The Benefits of Clothing Racks in Your Australia Store

Whether you’re a boutique store selling the most expensive and exclusive brands on the market, a specialist sports clothing store or a second-hand store, clothing racks can improve your store layout as well as providing many practical benefits. These highly flexible units come in many different styles and sizes and are compatible with other clothing display systems. Shoppers love them too, which means that a store that’s properly utilising clothing racks in Australia will be pulling the customers and clocking up the sales.


Straight Clothing Racks (IK43)

The main features of clothing racks

Garment racks have proved very popular with clothing stores for many years. They have a number of features that make them distinct as a clothing display tool:

  • They are suitable for hangsell display of a wide range of clothing – including shirts, tops, t-shirts, coats, trousers, skirts, dresses and accessories. The units are fitted with rails and arms that can hold multiple hung items that can be easily browsed.
  • They come in a wide variety of models and designs – including straight racks with slide rails, multi-arm racks with angled waterfall arms, spiral racks for fancy displays, and double-bar racks for extra display space.
  • They are adjustable in height – most models have height adjusters on the side bars that make the clothing racks collapsible. This means that they can be transformed from a shorter t-shirt display to one showcasing full-length dresses.
  • They are mobile – racks are made of lightweight chrome-plated metal and are usually fitted with plastic wheels so can be moved around even large store spaces with ease.
  • They can be placed anywhere in the store – the displays are suitable in an array of locations. You can arrange the racks against the wall, out on display in the middle of the shop floor or even in the window.


Benefits of clothing racks for retailers

They keep stock well organised

Garments can be arranged in order along the rails, making the running of the store a lot easier, especially in large or busy retail units. You can segregate clothing according to size, style, colour or even branding label. This makes it easier for customers to find products as well as helping staff keep track of what’s selling and what needs topping up. Clothing racks also keep items looking neat and tidy.

They maximise use of retail space

Racks can hold large quantities of stock so you can fill your space out with plenty of merchandise without taking up huge amounts of space. Smaller retail spaces can make themselves look very well-stocked using just a handful of racks. For heavier items such as overcoats or three-piece suits, you can get special clothing racks with heavy duty loading capacity.

They are very versatile

With so many different models on the market and with many of the models adjustable, clothing racks are a dream shop fitting solution if you have rapidly changing product lines or seasonal goods. A unit that’s displaying winter coats one minute can be adjusted to display summer t-shirts the next and vice versa.

They save time on store displays

If your store has busy periods, you can end up in a situation where stock levels visibly deplete and you’re under pressure to top up quickly. Clothing racks make things easier in this respect as you can be flexible in the amount of clothing displayed on a rack. If a few items sell out in a short space of time, you can quickly spread the remaining garments out to cover the gaps until you have a chance to re-stock.

They make rearranging the store layout easier

The mobility of these lightweight garment units makes them ideal for store owners that like to keep things fresh by rearranging the store layout every once in a while. You won’t have to worry about shifting cumbersome display fixtures across the shop floor. Racks are designed to be moved around easily. If your display racks are fitted with wheels, you’ll have everything moved into its new spot in minutes.

They can also be used as a storage tool

Garment racks are not just suitable for the shop floor. They’re also great for the stock room. You can line up your reserve stock along the rails of additional racks out the back of the store so that you can quickly whizz them out onto display as soon as they are needed. This will not only save additional time when it comes to stocking up but will also help you keep track of how much stock you’re operating with. 

They are cost effective

You can find garment racks for sale for as little as around $20 so even smaller retailers won’t have to shell out too much. When you consider how much each rack is able to display in retail value, it’s easy to see what a good investment they are.

Straight Clothing Racks (IRCS2)

Benefits of clothing racks for customers

They make items easy to find

Because racks are good at keeping everything so well organised, they make the shopping experience much easier for customers. If you walk into a well laid out store, you can glance across the array of racks and usually find what you’re looking for within minutes. The browser-friendly nature of the units makes it easy to finger through the row of garments and locate what you’re after.

You can see the whole product

Garments are hung on display so you can view them in full, seeing what they look like and getting a better idea of the size, or even holding them up on the hanger in front of a mirror to assess whether they look good enough. No fiddling around with folded products on a display table or having to ask a member of staff to take something out of its package.

You can browse without touching

Clothing racks offer a browsing experience where customers can get up close to the products without having to touch them. Garments can be slid along the rails or removed from the display using the hangers, which makes shoppers feel more comfortable as there is less risk of damaging or messing up the products. Items neatly folded on a display on a table or placed in a display basket may lead to more timid browsing and thus ultimately fewer sales.

Goods are displayed at eye level

As the old saying goes – eye level is buy level. Most racks are roughly at or about eye level so it makes for a more comfortable shopping experience. No stopping or crouching down to view goods or stretching up to grasp at something on a high shelf.

It’s easier to put things back where you found them

This can be an important factor for avid clothes shoppers who may like to gather up several items at once and try them on before buying them. Rejected or unsuitable garments can quickly end up out of place or in a mess, but the hanger system means that shoppers can return things back to where they found them with very little effort.

4 Way Clothing Rack (IK12)

Other clothing display fixtures that can be used alongside clothing racks

Of course, you don’t want your store to look too monotonous or one-dimensional so it’s worth considering how you can diversify and get the best out of your clothing racks by using them alongside other display systems. Other shop fitting products to consider include:

  • Mannequins – display heads and torsos can be effectively used for window and in-store displays to showcase the latest trends or in-season products.
  • Tiered display tables – these 3-tier square or round wooden tables are popular in upmarket designer stores and can be used for folded displays of top-range products or items that you want to give special stand-alone display space to.

Costs of clothing racks

Clothing racks for shops are not expensive to source and they are available from several sources. If you are a store looking to invest in racks, you can find them second-hand on sites such as eBay as well as from general online stores such as Amazon. The best place to shop for them is from a shop fittings specialist as they will have a more extensive range of equipment, usually at better prices, and they will also be able to advise you on the best purchases to make.

Here are some sample prices:

  • Single collapsible straight rack – $75-95
  • Double collapsible straight rack – $120-160
  • Heavy duty straight rack – $75-90
  • Heavy duty Z rack – $25-95
  • Heavy duty double-bar rack – $25-115
  • 2-way multi-arm rack – $90
  • 4-way multi-arm rack – $90-110
  • 6-way multi-arm rack – $170-190
  • Spiral rack – $90
  • Heavy duty hat rack – $160

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