Where to Buy A Good Trophy Cabinet

If your shop, business or organisation has received any accolades or has any rare memorabilia to showcase, a trophy cabinet is a fantastic way of putting these items on display in style. You can find a wide range of cabinets that fit nicely into any shop or business environment and provide a focal point to attract visitors.

With many different products on the market, it’s important to do your research and find a good supplier so that you invest in the best and most suitable product for your needs. This blog will explain the ins and outs of trophy display cabinets, what they can be used for and how to go about finding and purchasing the right product for you.

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Trophy cabinets – what are they and what can they be used for?

Trophy display units are free-standing or wall-mounted cabinets that can be used for a variety of presentation and showcasing purposes. Most units are made from either tempered glass or perspex acrylic and they often come with either an aluminium or wooden frame. Sometimes they may have additional features such as a mirror backing. The insides of the cabinets are often fitted with either glass or wooden shelves, enabling the display of multiple items. Additional features usually include lockable doors, which are either hinged or sliding, and lighting (such as LED lighting) to illuminate items inside.


What can be put in trophy cabinets?

These display units can be used to showcase a wide variety of items, including:

  • Awards such as trophies, cups or plaques demonstrating achievements
  • Medals and badges
  • Memorabilia that needs to be safely displayed on public view
  • Fragile models or figurines
  • Old pamphlets or documents
  • Rare, expensive, vintage or fragile goods for retail purposes


Different types of cabinet available

There are many different trophy cabinets and showcases on the market to suit a diverse array of purposes. Some of the products you can find include:

Free-standing tower showcases – these are narrow models that can be placed against walls or even be free-standing in the middle of a room. Products will usually be made from polished tempered glass and will often either be frameless or have an aluminium frame. Standard models are around 2 metres in height and are fitted with between 3-5 shelves.

Wall-mounted models – these are smaller, lighter units that are fixed to walls. They come in various sizes and usually come with an aluminium or wooden finish.

Glass cube units – frameless units designed to be free-standing anywhere in a room. Great for uses in museums and shops. Available in as single, double or tower units.

Aluminium-framed display cases – these units come with a cleat anodized frame and are usually fitted with a base made from a material such as melamine. They can be upright models or lower counter showcases.


Where can trophy cabinets be used?

  • Reception areas in office, public or corporate buildings – glass display cabinets are often used in reception areas as a showpiece attraction for visitors to display anything from awards and gifts to old memorabilia. It’s a great way to introduce interesting background information to guests as they wait.
  • Museums or galleries – buildings that contain many items that need to be displayed safely and securely, both museums and art galleries can make great use of all types of display cabinets from counter displays to wall-mounted fixtures. Also useful for places that often have small exhibition areas, such as town halls and culture & entertainment venues.
  • Retail stores – Australia’s retail sector has been thriving over the past couple of years, with physical outlets still doing well alongside the growth of online retail businesses. Display cases can serve a double purpose in shops. They can be used purely for the purposes of displaying items that the shop may want to show off to customers (e.g. “best retailer” award or a piece of memorabilia not for sale) and they can also be used to showcase rare, expensive or fragile merchandise for resale.
  • Sports clubs – any sports club or team that takes part in regular competition or has a history of competing at any level will probably need a display case to house trophies or medals that have been won at team or individual level.
  • Schools and universities – can brighten up reception areas, offices or hallways with cabinets housing any academic, sporting or cultural achievements that have been won.
  • Restaurants – if your business has been awarded any culinary prizes, you can wow customers with a nice display near the entrance or in the dining area.


Where to buy trophy cabinets

You can find trophy cabinets for sale in a number of different places both online and in physical stores all across Australia. Here are some suggestions:

Second-hand suppliers

If you’re shopping on a budget and are looking for the cheapest available options, you can try second-hand retailers where you might be able to find a good bargain. Options include second-hand furniture stores, large charity shops (which sometimes sell furniture) or websites such as eBay. You could also try your luck at fairs and markets. Although shopping for cabinets second-hand can save you money and can throw up some interesting finds, the quality of products can vary greatly and you won’t normally have any warranty in the event of a fault or problem. It can also be difficult to find specific items. You can search for second-hand suppliers in the Yellow Pages.

General stores

There are several general stores in Australia that have glass trophy cabinets for sale among their selection of furniture. These include physical stores such as IKEA as well as online suppliers such as Amazon. The range of products available will vary from store to store, as will the prices, but it’s more reliable and secure than buying second-hand. Most larger stores also offer delivery options which adds convenience, although it’s unlikely that installation will be offered.

Specialist suppliers

You can find a wide range of cabinets through specialist shop fittings suppliers. Most suppliers will have a good range of products in a variety of designs and sizes and will be able to advise you on what type of model might be most suitable for your requirements. Suppliers are often based in a particular part of the country and they may only have a warehouse or store in that state, but most these days will have a website where you can browse products and they may well offer nationwide delivery. You can check the Yellow Pages for information on local shop fitting suppliers.

Reasons for buying your trophy cabinet from a specialist supplier

  • Better range of products – specialist suppliers have access to a bigger and better range of products. As they trade more exclusively in what you are after, they will be able to offer you an extensive catalogue of contemporary models, compared to general stores who might only have best sellers, and second-hand outlets which only have what they’ve sourced second-hand.
  • Expert advice – with their insider industry knowledge base, specialists are in a better position to answer any questions you may have as well as offer advice on the most suitable products to purchase and offer maintenance tips. These suppliers usually have a team of knowledgeable technicians as well as people on hand with particular expertise to answer specific queries.
  • Cost – the prices offered by specialist suppliers are normally cheaper than those in general stores, as goods can normally be sourced more cheaply from within the industry. As specialists deal largely with business customers, they need to keep their prices competitive and will often offer a “lowest price guarantee”.
  • Follow-on support – a big advantage of shopping with specialist traders is that the level of follow-on support is much better, should you need any help regarding your purchase later down the line.

Trophy cabinet costs

Costs will vary depending on specific product and who you have purchased it from. Here is a list of current prices (excluding postage & packaging) for selected items from specialist suppliers:

  • Aluminium framed glass counter displays – from $300 – $1000
  • Mirror-backed tower showcase cabinets – from $800 – $1250
  • Frameless glass display units – $500 (slim tower unit) – $2000 (180cm wide deluxe showcase model)
  • Frameless counter display units – $450 – $1000
  • Aluminium framed display units –  $550 (slim tower unit) – $1900 (150cm wide case with sliding doors)
  • Cubed glass units – $40 (single cubed case) – $1130 (12-cube tower display)

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