Top Quality Display Shelving for Melbourne Retailers

With over 2000 retailers in Melbourne, shops need to think carefully about how they can stand out from the crowd. One sure fire way of doing just that is to have a high quality retail displays that will entice customers. Melbourne is a busy global city with high streets and shopping malls filled with consumers. Stores that put the effort into getting their layout right can maximise their revenue from the thousands of locals and tourists that line the streets every day.

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Retail statistics in Melbourne

Melbourne is something of a shopper’s paradise, with an array of high streets, arcades, cobbled lanes and markets featuring chain stores and independent retailers selling everything from vintage clothing to organic produce. The retail sector is the 9th biggest industry in the city, worth over $3 billion a year and creating over 20,000 jobs.

Whether you’re a large department outlet, a small mom & pop store, a luxury boutique or a market trader, you can optimise your sales in this industry through showcasing your goods in the right way with great retail shelving in Melbourne.

Maximise retail space with gondola display units

One of the great things about gondola units is their flexibility – they can be used in stores of just about any size or style. Whether you opt for wall-mounted or easily assembled free-standing displays, you can make use of the variety of designs and accessories to create a winning display tailored to requirements. Stores that have a lot of varied stock to display – e.g. grocery stores, hardware stores, discount stores – can benefit from the adjustable shelving options to increase or reduce number of shelves at will; boutiques and artisan outlets wanting to create more sparse, elegant displays can get artistic with slatwall or pegboard units; market traders can make use of sturdy free-standing mesh back gondola shelving in Melbourne to create shelf or hook displays.

Boost store attractiveness with eye-catching display tables

With vintage stores, local designers, craft traders and slinky boutiques adorning Melbourne’s high streets and laneways, there’s no shortage of talent in the city when it comes to creating an attractive and innovative store layout. Stores that display products in an ugly or ill-thought-out manner will stand out for the wrong reasons. Tiered display tables are a perfect display shelving for retail stores in terms of adding a touch of elegance to your shop display. They can be used for a wide range of products such as perfumes, jewellery, designer clothing and designer cakes to draw attention to the beauty of the product.

Use glass display counters for added security

This is ideal shop shelving in Melbourne for stores with costly items that are risky to display loose on the shop floor, such as expensive jewellery, limited edition models or high end electronic goods. Glass showcase counters come with locks so you don’t have to worry about leaving them unattended during busy periods. They are also available in a variety of designs, including as point-of-sale counters encouraging customers to browse while they are queueing to make a purchase.

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