Why Acrylic Display Cases are a Good Alternative to Glass

When it comes to transparent display cabinets, the acrylic display case is a fantastic option for counter-top displays. It’s great for showcasing a range of products including cakes, jewellery, models, trophies, brochures, cosmetics and more. If you’re looking for a neat and safe way to show off goods on your counter display but aren’t sure that a glass display would be suitable, then acrylic display cabinets are the perfect alternative.

Acrylic Display Case 5 Shelf (IAC805)

Acrylic vs glass displays

There are pros and cons of both acrylic and glass when it comes to displaying materials. Glass units have long been popular with retailers such as jewellery stores and collectors stores, but the popularity of the acrylic display case in Australia has grown steadily in recent years as retailers have discovered how suitable it is in a variety of settings. Admittedly, acrylic units do not look quite as elegant as glass ones, which have better reflective qualities in terms of lighting and a higher level of scratch resistance. But they do have a number of advantages.

Advantages of acrylic over glass

It’s clearer than glass

Acrylic is actually more transparent than glass so is a better material for a display offering visual clarity. The reflective quality of glass means that it’s great for light shining on the product, but the reflection also produces a glare that can obscure the view of the items showcased, meaning that customers have to press their faces close to the display counters to get a clear view. You get no reflective glare with a perspex display case. Glass also has a slightly green tint to it which can alter the view of products slightly.

It’s safer than glass

Both acrylic and glass are highly durable but, if the worst comes to the worst and there is an accident, acrylic is less likely to cause damage. Most glass will shatter if subjected to intense impact. This can injure people, damage products inside the case and is also problematic to clear up. The worst that is likely to happen with an acrylic counter is that it will crack.

It’s stronger than glass

Although glass may look as if it’s stronger than acrylic, actually the reverse is true. The plastic material is designed to withstand harsh impacts without breaking and the display units have a heavy load bearing capacity.

It’s lighter than glass

Plastic is one of the lightest materials on the market, which gives it a number of advantages. First, it makes it very easy to set up or transport, meaning that it’s ideal for temporary displays. Second, it makes it more flexible. It’s easier to wall mount an acrylic display unit. Third, the lightweight quality makes it cheaper to ship. Delivering an acrylic display case to Brisbane or Queensland will be much cheaper than shipping a glass container. If you’re worried about the cases being light enough to be shoplifted from the counter, they can be secured to a plinth to keep them in place.

It’s cheaper than glass

Perspex cabinets are less expensive than ones made out of glass. Prices start at around $70 up to around $200. Glass cases usually start at over $100 and can be more than $500.

Other benefits of acrylic displays

They’re flexible

The cases can fulfill a range of purposes in multiple settings. You can use them to showcase an assortment of merchandise, from expensive jewellery to rare comics to attractive and tasty baked goods to best selling products that you want to get noticed. They can be used in all kinds of retail stores including clothing stores, newsagents, electronics stores and toy stores.

They’re easy to maintain

The cases are almost 100% dust proof and can be cleaned with a simple wipe down with a damp cloth. With so many benefits, it’s no surprise that stores can be seen showcasing merchandise in acrylic display cases in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and all across Australia.

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