Slat Wall Shelving Vs Fixed Wall Shelving

If you are a store retailer, the chances are that you will want to put up shelving somewhere in your shop to display products. Conventional shelves have been used in retail for hundreds of years and are still popular with all kinds of stores to display products including books, groceries, ornamental goods, clothing and children’s toys.

But with different shelving products on the market, which type of shop fitting should you opt for to best showcase your goods? This article will look at some of the advantages of slat wall models over fixed wall shelving. Slat wall systems come with special moveable slat wall brackets to keep shelves in place, making the units ideal for today’s retailers where flexibility is an important consideration when it comes to shop layout.Black Metal Slatwall Inside Corner Bay

What is slat wall shelving?

Slat wall shelving is a type of shop fitting display with walls made out of slat panels. These parallel horizontal panels have ridges in between them where slat wall shelf brackets can slide into place. The brackets can then be fitted with a range of shelving of varying sizes. These slat wall brackets and shelves can be easily moved or adjusted at any time to suit the needs of the shop. As well as slat wall display brackets, these panels can also be fitted with various accessories including display prongs, hooks, faceouts, stands, etc. for special displays and hangsell displays.

Slat systems are available as panels that fix directly to walls or as free-standing mobile gondola units which can be placed anywhere in your store.

What is fixed wall shelving?

Fixed wall shelving, or wall-mounted shelving, is where shelves are attached directly to the walls of the premises. Rather than using slat panels – or other panels such as pegboard – where brackets slide or clip into place, brackets are fixed directly onto the wall of the shop using screws. In some cases, brackets will clip into a bracket holder which has been fixed to the wall.

The main advantage of fixed wall shelving is that it’s a cheaper option, as you’re only paying for the shelves and brackets and not additional panels or gondola units. But while you may make an initial saving in cash, you can lose out in a number of other ways which may impact on your sales.

Benefits of slat wall shelving

Greater flexibility

As the brackets and accessories just slide in and out of place on slat wall systems, you can adjust your shop displays at will with minimum fuss. This is a great advantage over fixed wall systems where once the shelf is up and in place, you can’t rearrange everything without a lot of effort and DIY. Because of this, slat wall is a great option for clothing shops and craft stores who might like to get a little creative with displays and keep things fresh, as well as supermarkets and discount stores whose range of products changes throughout the year.

More diversity

Slat wall comes with a greater range of accessories and different types of shelving. Not only can you use angled slat wall brackets and straight metal brackets to install flat or slanted shelves. You can also use hooks and prongs to build an attractive hangsell display, attach faceouts or waterfalls which are great for front facing clothing displays, or even mix things up with acrylic attachments such as small display stands or hanging bins. This is why slat displays are becoming more popular with every type of retailer from sports stores to newsagents to jewellery stores.

Double Sided Narrow Black Metal Slatwall Panel Gondola Shelving Units 300mm Base

Easier to use

Let’s face it, retailers are often very busy and anything that makes their life a little bit easier is a bonus. If you’ve got a lot of stock to display on your premises, kitting the store out in slat panels – whether that be gondola units or fixed wall panels – is going to be much less hassle than measuring and fitting up tens or perhaps hundreds of individual shelves. It will also mean less wear and tear on your shop walls as you won’t need to do half as much drilling.

More attractive

If you want to create an eye-catching layout to lure customers into the store, slat displays will do the trick. The panels themselves are elegantly finished and it’s easy to create a smart and well-crafted display even if you’re no expert at shop layouts. The gondola units come in white and jet-black chrome while the fixed wall panels are available in white, silver, charcoal, black, golden beech, modern oak and maple wood. The elegance of the design makes it a good option for stores that prefer spacious layouts and displays, as you won’t have the worry of leaving plain wall space exposed.

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