The Advantages of Slatwall Accessories for Your Business

Slatwall is one of the most popular and enduring modern shop fitting designs. It doesn’t take up too much space and fits nicely in with pretty much all store types. If you opt for slatwall displays in your retail outlet, it’s important that you get the most out of them by utilising the wide range of slatwall accessories that are suitable for multiple purposes.

Slatwall systems complete with a full range of accessories to display products create a retail space that is very visually appealing and also highly practical. Here’s a rundown of what accessories are available and why they are of great benefit to your business.

What is slatwall?

Slatwall is a type of shop shelving design where the unit face consists of horizontal panel strips. These slatwall panels are separated by slim aluminium-lined grooves which can be fitted with a wide range of slatwall accessories. Each accessory item slides in and out of place – no need for drills, hammers or screwdrivers. This is because each groove has a kind of overlapping “lip” which holds the item in place.

Slatwall displays come in a range of different materials such as metal, wood and plastic. They are also available in a variety of different types of fitting, from wall-mounted panel fixtures to free-standing double-sided gondola units that you can place anywhere on the store floor.

Types of slatwall accessories

There is a wide array of slatwall accessory items on the market, each serving a different purpose and adding value to your store. Accessories can be roughly broken down into the following areas:

Small metal fittings

These are mostly for the purposes of displaying smaller and lighter items in a hangsell formation. Accessories include:

  • Hooks
  • Prongs
  • Picture hooks for displaying pictures, mirrors and clocks

Larger metal fittings for clothing or sport equipment displays

These include both hangsell accessories and display brackets that are used for an assortment of garments. Accessories include:

  • One-piece hangrails
  • Combo hangrails consisting of ring brackets and metal hangrail bar
  • Faceouts and waterfalls for front-facing clothing hangrail displays
  • Hat and cap brackets
  • Ball display brackets

Shelving and stands

Used for more conventional shelf displays. Accessories include:

  • Metal shelving brackets and clips used to mount and fix shelves into place
  • Individual shelves – available in steel, glass and wood melamine and in a range of different sizes
  • Flat and angled acrylic shelves
  • Angled acrylic stands for displaying electronic tablets and mobile phones
  • Angled shoe shelves
  • Flat and angled wire shelves

Baskets, bins and other holders and containers

These are mostly for displaying smaller, loose items. Accessories include:

  • Acrylic bins
  • Wire baskets
  • Acrylic greeting card holders
  • Acrylic brochure holders
  • Acrylic sign holders

Adding variety to your store displays

One of the key benefits of slatwall accessories is that they give stores such a variety of options in how to display their products. Some goods are better stacked on traditional shelving, some are designed for hangsell display, others may look better individually showcased on a small stand.

These accessories allow you to get creative and use your slatwall units as a blank canvas. Because the grooves run all the way from the top to the bottom of the unit, this gives you a lot of space to work with. You can mix and match units, for example have standard shelving above at “eye level” and hangsell displays below.

This level of variety means that slatwall shelving and accessories can suit all store types, from busy hardware stores that sell a wide variety of goods of all shapes and sizes, to high-end boutique stores that might prefer to space items out using smaller shelves or stands.

Making your store more organised

Because of the range of accessory products on the market, you can more easily arrange your store products in an organised fashion. Instead of bunging everything on one-size-fits-all shelves or rails, you can match products carefully to accessories and plan your store layout around this. The hangsell hooks and prongs in particular enable retailers to neatly display larger quantities of smaller packeted items in a uniform fashion without displays getting too messed up by browsing customers. 

Greater flexibility  

Using slatwall accessories in your store makes things so much easier when it comes to rearranging displays. You may want to do this periodically, for example, if you have a fast flow of goods that change according to season and you suddenly have an influx of new products. Examples of this are discount stores or clothing stores. Or perhaps you just like to keep things fresh and reorganize your layout once every few months to encourage customers to look around the store. Because all accessories slide in and out of the units, everything is easy to rearrange and you can reorganise the entire store in no time at all.

A cost-effective option

Slatwall accessories can help increase your profit margins. Not only are they affordable and highly durable – meaning that you won’t have to replace them every five minutes – but they also enable you to get more stock out from the backroom and displayed in the store.

Accessories such as hooks, prongs, rails, baskets and containers are great for displaying large quantities in a relatively small space, allowing you to stock up high. What’s more, slatwall display units are designed to maximise your retail space and turn every wall and space on the shop floor into a display area. If you kit your shop out in slatwall and choose the right accessories, this is definitely a great value-for-money option.

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