.

Multi Level Acrylic Cup Cake Stand

  1. Exhibit your brochures and magazines with Plastic Brochure Holders

Whether you are providing a service, have new products you want noticed, or have real estate properties for sale, you surely have a brochure that promotes your business. But it will be in vain if your potential clients don’t notice it. Placing brochures on a flat table is often the least practical marketing strategy, as most potential clients won’t notice them. Get your brochures in the forefront by using Perspex brochure holders. This type of holder can showcase different documents at different levels and makes the cover of each booklet stand out. Your customers can easily pick one that catches their attention.

 Plastic Brochure Holders

  1. Use data strips to place product name and information

Customers hate having to ask every little detail about the product they are interested in: they prefer the information to be readily available to them. This is where data strips are necessary for your retail display stands. Data strips can hold labels with information about the product, such as its name, price, barcode or other details.

Data stripes

  1. Feature images and information with cable displays

Often used by real estate agents, cable displays are a great way to highlight images and detailed product descriptions. Whether you are in the restaurant, landscaping, furniture or travel business, you can maximize the small space you have by using vertical displays of your offerings. Take a picture of the landscaping style you offer, or the tourist attraction you include in your tours – these are just some of the ways to attract more clients. Cable displays are eye catching and durable, and work great for trade shows and fairs.

  1. Allow your customer to see, touch and purchase your products with a wire display stand

Whether you want to present new items or make overstocked ones easy to sell, wire display stands can help you. These can easily be folded and stored, making them a great retail display tool for pop-up stores and trade fairs. This is a great choice if you are selling packaged food, soft toys, boxed toys, clothing, books or other small items.

  1. Maximize your floor space with display spinners

If you want to make the most out of your floor space, then utilizing vertical space is the key. This is why display spinners are one of the most popular tools from product display stands Australia. Instead of having several racks or cabinets, use a display spinner that can hold several products at once, without putting any of them in the back row. A simple spin and the customer can find all the products while standing in one spot. The easier it is for them to find what they need, the better for your business.

  1. Make noticeable announcements with sign holder systems

Do you have a new product? Are your items on sale? Let your patrons know by using big signs with bold fonts and bright colours. This can grab a customer’s attention and push them in the direction you want them to take.

There are a lot of different ways retail display stands Australia can help you boost your business. If you are not currently utilizing these display stands, chances are you are losing out on potential sales.

 Sign Holders


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