Tips for Using Clothing Racks in Your Store

Clothing racks are a godsend to any store dealing in clothing or fashion products. They make displaying and organising your products ridiculously easy and are great for making good use of space. What’s more, they’re popular with customers who love flicking through, so using them well can help boost sales. Here are a couple of handy tips for using clothing display racks in your store.

Straight Clothing Racks (IRCS2)

Keep them well stocked

Racks need to be well stocked and by that, we mean not too empty and not too full. You need to keep things well balanced, neither too jam packed that it makes browsing difficult to impossible nor so bare that it looks like you don’t have anything to sell. As a rough guide, aim to between 2-3 inches between each item if you are using a sliding rail. If you’re using retail clothing racks with waterfall arms, make sure you don’t end up with too many gaps.


Keep them well organised

As well as keeping racks well stocked, also aim to keep them looking neat and tidy. Have all the hangers facing the right way and straighten up any garments that become uneven or displaced. You don’t need to be too over-zealous with this as shoppers will expect things to become a little muddled during the day, but if you leave things unattended for too long then the display can become so messy that it can be off-putting.


Make your displays browser-friendly

This comes down to following a few simple rules. Firstly, make sure everything is easily accessible. Don’t put anything where customers might have trouble reaching it, don’t cram shop space so full of shop fittings and clothes railss that shoppers are having to squeeze past each other to browse. Secondly, spend a bit of time thinking about how to lay out your store. For example, one good technique is to put smaller displays near the front of the shop and taller ones near the back. This way, shoppers can get a reasonable view of everything when they walk through the door.

6 Way Clothing Rack (IK66)

Keep racks well maintained

It’s no good having loads of great products on display if the garment racks start to look tatty, dirty or in a state of disrepair. Make sure that you keep your shop fittings clean and that things that get broken are repaired or replaced as soon as possible. One danger with shop racks is that they can start to slope if they are over-filled too regularly. This can then cause them to topple over, which won’t create a good impression with customers. Avoid this by sensibly stocking your displays and checking regularly for any damage. Also make sure that you regularly clean and wax the poles so that garments can slide along the rails easily, and frequently check the wheels on mobile displays.


Diversify your store lay out

There are various different clothing racks for stores on the market so you don’t have to just kit everything out in one style. You can spruce things up by using specialist products, or ones with multiple arms. Products that you might want to consider are double bar racks, 2-way, 4-way and 6-way racks, circular racks and hat stands. These options give you the chance to get a bit more creative with displays and showcase individual outfits to add that level of eye-catching appeal to shoppers.


Group items together

Think about how best to arrange goods in your store. This doesn’t necessarily mean bunching all trousers, all shirts, all dresses together. You can use your racks to group together products by style, e.g. all casual wear together, all formal wear together, all work clothing together. This will actually help customers make sense of your store, will speed up their browsing and purchasing process and ultimately lead to a more satisfying shopping experience.


Where to find clothing racks

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