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Peg Board Flipper Scan Hooks

Pegboard flipper scan hooks are a great way to display your stock and have pricing and stock information displayed for an easy customer and staff product identification. They can showcase large quantities of goods on pegboard display units in a practical and accessible way. Flipper scan display hooks can be used for a wide assortment of products, from clothing to packaged food. They are easy for customers to use and give retailers a convenient way of arranging well-organized hangsell displays. Hooks slide neatly in and out of pegboard holes, meaning that displays can be rearranged in no time at all.

What are pegboard flipper scan hooks?

Flipper scan pegboard hooks are small chrome-plated metal wire display hooks that have two vertically aligned prongs. The bottom prong acts as a display prong upon which items can be hung on retail displays in a neat hangsell arrangement. The top prong is fitted with a clear plastic rectangular flipper that can accommodate barcodes, product descriptions and price information.

Pegboard hooks are among the most popular and flexible accessory products on the market, allowing stores to maximize their display units. The flip scan pegboard hooks give retailers that added the capability of displaying key information about the product, which saves a lot of time having to field basic questions from customers. Hooks are available in different sizes and styles. They attach to display units via two rear attachment prongs that are inserted into the perforations on pegboard displays. Slatwall flipper scan hook accessories are also available, fitted with a solid metal back plate which inserts into the aluminium slatwall grooves.

The rear prongs are angled so that these accessories stay in place and can withstand customers and staff removing and replacing items. Multiple light and medium-weight products can be placed on each hook and customers simply slide the front product from the hook.

Types of pegboard flipper scan hook

There are several different types of metal peg scan hook to suit different needs. These can be used on display units including pegboard, slatwall and square mesh panels and include:

  • Volcano hooks – the standard design, available using 4mm or 5.5mm thick wire. These are available in different hook lengths of 75, 100, 150, 200, 225 and 300mm lengths to suit a wide range of products.
  • Heavy duty flipper scan hooks – these accessories are designed for slightly larger and heavier merchandise. Made from thicker 6.3mm wire for added durability. Available in lengths of 150, 200, 230 and 300mm.
  • Loop hooks – the main difference with this model is that the bottom display prong is a dual looped prong. This gives extra sturdiness to stop products swinging about on hooks. Loop hooks are popular in stores such as newsagents and stationers, where many products are designed for loop hook hangsell. Available in lengths of 100, 150, 200 and 300mm.
  • Flat hooks – designed specifically for 0.8 – 2mm thick pegboard units. Available in lengths of 100, 150, 200, 225, 250 and 300mm.
  • Slatwall flip scan hooks – these are designed for slat panel displays and slat mesh panels. Available in similar sizes and styles to pegboard hooks.

Where can flipper scan hooks be used?

These hooks are compatible with all retail environments and can be put to use displaying an array of goods. Examples of stores that can benefit from them include:

  • Clothing stores – both small boutiques and large department stores can arrange hangsell displays of packaged clothing or accessories such as scarves and gloves, with useful information included in the plastic tags.
  • Pharmacies – can arrange packaged or packaged products including wound dressings or hair care products in a neat and clearly priced formation.
  • Newsagents – sell an assortment of goods from packaged sweets and snacks to small stationery products that can benefit from a well-organised hangsell display.
  • Electronics stores – mobile phone and computer accessories such as earphones and USB devices can be lined up on flipper scan hooks for ease of customer browsing.
  • Hardware stores – heavy duty hooks can come in handy for smaller tools or gardening equipment, while standard hooks can be used for packets of DIY accessories among other products.
  • Supermarkets – can use display hooks to more clearly display packaged food products.
  • Jewellery stores – these display hooks give stores a great way of showcasing bangles, beads and other accessories.

Benefits of flipper scan hooks

These hooks offer great advantages if you have invested in pegboard, slatwall or grid mesh display units. These include:

  • Keeping stock organised – it’s much easier to keep stores tidy when everything is displayed in uniform fashion using hangsell systems. You will minimise the amount of time spent having to line things up neatly on shelves. Things are easier for customers to find, and the plastic flippers allow you to clearly distinguish between products.
  • Multi-purpose capability – hooks can be used for all sorts of merchandise, meaning that they are perfect for stores that sell diverse products or have rapidly changing stock lines throughout the year.
  • Time-saving – because you can insert key product information into the flipper pouches, you can cut down on time spent by staff having to field queries from customers.
  • Easy to use – hooks slide in and out of display units without the need for any drilling or screwing. Similarly, information strips can be slipped into the flipper pouches which hold the strips in place without any external device.
  • Cost-effective – not only are these accessories extremely cheap, with discounts available for bulk purchases, but they also enable you to display more stock and maximise your display place, which ultimately means more sales for your business.

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