Top Quality Shop Fittings for Melbourne and Sydney Retailers

Melbourne and Sydney are Australia’s two biggest retail hot spots with thousands of stores lining popular high street and shopping centre areas, attracting hundreds and thousands of shoppers and tourists on a daily basis. Retailers based in these two cities need to do all they can to boost the wow factor of their shop layout to lure in the customers and stay ahead of the game. With so much competition in all retail industries, from large homeware stores to independent record stores, displaying your goods in a visually unappealing way can cost you sales.

Fortunately, there are many shop fittings and shelving solutions at affordable prices that make it that bit easier for retailers in the city to stand out.

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What shoppers in Melbourne and Sydney want

Retail is a key industry in both Sydney and Melbourne, with both cities attracting not just local shoppers but also tourists from surrounding areas and overseas who fill the stores every day. In Melbourne, the retail industry brings the city over $3 billion a year in sales and provides over 20,000 jobs. Chain stores and independent retailers line the high streets, shopping centres, market squares and cobbled streets. Sydney has a similarly powerful retail sector, also worth around $3 billion a year. There are over 65,000 jobs in retail, and the city is seen as one of the major global fashion capitals.

Whether it’s a newsagents or a designer boutique, a hardware store or a book shop, what customers ultimately look for when shopping in a busy city is a store that is well organised, makes good use of space, makes it easy to browse and find things, and has an eye-catching layout. It’s important to put a bit of thought into which retail shop fittings will best display your products and have shoppers choosing you over your competitors.

Make good use of space with gondola displays

Gondola display units are a great option for all types of store. As well as allowing you to maximise space by creating aisle displays with double-sided free-standing units, you can keep products well organised and the shelving is flexible. You can fit units with adjustable shelves or with an array of accessories to create hangsell displays. You can also use individual display stands, acrylic or wire bins and baskets, or brochure holders, depending on what you are selling.

Because gondola displays are mobile and free-standing, you can place them anywhere in your store to maximise visual appeal and showcase shop supplies. They are easy to move, maintain and assemble and come in either slat wall, pegboard or grid mesh. Perfect for creating an outstanding layout whatever type of store – pharmacy, gift shop, sports store, electronics store, book shop, supermarket and more.

Use display tables to increase visual appeal

If you want to get classy with your store display, you might want to think about adding display tables into your retail display. These are one of the most ideal types of shop fittings for Melbourne and Sydney stores such as jewellers, cosmetics and beauty stores, patisseries or designer clothing stores among others. The tiered display tables allow retailers to get creative and artistic with their product displays – great if you have exclusive or designer items that you want to space out and showcase rather than have displayed as part of a range.

Display tables draw the shopper’s attention to the product and they also showcase goods in a browser-friendly way and at a good height, with plenty of room for pricing and product descriptions. Units are also mobile so you can rearrange shop displays regularly to keep things fresh.

Showcase expensive goods securely with glass cabinets

Glass display cabinets give retailers the option of having expensive items (e.g. gold jewellery, limited edition goods) on full display, meaning that they don’t have to compromise shop displays by either risking having goods stolen or not having them properly on show in the shop. Glass counters are kept locked so that customers can look but not touch. If they want a closer look, this is done under the supervision of shop staff. Glass units come in different styles including as point-of-sale shop counters for Sydney and Melbourne businesses, allowing for extra browsing time while queueing to make a purchase. These units increase efficiency as you don’t need to worry about customers disturbing displays, and with glass display cabinet prices starting at around $169, they are within the budget of most retailers.

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