Use Data Strips to Bring Your Shelving to Life

There are all sorts of accessories available to help make shop shelving as visually appealing and browser-friendly as possible. One such accessory is data strips. These can be used for a variety of purposes to help provide the consumer with important information about the product. The great thing about these strips is that they don’t get in the way of products and allow you to keep your stock well organised, whether you are using gondola shelves or fixed wall units.

39mm Angled Data Strips

What are data strips?

Retail data strips are self-adhesive plastic strips that attach to the front lips of retail shelves, allowing you to display key information about your product in an easy-to-read way to the customer. The strips come with easy to use labels that convey the vital information. They are a useful alternative to displaying information directly on products and are commonly used in a wide range of retail outlets including book stores, sports stores, newsagents and department stores.

What can they be used for?

Strips can be used to display information about products on display, including price, short product descriptions and bar code. Data pricing label strips allow retailers to price up items in a clear yet discreet way, while the option to give short descriptions adds scope to market products in a more effective way.

What are the key benefits?

  • Easy to use – the strips and labels are easily applied to shelves. Strips are attached either by adhesive or hanging to the front of shelves. Labels can then be slipped into place in front of the items they relate to. Strips are designed to be long-lasting but are also easy to remove if necessary and can be removed without leaving a mark.
  • Keeps stock organised – data labelling strips help make the store look well-organised, efficient and informative. As all the necessary information is displayed on the shelves, customers won’t need to pick up items and thus disturb displays to find out price, etc.
  • Keeps stock free of labelling – you won’t need to use sticky difficult-to-remove price tags on goods or perforate product labels with price guns with this system. This helps preserve stock from wear and tear, and means that customers won’t have the hassle of having to remove tags once items are purchased.
  • Compatible with all shelving and systems – strips can be used with all retail shelving systems and all types of shelving, including melamine and glass shelves as well as gondola units.

Types of data label

Flat data strips – these strips are for use on flat shelves such as metal shelves. They are self-adhesive strips that come in different sizes to suit different types of shelves and shelving units. Commonly used on free-standing gondola units in stores such as pharmacies or stationery shops.

Angled data strips – strips that attach to shelves at a slight angle, making the information easier to read at certain heights. Very useful for items placed on lower shelves, where flat strips may require the customer to stoop at an uncomfortable level. Also available in different sizes to suit all shelving types. Front mounted strips are ideal for melamine shelves, while top mounted strips can be used on glass and metal shelving.

Hanging data strips – these are clear plastic strips with clips that can be attached to the front of wire shelving. These are ideal for use with wire mesh shelving units as well as front fences on gondola units, wire display baskets and shelving in fridges and coolers.

Flipper scan hooks – these are another type of data labelling method used for hangsell displays on slatwall, pegboard or grid mesh units. Scan hooks are similar in appearance to normal display hooks or prongs that slot into display units and are fitted with a plastic flipper where labels can be inserted containing product information (price, description, etc.)

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