The Benefits of a Glass Display Cabinets for Your Store

If your store stocks valuable or delicate merchandise, glass display cabinets are a fantastic and effective way of making a feature of these goods on your premises. Glass cabinets come in all different shapes and sizes and suit every type of retailer, from small secondhand jink shops to giant department stores.

Black Aluminium Framed Upright Glass Display Showcases With Cabinet (SWC12005B)

These glass cases are made from strengthened glass and come with lockable doors so that goods can be displayed securely and handling is done only under staff supervision. Models include point of sale shop counters, mirror-backed cabinets, frameless free-standing tower units and glass display cubes.

Here are some of the key advantages to having glass display cabinets in your retail store.

They are an attractive way of showcasing great products

These modern display cabinets are not only eye-catching, allowing you to make a fetching feature display area in your store, they also add a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Accessories such as LED and spotlighting, mirror-back panels and display stands give store owners the chance to get creative with displays and produce something that brightens up any area of the store.

You can arrange themed displays or simply take a selection of your most sought-after items and make a focal point out of them, whether that be placing them in a towered glass unit in the middle of the store or as part of a glass counter unit to wow customers as they queue to make a purchase.

You can display valuable goods in a safe and secure way

Theft of and damage to goods are things that every retail business with physical premises has to take on board as an everyday risk. Glass cases help to greatly lower these risks in a cost-effective way.

All units are sturdy and come fitted with easy to operate locks, which deter shoplifters as well as giving protection to valuable goods as they are only handled by staff or under strict supervision. Glass display units are great for valuable, fragile or rare merchandise, as well as any products likely to be targeted by thieves.

They can help stores save money on security and give peace of mind to businesses as well as to customers, who don’t have to worry about accidentally breaking items. For those dealing in very expensive goods such as jewellers or antiques dealers, cases can be fitted with alarms to add an extra layer of security.

They are highly durable so will last a long time

All fixtures are made from very durable materials such as strengthened glass or acrylic, anodized aluminium and sturdy MDF panels which are designed to withstand daily knocks and wear and tear.

1500mm Aluminium Framed Glass Display Cabinet With Storage

The glass panels are shatter resistant and tough to break, offering an extra layer of defence against both thieves and unfortunate store accidents. As glass doesn’t deteriorate over time at the same rate as materials such as wood or metal, these display units can last for many years if looked after properly. In addition to this, they also encourage careful browsing as shoppers generally perceive goods displayed behind glass to be more fragile so will be more mindful of knocking into displays.

They are very practical

In this day and age, having shop shelving that is practical and easy to use can offer huge advantages to retailers, improving the shopping experience for potential customers as well as freeing up time for shop staff to focus on other things such as maximizing sales and creating more beautiful displays. Glass cabinets are ideal in this sense as they are easy to assemble, clean, maintain and rearrange.

Whereas with standard shelving you have to tidy up after customers on a daily basis (sometimes more), with glass cases you only need to touch them when an item is sold or if you want to change a display. Units don’t gather as much dust as typical shelving so you’ll only need to wipe them down with a damp cloth every few days or so. The internal shelving clips in and out with ease, which allows for quick rearranging of displays if you want to change things up in the store. 

They give you flexibility in display options

The variation in display models means that there is something for everyone, from small acrylic counter-top displays to tower display units to glass counter displays. Units also come in different sizes to suit different space requirements, so you don’t have to worry if you’re in a small unit with not much browsing space. There are also numerous different styles to suit different store atmospheres.

More modern or arty boutiques might prefer the ergonomic glass cubes while more traditional retailers might find the aluminium-framed cases more suitable for them.

You can save on a lot of space

Glass display cases are a great use of retail space as they enhance the visibility of products. Many of the units offer 360-degree browsing, meaning that they can be placed in the middle of the shop floor and viewed from all sides. The design is space-saving – no chunky or cumbersome wooden frames obstructing viewing capabilities.

Products such as point-of-sale counter displays also enable you to make great use of counter space as an additional display area, while mirror-back internal features will make units look twice as full and bright as they are. Remember, extra space means both more stock on the shelves and extra customer space which makes for a better retail experience.

They are a timeless concept

Glass units don’t go in and out of fashion. They have been a feature of all sorts of stores for decades. This means that you can be confident that your purchase will be just as eye-catching and well-received in 20 years as it is the moment you bought it.

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