The Many Ways of Fitting Out a Retail Store

So you’re thinking about fitting out or rearranging a retail premises? There are many different ways that you can kit out a retail store and a variety of shopfitting supplies that you can use to bring your products to life. Shop displays aren’t just a case of throwing everything out on the shop floor in a random fashion and hoping it sells. Recent studies have shown that store layouts, atmosphere and design are key factors that affect a shopper’s decision about whether to buy, so it’s worth putting a little effort into making sure you get things right.

Why you might want to think about fitting out your retail premises

If you’re opening a retail outlet, you’ll need to think about how best to present your merchandise, what kind of retail shop fitting supplies will best suit your purpose and how to maximise the use of your space. But it’s not just newly opened stores that need to give consideration to shop fittings. Existing stores can also benefit from thinking about adding to or changing their existing set up.

Going for a revamp

It’s good to change things around every now and then. There are only so many times you can move existing furniture into different places. A full make-over can really breathe new life into a store and can come in handy if you want to do a relaunch of your brand. With shop shelving and supplies not costing the earth, it’s not too hard to budget for this once every few years.

Finding better ways to display merchandise

Many retail outlets sell ever changing ranges of products which are not always best presented using a one-size-fits-all approach. There are new shop fitting and shelving products coming onto the market all the time so, if you start to sell new product ranges or have a constantly changing supply of stock, it’s worth keeping an eye on what shop display products are available as there might be something better suited for displaying your goods than your current system.

Shop fitting options for retailers

Whether you’re looking for shopfitting supplies in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide or elsewhere in Australia, you’ll find an array of solutions to choose from.

Fixed wall shelving

One of the simplest retail shelving solutions available are fixed wall units. You can opt for wall panels that will give you maximum space and flexibility. These come in different styles – slatwall, pegboard and grid mesh. You can choose to fit these panels with traditional shelves (available in metal, wood melamine or glass) or an assortment of accessories (see below). Fixed wall shelving enables retailers to turn every wall in the store premises into valuable retail space and create fetching product displays to impress customers. Suitable for any store type from designer clothing stores to supermarkets.

Gondola shelving units

If you want to maximise the space out on the shop floor, then gondola units are an ideal option. These popular free-standing shop display stands are available in the same designs as fixed wall panels (slatwall, pegboard and grid mesh) making them just as flexible and durable. As gondola units are upright and offer plenty of shelving and display space, they are a perfect and attractive option. The double-sided units can be used to create browsable aisles of merchandise so they are great for all kinds of busy retail establishments from pharmacies to hardware stores.

T-Shape Modular Gridmesh Gondola Stands – 1200mm(L)

Shelving accessories for wall and gondola displays

If you opt for either fixed wall or gondola units, the slatwall, pegboard and grid mesh models come with a wide range of accessories offering alternative product display options to regular stacked shelving. Units can be fitted with prongs, hooks, faceouts or waterfalls to create hangsell showcases. These can be effective in outlets such as hardware stores or clothing stores. Acrylic display bins and wire baskets can be installed to hold smaller, loose or awkwardly shaped items. Great for discount stores or toy stores. Slanted metal or acrylic shelving is ideal for newsagents or book stores to create browser-friendly product arrangements. Individual acrylic stands can be used to highlight goods such as expensive electronic goods or designer trainers.

Display tables and cabinets

Another option to add a touch of class to the shop floor. Tiered display tables can be used anywhere in the store if you want to showcase products in an elegant way without things looking crammed. Great for gift stores, cosmetics stores or designer clothing boutiques. Cabinets are available in glass or acrylic and can be used to store valuable or fragile goods in a safe and secure way. Available in different styles including point of sales counters, shop floor cabinets and towered cases. Well suited to jewellery stores, collectors stores and artisan bakery or food stores.

Semi Frameless Showcase Display Cabinets With Storage (TRS-8018-BK)

Other accessories

Other shop fitting products available include:

  • Display racks to hang clothing garments such as tops, shirts, coats, trousers and dresses. Available in different styles and sizes and can be placed in any location in the store.
  • Mannequins which can be used by clothing stores to showcase items. Perfect for window displays.
  • Display stands and spinners that can stand on shop counters and sell smaller items such as cards, trinkets and sunglasses.

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