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Hammertone Flat Pegboard Gondola Shelving

Hammertone gondola shelving is one of the latest retail gondola shelving systems on the market. The perfect multi-purpose and flexible shop shelving solution for all types of stores that comes with a lacquered hammertone finish to give your store a neat and elegant look. This flat pegboard shelving comes in different styles and sizes and can be used to display a wide array of merchandise from fashion garments to hardware accessories. Our hammertone shelving units are highly durable, practical and easy to look after, meaning that they make a great investment for retailers who want to maximise display space in a way that is visually appealing to customers.

What is hammertone shelving?

Hammertone pegboard shelving units are free-standing gondola displays that are fitted with pegboard panels. These panels consist of 6mm diameter holes spaced approximately 25mm apart which can be fitted with a range of shelving accessories such as hooks, prongs and acrylic stands. The shelving is also fitted with conventional shelving bracket strips on either side of the panel, so that standard shelving can be fitted using shelving brackets.

Accessories simply slide in and out of the pegboard holes and remain firmly in place due to the sturdy design. No need for drills or screwdrivers, meaning that displays can be erected and rearranged in minutes. The flat hammertone pegboard designs have been given a hammertone powder coated finish using premium quality hammertone paint. This special paint provides a lacquered finish that gives the appearance of hammered metal once dried. Hammertone paint consists of mica particles which are durable, reflective, insulating and hydrophilic.

The sturdiness of hammertone display shelving means that it has a good load bearing capacity and can be used to display a greater quantity of goods than most standard shelving. This makes it a particularly good choice of shelving for stores such as newsagents or discount stores that have large quantities of stock to turn around in a quick time.

Features of hammertone shelving

  • heavy duty internal framework consisting of 3mm thick steel base foot lug fixtures which interlock into 1.8mm thick 70x30mm uprights
  • robust powder coating surface designed to give hammered metal appearance
  • flat pegboard units with evenly spaced perforated holes that can be fitted with modern accessories
  • optional kickboard base to streamline the appearance
  • lightweight design that offers greater flexibility and saves in cost
  • compatible with add on units if you want to extend your displays

Types of hammertone shelving

We stock 4 main types of hammertone shelving system. These are:

  • Single-sided hammertone gondola units – flat pegboard shelving that comes in thickness ranging from 1.8mm – 3mm. Available in 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm and 2100mm height sizes with a 450mm base foot.
  • Double-sided hammertone gondola units – flat pegboard shelving available in the same sizes as the single-sided model but with a base foot on each side and double-sided pegboard panels.
  • Single-sided units with a narrow base – shelving units with a reduced size 300mm base foot for stores with limited floor space or without the need for a wider shelving base.
  • Double-sided units with a narrow base – the same sizes and dimensions as the single-sided model but with a 300mm base foot and usable pegboard panels on both sides.

Accessories that can be used with pegboard hammertone shelving

These shelving units can be fitted with an assortment of modern accessories including:

  • Metal shelving – hammertone flat front shelves are available to give your gondola units that perfect finish. Available in depths of 300mm, 400mm and 450mm.
  • Metal hooks and prongs – these come in a variety of styles and sizes and can be inserted into the pegboard holes to create effective hangsell displays for numerous products.
  • Wire baskets – another option for displaying loose, inexpensive items.

Where can hammertone shelving be used?

This shelving is suitable for most retail environments. Examples of stores that can make great use of hammertone shelving are:

  • Automotive stores – the hammered metal finish of the hammertone powder-coating lends itself to the automotive environment and these pegboard units can be used to sell an assortment of vehicle accessories either on sturdy metal shelving or on hangsell hooks and prongs for smaller items.
  • Pharmacies – sell a wide range of products of varying shapes and sizes. Medicines and hygiene products can be stacked on traditional hammertone shelves while packaged goods can be displayed on hangsell and loose items in wire baskets.
  • Hardware stores – the neat dark hammertone design looks great in hardware stores, which usually have numerous items that can be placed on hooks and prongs. Smaller individual items such as plugs or brass taps can be sold loose in attached wire or acrylic containers.
  • Petrol and service stations – can display snacks and packeted goods on hangsell metal accessories and newspapers and magazines using fitted angled wire stands, while more conventional boxed and tinned products can be lined up using metal shelving.
  • Newsagents – can utilise angled magazine racks and and acrylic shelving to display daily newpapers and regular publications in a more browser-friendly fashion, while stationery products can be sold using hangsell hooks or dump bins.
  • Clothing stores – can make use of faceouts and waterfalls for effective garment displays, while hooks and prongs can be used for hangsell displays of a variety of accessories from handbags to ties.
  • Electronics stores and computer stores – can use either standard shelving or individual angled acrylic display shelves for laptops, PCs and tablets, while smaller accessories can be placed on metal hooks ina hangsell display.
  • Discount stores – the sturdiness of the hammertone units makes them ideal for discount stores who can load up greater quantities of products using a mixture of metal shelves and hangsell accessories.

Benefits of hammertone shelving

  • Durability – the steel gondola units are tough. The heavy duty structure is designed to last many years, hold weighty loads and withstand general daily impacts. The added hammertone paint finish gives these displays an extra layer of toughness.
  • Visual appeal – the dark hammertone finish gives the racks a sleek look and enables them to fit in nicely with most store decors. Pegboard panels allow for creative and attractive displays, mixing up visual flair with high levels of organisation.
  • Flexibility – with the variety of accessories as an option, these units offer up multiple possibilities for designing your store. What’s more, the ease with which accessories can be attached and removed means that you can change the purpose of any of these units in hardly any time at all.
  • Practicality – displays are easy to assemble, can be maintained with minimum fuss and can be moved around the store as they are free-standing. They also make the browsing process very straightforward for customers.

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