Using Grid Mesh Display Stands for Exhibition Events

A great way of marketing your business is to attend one-off or occasional events such as trade shows, business fairs or market fairs. These type of events will undoubtedly extend your reach within your particular industry as they are often aimed at customers and clients within a particular industry. But retailers often face the problem of how to showcase goods or promotional items in a user-friendly way at events and shows. Pop-up stands are different from shop layouts which tend to be fixed and more cumbersome, meaning that retail businesses often don’t have the materials to effectively promote themselves at events.

Slatmesh display grid mesh units are a great option for this type of thing as they can double up as free-standing shop units and temporary exhibition stands at trade events. Here are some of the advantages of using gondola units at mobile events.

Display Grid Mesh System

Easy to assemble

Grid mesh stands are extremely easy to assemble and pack away, making them perfect for mobile usage. The mesh systems simply attach to the base (with a wheel option for extra mobility) and are then ready to use. This means you can arrive at an exhibition or trade show, set up your display stand in minutes and be ready to go.

Easy to transport

As well as being easy to put together and disassemble, grid mesh display stands are very easy to transport. They are lightweight so are easy to carry by hand, and the parts do not take up too much space so they will easily fit into most standard vehicles to get you to and from the event.


Grid mesh units are one of the most versatile product display stands in Australia and can be used in a variety of ways at all kinds of events and fairs. Accessories such as shelving, hooks and brochure holders can be utilised to create effective displays using either retail products or just marketing information on your business. Stands come in different styles to cater for different space requirements – including single-sided, double-sided, T-shaped, H-shaped, 3-way and 4-way units.

Attractive design

Grid mesh units are very neat and tidy, enabling you to create a very organised and eye-catching feature that stands out from the crowd. Although they are growing in popularity, these types of system are not hugely common at mobile events at present, so you’ll be offering something that looks a little different to wow passers-by. Mesh displays can hold a large quantity of items so you’ll be able to maximise the amount of merchandise showcased too.

Ease of access

Another great benefit of these mobile units is they don’t take up huge amounts of space while at the same time displaying large amounts of merchandise. This is important at mobile events as often you have very limited space to work with, so you’ll want your equipment to be discreet and browser-friendly.


Exhibition display stands need to be durable if they are to be used and re-used at multiple events. Unlike card or plastic displays which can damage easily in transport, grid mesh units are chrome-plated metal and will last for many years if looked after properly.

Cost effectiveness

With prices starting at just over $40 for a single-sided system, grid mesh stands are great value for money when you consider that they can be used for both mobile events and a fixed feature in your store premises. An option definitely worth considering if you’re on a limited budget.

Can be used with multiple accessories

Units can feature a wide array of accessories depending on type of display needed, including shelving, display hooks, acrylic holders, bins, baskets and data pricing label strips. Displays can also be complemented with rotating display spinners showcasing additional merchandise next to the mesh units.

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